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Night 65: M41-M50 Hallway

Murphy hadn't been interested in talking at dinner, which could be due to any number of reasons, and Harvey didn't really want to find out why. Being too curious would just get him involved in someone else's problems. Maybe Murphy was sick, or someone he knew was sick, but it wasn't Harvey's job to care. He was perfectly content to focus on his own goals and let those who were ill figure out their own issues.

Granted, it might become his issue if five patients were really going to turn into something else tonight -- things that would be out for blood. On the other hand, he had that bracelet that their skeleton friend had given them, which meant that he, Scott, and Sangamon wouldn't be in the hallways for too long.

That meant that they needed to meet up fast, though, and while Harvey wasn't eager to be the first one there, he also wasn't about to lag behind. He grabbed for his gun after reloading some of its ammo, picked up his lead pipe and shoved the bone bracelet into his pants pocket. With all of that taken care of, it was time to hit the hallways.

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[In M42.]

The announcement welcoming them into the more dangerous side of the Institute this time was decidedly more worrying than the night before. Skulduggery had stood up as soon as Landel's voice sounded over the intercom and started preparing to leave - pulling the thick coat on, kicking off his slippers - but from the moment the doctor said the word 'five,' he froze.

Military. It was obvious this time. And this time, Skulduggery was much more wary of the advice they gave. Despite being former military himself - or former soldier, at least - he knew enough not to blindly trust them. Soldiers were forced to do terrible things. And no soldier he knew of would resort to this cryptic clue-leaving if their intention was really to help the people trapped here. Unfortunately, Landel had said that five people would 'turn.' Into monsters, presumably, judging by his gloating. That would be more than enough motivation for some people. Deciding to err on the side of caution, Skulduggery reached under the pillow for the flashlight, and almost immediately withdrew his hand again in disgust.

Apparently, hallucinations and disgusting bits of flesh in food wasn't going to be enough. The dead woman was going to be grabbing his hand from under pillows, as well. Marvelous. Skulduggery carefully lifted the pillow to confirm what he already knew; that nothing was there apart from the flashlight. It didn't stop him from rubbing his hand to try and get the sensation of rotting flesh off of his skin.

With that last turn of events, Skulduggery hesitated only a moment before taking Gabe's rosary and slipping it into his pocket. Like he'd told Gabe, you didn't know what might come in handy in a place like this. Still, it was hard to ignore the modicum of self-hatred the act resulted in, as Skulduggery nodded to the Scarecrow and stepped out into the hall.

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