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Night 75: Security Checkpoint 3

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Castiel's head pounded and his stomach twisted as he stepped off of the pad, forcing himself forward so as to make way for the other three trailing him. The first thing he heard was a loud banging off to his left, coming from behind a door. The snarling and scraping sounds that intermingled with it signaled that the monsters had already found them. They might not have much time before they broke in, which meant their best option was the other door across the room.

However, they had yet another metal detector to deal with. "Hurry," he snapped at the others as he rushed forward to set his blade on the conveyor belt. None of them could afford to get shocked right now, not when they had monsters nipping at their heels.

Castiel undid his belt as quickly as his fingers allowed and set that down too, before he walked through the detector to the other side and went to collect his items. The rest of them should know how this worked by now, so he didn't expect them to take too long.
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Lana followed Castiel across the pad, gritting her teeth against the slight wave of nausea. It actually wasn't as bad; the stinging in her ankle as she quickly hopped off the pad to let Ryuuzaki follow made a decent distraction, without slowing her down too much.

Any advantage she could gain, she would take. It was a mantra she'd lived by for too long, and she was ready to be done with it. But there weren't rules here, and thus she wasn't breaking them.

Well, except that the metal detector might still be enforcing a few basic ones. Or it might be completely defunct, although the conveyor belt still whirred softly. "The security system has been disabled, you know," she said, but she still took off her coat, folded it so that neither the gun nor the scalpel tucked in pockets would fall out, and set it on the belt. Her flashlight and radio followed, and she stepped through the arch.
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[Skipping L here.]

"Oh damn it." Lloyd swore the moment his eyes landed on the familiar security set-up. He'd thought there was only one room like this and that they were long since past it, so he hadn't bothered to wear clothes without any metal attached. Jacket with buttons, pants with suspender loops, boots with buckles, not to mention his swords and tool belt. It all had to come off.

Something slammed into the door as he scrambled to undo buttons and buckles and belts, and Lloyd's heart tried to leap from his chest. Dammit, he didn't have time for this! Beside him, Ryuuzaki wasted no time in doing the same, though he looked visibly frustrated when it came time to put his gun on the conveyor belt. He was still through the door far faster than Lloyd, though. Sweatpants and a T-shirt weren't anything he needed to remove, just a few odds and ends that Lloyd didn't really notice, along with the pack on his back.

The brief flash of envy Lloyd felt for that pack lasted only long enough for whatever monster was out there to slam into the door again. Alarm shot through him at the sound of creaking metal, and it was all he could do not to dash through the arch of the metal detector's door before he'd stripped to his undershirt and boxers and put all his stuff on the conveyor.
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Lloyd's flailing reminded her of an inordinate number of defense attorneys she'd faced; some of them made it look more elegant than others, but it didn't actually affect their skill, no matter how much her colleagues might complain about it. Besides, any sense of decorum the Prosecutor's Office cultivated was undone the moment either of the Payne brothers opened their mouths.

She ignored Ryuuzaki, who was looking vaguely discomfited; it was, perhaps, his most common expression. She, on the other hand, was standing calmly at ease, watching Castiel attempt to break down the door. Her gun was back in her hand, and her flashlight in the other, ready to cover him if he was able to open it.

"I thought the security systems were supposed to be off," she murmured, but there wasn't much they could do about the metal detector or the locked door; the long way or the short way, their fate was on the other side.
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"They are, but do you want to risk it?"

All of this seemed like annoying hoop-jumping to L. He had no way of knowing what else they had to get through, or what would be waiting for them behind the next door, but the fact that there was something behind the first door into the room was becoming increasingly obvious. How those things would deal with the metal detector was one thing -- maybe it would slow them down, maybe it wouldn't, depending on a number of factors -- but it made him feel that he and Lana and the others didn't have much time, and that Link and Sora might be met with something nasty if their timing was unfortunate.

After his belt was buckled around his waist again, and the pack was on his back, he drew his gun. They couldn't afford to waste bullets by trying to shoot off the lock, and Castiel was probably the strongest of them in physical terms, so interrupting his efforts wouldn't be helpful.

Getting the door closed behind them would be something else. Once broken open, it wouldn't impede any pursuit. They still had no idea what was past it, only that they had to keep moving forward, and that for now, that side seemed relatively quiet. Finding the next pad would be their goal. It wouldn't be far -- the only question was whether or not they would find it soon enough.
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Lloyd hadn't considered that having the security taken out might mean that the metal detectors wouldn't do anything anymore, but Ryuuzaki's comment saved him from feeling like a fool for the assumption. It was better to play it safe here, because if they were wrong, it would take far longer for whoever went through first to recover from being shocked than it was taking them to remove all the metal they were wearing right now.

Even if every second he spent struggling to get out of his clothes, then put them back on, felt like an eternity dragging out.

"Sorry," he said, grimacing as he tugged his boots back on, because he was slowing them down, or would be if not for the fact that Castiel hadn't broken the door open yet. "I didn't think we'd have to go through one of these places again." He buckled on his tool belt, then grabbed his swords (his and Kratos's - dammit, his dad should have been here too). "Castiel, do you need help?"