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Day 73: Recreational Field (3rd Shift)

Lunch...sounded very unappealing to Zero right now. No amount of his nurse's fussing would change that for him, either. He took it with him anyway as he headed outside, mostly so the nurse would be quiet about it, but it was going to be abandoned once he figured out what he was going to do out here, exactly. Something related to exercise, but what...

Sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves isn't going to bring anyone back.

...Lana's words were still at the forefront of his mind. So was Ciel's final note. Thinking about both over and over was ultimately a good thing for him; they were necessary reminders to not give up. Though the insecurities were still there, and he was still afraid of not being strong enough...he knew he should still try to keep pressing on despite his feelings. That's what he'd always done until now... And could he really allow someone like Landel to beat him down like this?

...Exercise. He could run, just run for awhile. Laps around the field, until he can't run anymore. The workout would be good for him...

Dropping his lunch somewhere on the ground, Zero started jogging, then running, trying to focus on the effort put into the exercise in order to block out any negative, self-defeating thoughts he was having.


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