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Day 73: Recreational Field (3rd Shift)

Lunch...sounded very unappealing to Zero right now. No amount of his nurse's fussing would change that for him, either. He took it with him anyway as he headed outside, mostly so the nurse would be quiet about it, but it was going to be abandoned once he figured out what he was going to do out here, exactly. Something related to exercise, but what...

Sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves isn't going to bring anyone back.

...Lana's words were still at the forefront of his mind. So was Ciel's final note. Thinking about both over and over was ultimately a good thing for him; they were necessary reminders to not give up. Though the insecurities were still there, and he was still afraid of not being strong enough...he knew he should still try to keep pressing on despite his feelings. That's what he'd always done until now... And could he really allow someone like Landel to beat him down like this?

...Exercise. He could run, just run for awhile. Laps around the field, until he can't run anymore. The workout would be good for him...

Dropping his lunch somewhere on the ground, Zero started jogging, then running, trying to focus on the effort put into the exercise in order to block out any negative, self-defeating thoughts he was having.


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[Sorry for my lateness!! ;_;]

Sechs wasn't the biggest fan of the paper lunch bags the nurses usually gave out at this time of day, but after an exhausting night and a missed breakfast, he eagerly accepted his bagged ration and went straight to devouring its contents as he made his way out to the rec field.

By the time he was through the door and had picked a spot by the wall to sit against, Sechs' lunch was nearly all gone. His ravenous efforts to fill his complaining stomach left him feeling just a tad drowsy. Once he made sure he hadn't missed a crumb in the bag, Sechs tossed it aside and rested the back of his head against the wall with a gruff sigh.

Brooding to himself, Sechs remained sitting until a flash of yellow hair caught his eye. Jogging around the field was Zero, a sight which brought a frown to Sechs' face. The Replica was still miffed over his last conversation with Zero, nor was he eager to talk with the fellow droid anytime soon. Yet Sechs was reminded by what Aigis said the night before when he got a better view of Zero's expression; he looked more distressed than cold, as though running because of some inner pain than mere boastful exercise. Come to think of it, shouldn't Zero's leader friend be with him if he cared so much about her?

Sechs watched Zero approach, his displeased frown softening with some concern. He waved the fellow droid down. "Hey! Zero! C'mere, will ya? We need to talk!"
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Looking up at Zero from his seated spot against the wall, Sechs folded his arms across his chest with a quiet snort. He caught the displeasure in Zero's tone; his own feelings towards the other were nearly mutual. If it hadn't been for the fact that Zero left to protect a friend he knew from his own homeworld, Sechs would have been no more than happy to tell the other droid to screw off.

"So how is she?" Sechs gruffly answered. "That scientist friend of yours. I don't think we've been introduced yet."
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Sechs' frown soured. Gone... Released... That explained Zero's more-grumpier-than-usual state, if not the total misery in his voice and body language. Seeing this, a brief spark of aggravation was felt inside Sechs' chest; to think that Zero had dumped them for someone who was going to disappear anyways! What a waste--!

--No. If Sechs himself was in Zero's shoes and had found someone like Alita or Zazie, only to lose them later to an unknown fate... That wasn't a waste at all. It was but a cruel trap set by Landel to ensnare one's hopes before crushing them without warning. Seeing this rare crack in Zero's seemingly unbreakable cold facade eased Sechs' grudge against him. He really did care about that friend of his... Realizing that, Sechs felt his anger turn its focus away from Zero towards Landel.

"...Shit. I'm sorry, man..." Sechs uncrossed his arms and rose back to his feet. Seeing Zero's trembling fists made his own hands clench with empathetic frustration. Just how many more people were going to suffer and die before Landel was finally stopped?

"Look..." Sechs took a sombre step towards Zero. "Aigis and I are going back to the basement tonight. We're really close to finding something big, I just know it!" He stuffed his hands into his pockets and gazed down at Zero. For a moment, Sechs was unsure of what he was about to say next, but what he had to offer was the only sort of consolation he could give to the fellow droid. Whether Zero would accept or not, it couldn't hurt to ask.

"It's up to you if you wanna join us," he said, "Every little bit counts at bringing that bastard Landel down...!"