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Night 74: First Floor and Basement Security Station

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Lana resisted the urge to close her eyes as a wave of nausea and disorientation heralded a successful move, so the first thing she saw was light. This room hadn't lost power, or if it had, its emergency systems were first-class. Banks of computer screens were lit, showing familiar -- and not so familiar -- hallways.

She stayed right by the pad as she looked over the room.

Different views blinked across the screens. A couple of patients remained in the main hall just outside the dormitory, but most of the rest showed dark, echoing hallways. The others -- there was the Sphinx, quiet and still, and many of the ones she didn't recognize had the same ornate look. "It looks like we've found what we were looking for. Part of it, at least. Have you spotted anything that isn't on the basement or first level?"

There was a second teleport pad, too, which probably meant they would have to work their way through the security offices -- or jump from the office into something completely absurd, and then reach more of the system. The latter seemed more likely.
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L stepped down from the pad to stand next to Lana, and slowly scanned the room. There was no need to use his flashlight. The area was already lit--enough.

This was more like what a security station should look like: a wall of screens, places to sit. On the nearest monitor, he recognized a stretch of hallway that they'd passed through earlier in the night.

He felt a surge of cautious optimism. This might be it, or they might be getting close.

They'd encountered very little resistance up to this point, apart from the incident in the laboratories. But all these monitors, all operational... that implied that there might be someone around to watch them, which meant--

His elbow tapped Lana's arm gently, and he gave his head a tiny jerk in the direction of what he'd just noticed.

They weren't alone in the room.
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Not alone at all. A room like this held information far too important for it to remain unguarded, and the nurse waited in the corner, watching with glassy eyes as the two patients stepped off of that pad.

The second pad was behind her, as if she was guarding it, though the screens on the walls were also worth protecting. While her mind was warped just as much as her body, she understood her job here, and that was to keep these two from passing and from seeing too much in this room.

As soon as one of them noticed her, the nurse let out a low hiss and stalked forward. Her body was canvased with office supplies. One hand was a pair of scissors, the other a stapler; pens and pencils were protruding from her skin like natural armor.

There were two of them and one of her, but that didn't stop her from moving forward to attack. She went for the male one first, scissors snapping out at him.
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The cautious optimism was gone now, replaced by anxiety and a racing heart. He could handle some of this, to some extent, but whether he could hold his own in a sustained fight with an unfamiliar opponent, he wasn't sure. He had tried to avoid this kind of conflict in the Institute as much as he could.

Then again, the opponent wasn't completely unfamiliar, was she? He had seen the nurses change the night the bus had broken down on the road; he had seen them attack patients. The nurses on the bus hadn't looked exactly like this, but they ran on a similar theme.

Those shining, snapping scissors... if he and Lana didn't end this quickly, their injuries might be serious.

He made a nimble shift in the direction Lana wanted him to go, raising his own pistol and trying to keep it aimed at his attacker. The goal would be to stay out of the nurse's reach and out of each other's line of fire, and they could use the chairs as momentary obstacles if they had to.

For now--the nurse hadn't reached him yet, and Lana seemed to be aiming at its head. L did the same, but waited a split second longer to squeeze off the shot. The result was two percussive sounds in quick succession--
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These intruders had come well-armed, carrying weapons they weren't supposed to have access to; those guns should have been confiscated.

But no one seemed to play by the rules here, and at the moment the nurse wasn't cognizant enough to respond to the unfairness beyond letting out a guttural groan.

She moved jerkily, enough that she was able to avoid the first shot whereas the second caught her in the shoulder, sending browned blood splattering behind her as she screeched and stuttered.

It was going to take a few shots to actually put her down, though, and the nurse chose to shorten the distance between them as quickly as she could now, subconsciously taking into account their ranged weapons.

As if trying to return the wound she'd received, she aimed the tips of her scissored hand right for L's shoulder.
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The shout wasn't much of a distraction. L didn't have attention to give to Lana, apart from keeping track of her location in a basic instinctive way. They hadn't worked together long enough to be a fluid machine in a scenario like this... hadn't had the chance to develop a consistent set of procedures... and he still wasn't used to fieldwork.

Apart from everything else, his ears were ringing from the shots they'd fired.

He could see the trajectory of the nurse's blades, and that Lana was trying to sweep the nurse's legs out from under it. This required a split-second decision: if he went the wrong way, and if the nurse fell, the blade would go right through his shoulder, if not his arm or his chest. It would take days to heal, if he even managed to survive the rest of the encounter; it might be hard to keep a hold on the gun, hard to fire it.

The room smelled like gunpowder and blood now--mostly the former.

He ducked to the side and spun away and evaded the blades, but only for the moment. A near miss, no time to savor his luck. It would be hard to shoot at the nurse if it kept attacking at close quarters, but if they could manage to knock it down, they'd have an easier time dispatching it.
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A leg sweep wasn't the sort of thing that the nurse was programmed to expect, and so it came as a surprise, easily enough to knock her to the floor. Considering her legs weren't the most sturdy things to begin with, she crashed to the ground with a wail, the sound of flesh smacking against the floor far too reminiscent of a hunk of meat being set hard onto a butcher's counter.

