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Night 73: M-B Block Hallway

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Keeping in mind out little time they had, Lloyd didn't waste any of it passing through this hall. Footsteps brisk, he kept walking as he swept the area with his flashlight. No one else seemed to be in this hall yet, or maybe they'd already come and gone, but for now it seemed that Lloyd was alone. That suited him just fine.

Reaching the end of the hall, he moved on.

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[From here.]

How many times had he walked down this hallway? A dozen times? A hundred? Walking through the darkness with his flashlight held aloft and his doll's head bobbing outside his pocket, Sechs pondered over just how long he had been imprisoned in the institute. Realizing he had lost count of the days and weeks that had gone by, Sechs felt a burning sense of disgust erupt inside his rib cage. He was beyond sick and tired of Landel's "game". Something had to change tonight and he was hell bent on seeking that out!

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