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Night 75: Decontamination Room

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While the next room at first looked like nothing more than another shower, the heavy duty sinks and the sterility of it indicated that there was more to it than that.

Castiel pointed his flashlight into the empty spaces and under the counter. While he could still hear the distant banging from the previous room, they had at least put some distance between themselves and the onslaught. The sooner they got to another warp pad, the better.

He didn't see any reason to linger, and so he moved across the narrow room to the opposite door. When he found it locked, he let out a small groan of frustration and turned to Lloyd.

"You can handle this one if you'd prefer."
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Lloyd made sure to shut the door behind them, though he knew that with the lock broken, it wouldn't do much good. It was still something that might buy them a second or two, maybe longer if a monster that tried to open it was particularly dumb. He didn't hold much hope for that, but he was willing to grasp at any chance at all.

Turning back to Castiel, he nodded as he approached. It made sense for them to take turns so that neither one of them wore themselves out, and he did have enough strength for this. He felt sure of it. He breathed out, then in, adjust his grip on his father's sword. Kratos could have definitely done this, too.

Dammit, what had they done to him?

With grim determination, he struck the lock hard, once, then again, slamming the hilt of the sword into it with every bit of normal strength he had. He didn't want to use his mana for this if he could avoid it, not with how drained it left him feeling afterward, but he shouldn't need it. Not for this. The lock looked old and rusted enough, like so much else in this place, that it should give out with a few good hits-


Lloyd's heart leapt with satisfaction when the lock broke off. "Alright, we're through!" he called out to the others. Pushing the handle down with his elbow, he shoved the door open, eager to get moving, as well as to put more distance between them and the monster they'd left behind.

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