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Night 75: Basement - Grand Ballroom

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Dim light met her eyes and Aigis blinked, attempting to adjust her sight. As usual, the depth of the ballroom was rather stunning in its own way, if it didn't hold such terrible truths behind it. It was just another of Landel's sick games, but here she was, looking to see if there was a way to escape after this.

Surely there was something... A hidden tunnel or another secret room. There was the door that she had not yet gotten to pass, but surely could after the fight in the Coliseum.

At odds with herself, Aigis reached into her pillowcase and pulled out one of the items she had salvaged from the pantry. A box of crackers. That would work. Taking out a sleeve of the crunchy treats, Aigis opened it and began to eat a few while she considered her options.
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[From here.]

Meanwhile, the final door which had stood silently still for so long, suddenly began to budge and creak against its hinges. Inch by inch, the heavy marble door shifted forward, noisily grinding against white sand onto immaculate tiles, revealing a sliver of pitch darkness behind it. Rows of fingers then emerged over the door's edge before it was finally thrown open, allowing entry for the two patients who were pushing it from the other side.

Blinded by the sudden onslaught of light, Sechs was forced to squint and cover his eyes with his free hand as he stumbled past the door. Even if he couldn't see much, he could tell by the familiar marble tiles beneath his feet that he and Taura must have made it to the ballroom.

"Damn, for such a fancy marble door it sure felt as heavy as lead!" Sechs said to Taura as he struggled to see past the stinging lights. So far his eyes were still adjusting and all he could see was a bright blur of a room. "Think we made to the ballroom at least!"
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Just in case, Taura tucked away her radio and flashlight, and pulled out her stunner and unstrapped her throwing star. Then she joined Sechs in leaning on the big door, pushing with all her considerable weight.

It was the ballroom. They'd just come through the one door Taura hadn't seen the other side of -- the one that maybe they could have gone through after what had happened in the Coliseum, but there'd been too many other things to do. She hadn't even gotten a chance to talk to Goku while they'd been in Farwell, and she hadn't seen Rita in a few days.

Her eyes adjusted more quickly than Sechs' did; there was someone near the stairs, though she could only make out size -- small -- and maybe-female. "Hey, over there," she said, pointing. Whoever it was had to have seen the door opening, so it wasn't worth hiding in case it wasn't Sechs' friends. She waved with the hand carrying the throwing star, which was perhaps not as reassuring as it could have been, but she wasn't throwing it.
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"Huh?" Sechs was still blinking and squinting his eyes when he heard Taura speak up. Squinting past the light, he looked up and followed Taura's gaze. "Who-?"

Half expecting a brainwashed patient or a monster to attack, Sechs instinctively readied his gun-wielding hand for a sudden ambush. Yet he saw no foreseeable danger in the form of a large figure rushing towards him. Instead, his adjusting eyes made out a much less threatening sight--

"A-Aigis?" Sechs had to really rub his eyes to make sure he was seeing right. Was that really Aigis waiting in the ballroom, alive and acting upon her own will? It wasn't some sick trick, was it? Or another deceptive trap to stop them in their tracks? The Replica's mind raced over the all possibilities of trickery and danger. Yet that familiar voice he heard was unquestionably clear and sincere to his ears.

Abandoning his caution, Sechs lowered his gun and began to step towards the fellow android. His eyes were wide and bright, wanting nothing more than for his senses to be true. The other droid wasn't a shadowy mirage, nor was there any sign that she was brainwashed. Seeing that it really was Aigis, a relived grin came over Sechs' face and he broke out into a full jog towards her. "Aigis!" he cheered, reaching an arm out for his found friend, "You're alright!"
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Sechs' friend was a friend of hers, too. Taura grinned from ear to ear and ran over as well, though she hung back to let him arrive first. He'd been in the battle arena; it was quite possible Aigis had been there too. No, Taura, say what you mean, even in the privacy of your own head; it was quite possible she'd killed him, with whatever powers she'd regained.

