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Almost there. Soma kept moving. If she stopped now, she'd start thinking about how much worse she felt now than she did this morning, and that would be a terrible mistake to make.

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It wasn't until Skulduggery had moved into the main hallway - emptier than the block halls, surprisingly - that something in the back of his mind suddenly clicked, and he realized what Landel had meant in that announcement.

The illness going around the Institute, affecting Sora and the Scarecrow and several others. Skulduggery had already worked out that it wasn't a natural illness, that it would only lead to something bad, but he hadn't known that it would turn the infected patients into the very monsters that allegedly lived everywhere around here. Was that where Landel got them from? Had even that dead woman in the Sun Room last night once been a patient, just as trapped here as the rest of them?

The Scarecrow. He'd been fine when Skulduggery left, but what if it wasn't a gradual transition?

Another choice was before him, and like so many times before, Skulduggery chose to keep moving. The odds were in the Scarecrow's favor, and Skulduggery couldn't abandon Rita. As mature as she seemed, she was still just a child. His mood was much darker, though, as he moved on into the next hall.

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