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Night 74: Climate Control Utilities (Third Floor)

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The archive had been large in comparison to most of the rooms they had passed through so far on the third floor, and this new room was only about a quarter of its size. Bland colors, nothing that could really be described as "decor" except in that the walls and floor had been finished.

It seemed to be empty, but there was bad news: only one pad, and a closed door. That meant that if this wasn't Security--it already seemed doubtful that it was--and the door didn't lead to where they needed to go, they'd have to hunt for the next pad.

It immediately brought what had happened the night before back to the front of his mind. There probably wasn't even anyone ahead of them at this point, and he and Lana should now be visiting areas that no patients had reached before... at least not as far as any of the remaining patients knew. But it was possible that he'd missed something, that someone had gotten further without him learning about it. Either way, going forward, they needed to be even more on guard than they already were.

Was it possible to increase that vigilance? Without sabotaging themselves with anxiety? They were already on high alert, already quite aware that if they escaped one trap, it might not be long before they found themselves in another.

Several panels were mounted to the wall. He approached one after he stepped off of the pad, peered at it for a moment, then turned to Lana. "It looks like a series of thermostats."

No point in staying, then.
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Ryuuzaki's little monologue had had the air of a confession -- he hadn't wanted to say it, but the alternative was worse. Japanese death gods sounded like something out of the depths of Global Studios worst samurai crossovers, but she really couldn't -- and preferred not to try -- explain what had ever possessed the LAPD to talk to a spirit medium. She didn't miss that he'd left his own role unclear -- victim, cop, lawyer, but she merely raised her eyebrows at him and left them there long enough for him to take the point.

...Hold it! He'd given names for all of the players except one. The detective. That would be her first theory, if she were going to pry. Which she wasn't. It would explain why they'd fallen into step so smoothly; he was much smarter than anyone she'd partnered with except Gant, and the less said, or thought, about him, the better.

"It could be disguised." She peered at it, and then lowered a lever a few degrees. It popped back to where it had been, with no indication that anything had changed. Or it could be a series of thermostats. She turned, and tried the door.

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[From here.]

After being in a room that was full of other people and interesting information, this was a pretty big change. Sora staggered off of the pad and then leaned himself up against the closest wall as he tried to stave off the dizzy feeling that came whenever he used one of those teleporters.

He blinked back the blurriness at the edge of his vision and then stepped up to the control panels, using his flashlight to inspect them more carefully.

"Hmm... I'm not sure, but I think they use these to control what temperature the building is in different places." One side of one of the control bars was blue and the other was red, so that would make sense.

He didn't think that cooling down or heating up the building would do them much good, though, so it was probably better to leave this all alone. "Should we keep going?"
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Link also had a look around the room, blinking a few times to ward off the slight lightheadedness that came with warping. Sora seemed to be right. From the looks of things, there wasn't really anything they could use here.

"Yes." The door leading outside was, blessedly, unlocked. Without another word, Link proceeded forward.

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