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Night 75: West Hall (Basement)

[from here]

Taura stood on the threshold of the hallway, holding both double-doors open. She hoped Aigis and Sechs hadn't followed her; this was either a very good idea or the last one she'd ever have.

A promise was a promise, though, even to a monster that had threatened to eat her. Especially to a monster that had threatened to eat her. "Sphinx," she called out. Did it have a name? A gender? "It's Taura." She wasn't sure that would help, but the least she could do was treat it like a person. "The door's open. We're going to try to ki-um," She switched words at the last moment; if the Sphinx stayed out of loyalty rather than necessity, they didn't need to let it in on the plan. "Kick some ass." There, that was, well, not much less specific than kill Landel, but it had some leeway for explanations.

Then she waited, while claws scrabbled in the dark and growls echoed down the halls.

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