She made a rattling noise in the back of her throat. She may have been down, but she was still able to move, and so she wouldn't stop until she'd been put down in a more permanent way.

At this point, Lana was the one who was easier to reach, and so the nurse (while still on the floor) stretched forward, aiming for the ankles with both arms -- meaning that a scissor and a stapler were both set to do some kind of damage to Lana's legs.
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L felt the nurse hit the floor as he evaded its strike, and even before Lana cried out, he had whirled around and found solid footing.

He was out of the nurse's reach for the moment, and would be until it moved in his direction again. If it had to crawl, that would be a bad strategic choice: he'd have an easy line of fire. But it was hard to say how much intent went into its tactical decisions... its primary goal might only be to keep attacking. That might be a factor in their favor.

He took aim as the nurse struck out at Lana--just at where he expected its head would be when it pulled back from its strike--and squeezed the trigger again a moment after she cried out.

They'd have to survive before they could think about the severity of Lana's injury. At least she was still on her feet.
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As soon as the nurse felt the scissor sink into soft flesh, she started to move the two blades outward and inward again, like a crab flexing its pincers. She wanted to do as much damage as possible before --

Before one gunshot hit it, and then the other.

At this close range, and without much ability to dodge out of the way, both shots hit true. The first one fractured the skull and exposed the brain matter, and the second put the nurse down for good.

Her body lost any sense of life and it laid there, a mangled corpse.
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The nurse died abruptly. One moment it was slicing at Lana's ankles; the next, the spark of life had dissipated and the body lay still and empty on the floor.

L took a few harsh breaths, trying to compose himself. A jolt had gone through his nerves when the nurse had gone for him, adrenaline to make him move and keep him alive. Now he felt a thin, bright nausea blooming in his gut, and the hand holding the flashlight shook.

The nurse's body might be found in its current state, or she might return to what she had been during the day. He didn't know, and he found that he didn't particularly want to know.

He'd have plenty of time in the morning to think over the implications of what he'd done. He had used people as shields of one kind or another, and he had let people die if the trade-off of saving many others was great enough, and he had contributed directly to the executions of people who had absolutely deserved it, but he had never shot anyone in the head. Not personally. His hand, a gun, a bullet, and nothing.

In any case, it had been self-defense. She might have impaled him or crippled Lana. She would have killed them both if she had been able to.

Never mind. Never mind. Never mind. He took the idea into himself with his breaths and let it take hold. Too much conscience wouldn't do them any good, and he had never allowed his to hamper him too much.

There was probably a station like this for every floor, which meant that someone in another security station might have been watching the brief struggle. He and Lana might not have long to be alone here.

But they were alone now, and it would be smarter to take advantage of it.

Lana tried to move towards the pad. He would be surprised if she wasn't experiencing the same kind of panicky rush that was making him feel like he was on the ceiling, and because she had been injured, it might be worse for her. His instinct to stop her was in conflict with her instinct to leave, but stopping her was a necessity.

"Sit." He gestured to the nearest chair with the beam of the flashlight; holstered his gun. "We have to move with the assumption that we're going to be attacked like this every time we move to a new area. If it doesn't happen--fine. But I want to be prepared." He spoke too loudly, his hearing still affected by the shots.

The beam went down to her bleeding ankle. He wasn't able to hold it completely steady, but the blood was visible enough.

"It would be better to dress your wound now... I have gauze in the bag." He slipped it off his shoulders and dropped it on the floor, well away from the corpse of the nurse. "We can also try to contact the others and check on their progress."
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"Something like this was going to happen sooner or later. It's happened to me a few times already. I wanted to be prepared... it would be stupid for someone to die just because I'd left the supplies in my room.

"That said, I don't have much."

As L spoke, he retrieved a pair of latex gloves from the backpack and put them on. Helping Lana in any effective way would require the kind of firm touch that he usually avoided. The barrier was better for both of them.

He also took out a plastic bag containing a few gauze pads, a bandage roll, a roll of tape, and a scalpel, and set it on top of the backpack.

He knelt on the floor in front of her, with the body behind him but still in his peripheral vision, then asked Lana to take her shoe off. She complied. After peeling down her sock gingerly, he peered at her ankle with the aid of the flashlight, then made a face. Several superficial lacerations, bleeding profusely.

"It... hm. It could be worse."

If this were the only medical attention she was going to receive, he'd have been concerned about the fact that he had no way of cleaning the wounds... but the nurses would tend to her in the morning, much more thoroughly than he had the intention of doing or the ability to do. The irony wasn't lost on him. He doubted that she'd need a tetanus shot, but they might give her that, too.

In any case, he could patch her up well enough for the time being that she would probably be able to go on, and if she couldn't, that she wouldn't lose more blood than she needed to.

