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Night 75: West Wing, South Hall 1-B

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It was still dead quiet as she rounded the corner between the women's hallway and the central artery of the Institute.

She'd seen these halls, almost as empty, on the monitors last night. Was there anyone watching the screens tonight? The Head Doctor, laughing? Though he'd surely have his own set of monitors, somewhere private. He seemed to like his luxuries a little too much to be wandering between multiple cold, sterile rooms. Especially since the teleporters were hard on the stomach, and his enthusiasm for food seemed to go beyond just the wholesome front he put on by day. Not that it wasn't an act, but when people acted like that, they usually picked something with a kernel of truth; it made it simpler to keep their story straight. So whether or not he liked waffles as much as he claimed, there was something about food that kept him coming back to the topic.

If she hadn't seen him being dragged from the Institute, she might wonder if he was ill in a way that made him unable to eat. But he'd looked healthy, at least in body.

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They started out at a run; the way Landel had warned he was going to fill the quiet halls with memories seemed to call for nothing less.

Urgently, Tsubaki took care of scanning corridors and dark corners as they traversed the cell block and started down the southern hall, but there was nothing, no monsters, not even another person. Just them. Maybe if Sora and his group had gotten ahead of them, there would still be time to join with everyone on the third floor, the place where Landel and the radio people seemed to be calling them...

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