That was a pain best addressed in the relative privacy she could muster by standing a pace back. They could spare a moment for their reunion before putting together a plan for taking down Landel; it made them human. So did the fire for revenge, because without Landel, they wouldn't be staring at each other with guilt and pain soaked into the joy. But without Landel none of them would have met, either.

She was still killing him if she had the chance. Or holding him in place while Sechs did the honors, she wasn't that particular about it.
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Sechs' grin couldn't get any wider, and for once he didn't care if his face was blushing or not. He gave Aigis' hand a tight squeeze, taking in her warmth as proof that she was real and in one piece. "Heh, couldn't have said that better myself!" he replied with a chuckle. "Damn, is it good to see that you're ok! Knowing how this place works, I wasn't sure we would find ya in time!"

As relieved as Sechs was to find Aigis, he found himself taken aback by the tears budding in the gynoid's blue eyes. His smile weakened at the distressingly familiar sight. Even though she was clearly happy, the last time he saw tears like that was just before he...

"Look, uh... Taura and I came from this city outside of the institute," Sechs hastily explained, gesturing to Taura standing nearby. "The rebels have a base there and they're helping us out. They were the ones who got me out of here after..."

Yet Sechs' words trailed off and his gaze fell to the floor, faltered once again by another flashback of his last battle in the coliseum. That fatal moment he shared with Aigis was the most intense experience he had ever felt in his short life -- and at the time he was sure it would be his last. Now he was suddenly at a loss for words. Just what could he say to the last person who witnessed him take his own life? To go through all that agony and leave Aigis behind poisoned Sechs with guilt he didn't realize he had until now. There should have been judgment in Aigis' eyes, a sign of resentment over the way he left her alone in that bloody patch of sand...

But nothing of the sort came from Aigis, instead she practically radiated with pure acceptance and gratitude. What should have severed the two apart had actually left a connection Sechs didn't think could exist between anyone. To win that impossible battle through death and reunite to fight together once more was a rare kinship few fighters could share -- an essential quality for those striving to become true warriors. Perhaps that was one silver lining to their imprisonment within Landel's institute?

Realizing this cleared Sechs' head and he brought his gaze up back to his two friends. With a lopsided smile, Sechs gestured to the make-shift patches sewn over the middle of his once-torn jumpsuit. "Well, I'm alive and here now," he said with a weary shrug. "We're all here, ready to fight for another day."
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Taura's eyes were wet, too, by the time Sechs made his final pronouncement.
Her mind flashed to all the people who weren't here; all the times she'd promised to break out and come back for those she'd left behind. Now she'd done it, but there were so few of them left. She knew better than to say that, though. Besides, Sechs was swiftly proving himself better at rousing speeches than she could ever be. There was artistry making the simplest statements profound, and she hadn't been issued any.

She was just good at saying the truth. She smiled, and her voice was a low, happy drawl when she spoke up. "I don't know about you two, but I'm not waiting for another day. How about we fight now?"

Sechs' injuries had continued to heal, and he was moving less stiffly; she didn't think he wanted to wait, and while Aigis might want him to rest, he wasn't going to. So they'd go together.
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Bolstered by his ally's words, Sechs' smile recovered for a moment -- only to fall at the reminder of his second reason for returning to the institute. "W-wait," he stammered, placing his hands on Aigis' shoulders with his pained eyes focused on hers. "No, you can't come with us. You have to get outta here and go to the city outside. It'll be safer there!"

Feeling the happiness of their reunion slip away from his heart, Sechs was once again left with snake-like trepidation constricting his chest. He may have found Aigis alive and well, but as long as she was still within the institute's boundaries, he was barred from any sort of relief from his reptilian anxiety. He wanted to fight alongside Aigis, but the battle ahead wasn't just another tournament round with technicians at the ready to repair any damaged contenders, nor would they wake up in one piece in their beds like many mornings before -- it was a real war with death as a likely ending for most. It was just too risky.

