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Chief Prosecutor Lana Skye ([personal profile] fourstonewalls) wrote in [community profile] damned_institute2014-01-11 11:08 am
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Night 74: First Floor and Basement Security Station

[from here]

Lana resisted the urge to close her eyes as a wave of nausea and disorientation heralded a successful move, so the first thing she saw was light. This room hadn't lost power, or if it had, its emergency systems were first-class. Banks of computer screens were lit, showing familiar -- and not so familiar -- hallways.

She stayed right by the pad as she looked over the room.

Different views blinked across the screens. A couple of patients remained in the main hall just outside the dormitory, but most of the rest showed dark, echoing hallways. The others -- there was the Sphinx, quiet and still, and many of the ones she didn't recognize had the same ornate look. "It looks like we've found what we were looking for. Part of it, at least. Have you spotted anything that isn't on the basement or first level?"

There was a second teleport pad, too, which probably meant they would have to work their way through the security offices -- or jump from the office into something completely absurd, and then reach more of the system. The latter seemed more likely.

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