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Night 65: M-B Block Hallway

[From here.]

It wasn't uncommon for Guy to be the first one out here, but this time around he was more nervous about that. Five were supposed to change tonight, and it was very possible that Anise or Claude were among that number. If that was the case, then it might not be his friend, but something else coming down that hallway.

If that happened, what was he supposed to do? He honestly had no idea. He had a sword and he knew how to use it, but this was Claude, the friend who had reassured just earlier in the day that everything would work itself out.

He would wait for a minute or so, and if Claude didn't show himself by then, he'd have to look into things himself. For now, Guy stood awkwardly against the wall and kept his eyes on Claude's hallway, with a sharper glance than usual. He would be lying if he said he wasn't on edge.

[For Claude.]
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[From here.]

The act of needing a flashlight to illuminate his surroundings was so foreign to Skulduggery that he didn't even have the inclination to be annoyed. The light was so much more fluorescent than he was used to, and much more constant - no more flickering flames in the palm of his hand. Now that he saw how much of the darkness this type of light beat back, it was difficult to remember how he'd gotten around in the dark the past two nights. He'd been stumbling around, of course, putting effort into simply walking straight, which meant he had a hand on the wall most of the time. Other peoples' flashlights might have helped, as well.

Now that Skulduggery was almost completely used to the shift in balance, walking quickly was much easier. His muscles still burned far earlier than they should, and his breathing still grew shallow annoyingly quickly, but Skulduggery would take it step by step.

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