With no way to clean the blood around the wound, he pressed a pad to one side of Lana's ankle as delicately as he could, held it there, retrieved the roll of gauze, set the other pad into place, and began winding the gauze around and, once, down under her foot. It was done and taped soon enough, and he tossed the supplies back into the bag and zipped it.

He had ignored most signs of discomfort from Lana as he worked, although he'd tried--a little--not to cause unnecessary pain. Even with a light touch, bandaging that kind of wound without making the patient at least mildly uncomfortable was almost impossible. She'd feel better with it covered, and if they were lucky, they'd be able to move on.

Meanwhile, no responses on the radio. Not good. Maybe the others were in areas where they couldn't necessarily respond. Maybe--

He didn't shy away from unpleasant truths, but it was hard to tell whether this was a disaster, or a lack of progress, or only a lack of information. And they had to assess their own situation.

They had been looking for a security room, and they'd found one, but he didn't think this was the right place. He had been directed to look for a "security system of sorts." There would have been no need to qualify this room that way: it was the ordinary sort, and more of a monitoring station than anything else.

More to the point, the other instructions had been to show the system his good side. They had killed the room's guardian, but they hadn't had much choice. She had attacked them on sight. It had taken four shots to stop her, with no time to recite the lyrics from a children's song to her.

Either they had bungled the mission, or this wasn't the place where they needed to be.

He handed Lana her shoe, dangling it by the back of the heel from his thumb and forefinger; he still wore the gloves, which were by now a little bit bloody.


How much of a chance would he have had if he had been on his own? I might have survived, but without injury? It seemed unlikely.
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"I don't really know where the room was... probably somewhere on the second floor. I didn't get there on foot. It was--"

The radio cut in before he could go on. Although Marc's voice was faint, it still demanded L's attention. It was the only communication they'd had since they'd left the Records Archive, the ringing in his ears made it even harder to hear than it already was, and it was likely to be important.

As L tried to listen, he stripped off the gloves, inside-out, until they were a ball that he could hold in the palm of his hand. These are covered in Lana's blood... does it matter? Could that incriminate her in some way? No... Landel must already know who killed the nurse. He wouldn't need to analyze it.

L saw no obvious cameras in the room, and nothing he could identify as something more subtle... but the light wasn't good and he didn't have time to check as thoroughly as he otherwise might have. The monitors a few feet away proved that other areas of the Institute in which no cameras were visible, even in bright lighting, were indeed being watched. That meant that he had to assume that this room could also be watched. The fact that the basement was watched in addition to the first floor suggested that there was another room like this one somewhere, one that covered the second and third floors.

Marc's broadcast turned out to have very little to do with them. Disappointing. L filed away the information in it for later and tried to pick up his interrupted conversation with Lana.

"You were saying...? Ah. Your ring." His head tilted and he looked at her with a contemplative expression. If she had to use the ring, he would be left to try to go on alone, unless he went with her. He tried to weigh the amount of danger he might be in against the possibility of losing progress on what they hoped might be the route to their escape.

On one hand... the rebels seemed relatively trustworthy, but how far that went, and how prepared they were for the potential consequences of their actions, was still up in the air.

L's desire for his own freedom, and to see Landel thoroughly crushed if at all possible, had never wavered. Following on that, he'd understood that there would be no chance of progress here without much more personal risk than he would accept under other circumstances... but there was always a difference between doing something hazardous and doing something stupid. Some of Landel's prisoners had been strong enough that solitary night runs might be feasible. Neither he nor Lana was one of them.

Was he willing to die if it would put an end to all of this for everyone else? He was playing his part in someone else's plan that seemed to have a dubious chance of success. Would he fulfill the assignment at any cost, if doing it would mean taking a hit he couldn't recover from?

He hadn't chosen this case or any of its circumstances: someone else had cast him in the role of victim, and Marc and his friends were using him as a mole. Maybe L's answer would change if a point came where he had to make the choice, but from where he stood now... no. Getting out alive was his primary goal. If he couldn't do it this way, there might be another way later.

In any case, there had been no sign that there'd be any point in courting that kind of decision tonight.

"It has to be getting late. We haven't heard anything from the others that suggests that tonight's the night, but we can keep pushing ahead. If nothing else, we have some new information for the map.

"Still, I'm not going anywhere without you. If one of us had been..." Then it might not have been the nurse dead on the floor. He made a vague gesture in the direction of the corpse, but didn't voice the rest of the sentence.

"It would be incredibly stupid for either of us to run around alone. If anything else happens tonight, we're both out... I'd rather go to your room than Doyleton or the basement. Try to take us both if you can. If I wind up using the rings, I'll do the same."

He was still holding the ball of soiled gloves. Before he moved towards the pad that would take them out of the room, he dropped them on the ground near what was left of the nurse, then picked up everything he'd set down to attend to Lana.

When they stepped on the pad together, he kept his hand ready to draw his gun. If they were getting closer, what they'd dealt with here might only be a taste of what was waiting.

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