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Night 73: M41-M50 Hallway

Another evening with no sign of his roommate, another plate of food that wouldn't be touched. Lloyd hadn't seen Claude during the day either. It didn't make sense. If he was gone, why were the nurses still bringing his food? If he was still here, then where was it? Lloyd kept eying the plate, but it didn't give him any answers.

Damn it...

Letting out a breath, he focused on finishing the last of his preparations for the night. Flashlight, sword, tool belt, a roll of gauze bandaging and a bottle of pills that Tsurugi had identified as painkillers tucked inside the pouch, and finally, possibly most importantly, the key he'd gotten the other night. There were other things he could take, but he didn't want to take too much. He'd need to be able to move fast tonight.

He did hesitate, though, before donning his customary clothes. Almost everything he normally wore had bites of metal attached. Buttons on his jacket, rivets on his pants, buckles on his boots, even parts of his suspenders. All of that would have to come off before he could pass through that gate trap tonight. It wasn't just a matter of dignity that made him hesitate, of having to strip in front of Kratos and Castiel. No, the problem was that taking all his clothes off and putting them back on would take time. Time when it felt like they never had enough.

Reluctantly, almost pained, Lloyd put his jacket back in his closet. Still, he drew the line at wearing the Institute's clothes. He was beginning to hate the color gray and that stupid smiley face. That left him with only one option. With a different kind of reluctance, he pulled out the white T-shirt he'd stolen from "his" possessions box the night he'd gone out with Tsurugi. The large red number one stared up at him from the fabric. He bit his lip.

Would it really be okay to wear the clothes the Institute had given his fake identity?

Better than the gray one, he finally decided, lifting his chin stubbornly. Besides, it doesn't matter what I wear. I'm still me. Clinging to that thought, he pulled the shirt on. He didn't have an alternative for his pants, though. He'd just have to wear the gray sweats. There was nothing equivalent for his boots or gloves, but those would be easy enough to take on and take off.

As ready as he could be, Lloyd took off.

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