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Night 74: Live Cultures Server Room (Third Floor)

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L stepped back from the door he'd just forced, then retrieved his pistol from its holster. Nothing had come charging out of the room, and it seemed quiet inside, but that didn't mean much.

He stood in the doorway, the flashlight poised above the pistol, ready to fire if he needed to.

His anxiety faded quickly, back to a low background buzz. Even from the door, he could tell that the room was as advertised: an ordinary server room. The racks lined the walls, not leaving much space for anything to hide.

Beyond that, they'd found another pad. They had no way of knowing whether or not it was the "next" one, or whether it would only take them in another loop, but they'd have to try it. If another was available, and one was the wrong choice to take, nothing would differentiate the two.

He glanced at Lana. "It seems to be clear."

He felt tempted to sabotage the servers, but what would they be sabotaging? Live cultures probably accounted for several of his worst experiences at Landel's; destroying work related to them might be a good idea. At the same time, if these servers controlled machinery involved in experiments and storage of pathogens, breaking them could cause some kind of biological disaster. Without knowing what kinds of live cultures were involved, doing anything that could result in their release would be stupid. And it would be time-consuming. If they were to have any chance of success, they needed to stay on track... then, any biological research here might become irrelevant.

As he moved towards the purple glow, he heard soft electronic noises--battery backups, he thought, since this area didn't seem to be receiving full power--and saw the occasional small blinking light.
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Lana split her attention between the still-empty hallway and the door, trying to cover both. It wasn't really a one-woman job, but they'd make do. Or die horribly. Was she getting jaded? Had she always been this nonchalant about watching people die in front of her, or had that been Damon's last poisoned gift to her? Either way, she wasn't afraid, staring down the dark, and she wasn't lying about that, either.

Ryuuzaki, on the other hand, was a wealth of secrets tonight -- he hauled back into a perfect Samurai Rocket Kick and the door didn't stand a chance. Then he fluidly pulled out his gun with his odd sense of grace, and slipped in. A few seconds later, after he continued to move forward, Lana joined him.

The room wasn't quite quiet -- UPSes were quietly alerting everyone that the power was down. It was the first acknowledgment of the fact that nothing here worked correctly at night that she'd seen this evening. Everything else had been dark, but could have just been shut down for the night. This was different.

The power was on, however, to the teleport pad at the other end of the room, and Lana slipped past Ryuuzaki to reach it. "Let me take point on this one?" she asked, voicing their unspoken handoff of stepping into danger.

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[From here]

Another seemingly empty room, filled with equipment that Link didn't understand. There was, however, that violet glow across the way. Perfect.

"There's a warp point, at least."
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While Sora had caught a glimpse of the sign before stepping into the room, he had no idea what a "Live Cultures Server Room" was. He didn't know what a live culture was either, but it didn't sound good.

All the room itself contained was more machinery. Sora poked around, but there were too many buttons that he didn't know the function of, and while it was tempting to destroy everything, he didn't want to be completely reckless and end up hurting someone.

"Yeah, guess we're on the right track again." Sora nodded to Link and then stepped onto the warp pad, but he didn't get the chance to see what the next room held. Instead, there was only darkness, dizziness, and then...