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Night 75: Main Hallway, 1-West

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Running a psychological profile on the Head Doctor wasn't going to find them a way out of this mess, though. Too many had tried; there were enough of them with relevant experience, and more than enough amateurs. Knowing his motive wasn't enough; it would help if they could win and bring him to justice -- there was something beyond sadism going on.

He would be doing this (whatever this really was) whether or not he enjoyed it; the relish Landel took in it was just a bonus for him. And perhaps why he'd been selected for the position. Or why Aguilar had tried to have him removed; it was still unclear.

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It was just a quick step to the main hall and Aigis felt reassured that she would make it fine. She still had her evoker. She wasn't in the best physical condition but at least her wounds had fully healed from her last fight.

Now she just needed to make it a little further. If she managed to see what was beyond the Basement, maybe, just maybe, she could find a way to escape that would be permanent. Then her memories of those she loved would live on.

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