Sechs took in a deep breath, realizing just now how hard these words were going to be for him to say. "Listen, this damn place has taken everyone I've known, one by one, without a single hint about what happened to them," he explained, his voice lowered and heavy with the bitter remorse of a warrior who had lost too many times in the past. "I came here to get as many people out before things get real serious. Last thing I need is to have ya disappear like all the others." He gave Aigis' shoulders a squeeze. "You understand?"
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Taura watched them argue, water welling up in her eyes. The problem was, she could understand both sides; she

What would Admiral Naismith do? The Admiral, not Miles; she was starting to understand how he made a distinction, even if she couldn't see how he did it all the time without going mad. Especially since there was something else he was hiding, too. He would make everyone want to do exactly what he wanted. Ideally, thinking it was their own idea; if that didn't work, at least thinking they were the most important part of the puzzle.

The question was, were their chances better with an inexperienced but uninjured third fighter? In a perfect universe, she'd have left Sechs and his injuries back in the city and gone in alone, in which case she could have used the help. She still thought they could use another set of hands, but if Sechs was going to fret over Aigis the entire time, having her along would hurt more than hinder.

She cleared her throat. "Besides, we need someone on the outside. If this doesn't work, who's going to get us out to try again?" Never mind that if this didn't work, they'd both be dead, and Sechs would know that. Aigis might, too, but she'd be trying not to think about it. "M'commander," she added, deliberately imitating Miles' drawl, "always said it was survive, escape, sabotage, and the order was the most important part. If you can't do the first two, the second becomes irrelevant."
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Crap! Not only was Aigis arguing back, but Taura was backing her up! Their answers more than convincing for Sechs, but he fought against the pressure with a strained grimace.

"I- I know but-!" he stammered, averting his eyes from Aigis. He wanted to say yes, but he couldn't hold back all the pent-up energy he had focused on his original plan. If she died because he didn't get her out in time--

"NO! You're getting outta here and that's THAT!" he blurted out, giving Aigis a stern glare as he pointed back towards the open door behind them. "Outside there's a lake and a guy named Charon who'll get you across it. After that, there's a subway that'll lead you to the city. Once there, you stay there, ok?! So take your stuff now and GO--"

Yet Sechs' angry words were cut short by an even louder voice.



The strident alarms and the digital disturbances rippling across every surface of the ballroom came like a bolt of lightning through Sechs' senses. Everything changed in that moment. Whatever kind of forces were waging war upstairs, clearly the battle had taken a dramatic turn. Whether this change was in their favor or not, Sechs knew this was it. No turning back. The rescue mission was over. It was now time to attack.

Shuddering with beastly excitement, Sechs released Aigis' hand and stood back to give a knowing look to both her and Taura. "Ah, fuck it! Change of plans!!" he barked over the wailing alarms. "You're right! Let's take this damn place down together! All three of us! This could be the best chance we'll ever get anyways!"

For all he knew, it could be their last chance...
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Taura's golden eyes went wide when the walls shivered and a voice cut in. Her answer was one curt nod.

She cinched the strap holding her throwing star on her arm down tightly, and took a step towards the stairs. "You got it," she snarled, and bared her teeth. She wasn't sure if Aigis would be any help in a fight, but she couldn't ask her not to try.

Besides, from what they'd both implied, she'd bested Sechs, and while he might have let her do so, that took some doing. This place had a lot to answer for, most of it centered on this damn basement.

Hang on. Hold that thought. I just wanted you to know I'll be back... She'd said that, a few rooms away. She had a promise to keep. She'd almost forgotten, in the heat of the moment.

"There's...something I have to do, first. It's...complicated. I'll be right behind you two. Go."

[to here by herself]
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Before Sechs could even question Taura's intent, she was already gone, dashing out of the ballroom into one of the darkened hallways. Gritting his teeth, the Replica could only nod to Aigis' words and turn towards the marble steps leading upstairs. "Maybe she knows about the armory down here," he mused outloud to himself as he ascended the stairs, "She better grab some good weapons then! With all the noise going on upstairs, every little bit helps...!"

Indeed, just as Sechs reached the trap door to the walk-in freezer he could hear more than just the strident warnings of the catastrophic security breech...

Now he wished he had more than just three bullets to shoot with.

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