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Night 74: General Storage (3rd Floor)

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The next room was larger, and the bleakest supply depot Lana had seen yet. It was too clean, if such a thing existed; night at the Institute always left her feeling grimy, but now she was half-inclined to actually use the sinks to clean up so that she wouldn't dirty the area. Fans whirring overhead added to the oppressiveness. The only inviting thing was a computer, which presented a password screen. "All yours," she murmured. A security expert, hmm? If he was, he was welcome to try his hand, although this seemed even unlikelier to be their goal than the thermostats had been.

Instead, she kept looking. Two doors, one beside the room they'd appeared in, and one that likely led out of this particular warren. She turned to see what Ryuuzaki had decided to do without opening either, and waited.
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"I don't think I want it," he murmured, looking around.

This wasn't quite a Clean Room, but it was close--that quality seemed antithetical to the purpose of a security station. You wouldn't spend hours at a time in it... you'd do what you needed to do, then leave. He couldn't say whether or not he'd expect to see holding cells when they found the right place. Maybe not, if what they were supposed to shut down was an administrative function, and aside from that, why would you keep the cells near the computers running the whole system if you had a building full of places to imprison people?

In any case, he was reluctant to try the password on what appeared to be the wrong computer. God only knew what kind of system overrides and lock-outs might be in place.

It was equally hard to predict exactly what was behind the door that was on the same wall as the one they'd come from--maybe some kind of utility, given the purposes of the two rooms connected to it--but its orientation made him doubt that it led to a hallway. It would have been inconsistent with the Institute's architecture. Still, a pad might be inside it.

He opened the door to a dark room about the same size as the one they'd come from, with no telltale glow lighting it up. His flashlight showed him only a boiler and some large pipes.

It could be a bad place to be trapped.

"No. We'll have to try the other one."
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Could there be anything of importance in here? Link had been here long enough to recognize the basin for washing, as well as the lab uniforms that hung off to the side. Another storage room, perhaps?

His heart raced. Every empty room meant another possibility for something to spring out at them. Or worse, for them to reach a dead end.
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This was yet another supply room, it looked like, but this one was much cleaner and more organized than the janitor's closet they'd been in before. Between the sink and the way that things were sectioned out, it looked like the main goal here was to keep things clean.

Sora took a moment to look around. He might have been willing to waste more time here if they weren't on a schedule, but beyond some scrubs and cleaning supplies, he didn't see much that was useful.

There were two doors that they could go through. Sora went and tried the one to the left of the pad, but when he poked his head in he could tell it was another control room. But it was a dead end, with no sign of another door or any pad.

"We're gonna have to go that way," he said, nodding to the other door before he led them through.

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