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Day 65: Intercom, Evening

As some of the clouds from earlier began to clear, the intercom jingle sounded over the intercom once again.

"Hello, patients!" came the Head Doctor's cheery voice. "I hope you're all feeling fresh and clean this evening! To top it all off, we've prepared a scrumptious herb chicken dinner for you to eat before bed. Of course, we have vegetarian options available, so please don't hesitate to ask the nurse if you're interested in that.

Also, since we have the pleasure of welcoming a few new patients into our family, some of you will be receiving new roommates. Let's do our best to give them a nice, big Landel's Institute welcome, shall we?"

The Head Doctor gave a friendly chuckle. "Well, anyway, enjoy your dinner!"

With that, the intercom shut off.

[Note: All dinner threads are posted in response to this entry. Be sure to check the Roommate Assignments if you're not sure what room/roommate your character has! Thanks.]
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It occurred to Skulduggery, as his nurse led him back to the room blocks, that despite the relatively medium-sized number of people milling around the Sun Room all day, there were a couple of familiar faces he hadn't seen. After a moment of contemplation, he turned to the nurse.

"You've been stalking me," he began, "as per your job description, correct?"

She frowned. "I wouldn't use the word 'stalking,' Erik-"

"So you know everyone I've spoken to. Have any of them been discharged?"

His nurse paused for a second, and then gave him a patronizing and entirely unappreciated gentle smile. "Mr. Theo Savalas was released this morning," she answered. "Do you remember him?"

Skulduggery shook his head. He doubted anyone here paid much attention to their supposed 'real' names. "When did I meet him?"

"During brunch yesterday. I'm so sorry. It looked like you two were getting along well."

Ah. Detective Tyrell Badd. The news quieted Skulduggery for the rest of the walk. He hadn't met many people here, and although he'd only talked with Badd for less than an hour, the familiar pain of losing a comrade underscored his thoughts once again. The fact that he'd met another detective today, however, at least boded well for the future.

The Scarecrow wasn't there this time when Skulduggery was left alone with his chicken dinner. After eyeing it warily for a few moments, Skulduggery left it in the center of his roommate's desk and sat down cross-legged on his own bed. Despite the hunger that was now painfully twisting his insides, the memory of what had happened at lunch was still a little too fresh in his mind.
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Unfortunately, food had stopped being appealing to the Scarecrow some time around lunch, as well. His nurse frowned as they reached his room and she handed him his tray.

"You don't look like you're doing much better, Mr. Howard," she observed, her voice sweet as could be. Her tone wasn't the least bit patronizing- not that the Scarecrow would have been likely to pick up on such nuances even if he had been in perfect health.

"I don't feel much better, honestly," he admitted in return. Despite the pills Sangamon had given him, his insides felt worse than ever, hands still shaking on occasion, sweat dotting his forehead. He wiped at it for the umpteenth time that day, trying to figure out exactly what it was. With his unfamiliarity with his new form, it was always hard to tell what was a symptom of the infection and what was simply a normal process of the human body.

She smiled sadly at him. "I know it was hard to lose Mr. Price, but he's doing so much better now. You keep your chin up, and I'm positive you'll get there, too."

He returned the smile, wishing he could believe her words. He might have at one point, in his earlier days at Landel's. It was unfortunate he knew better now. Still, he gave her a nod and headed into his room.

He eyed the tray of food already on his desk a second before setting the one in his hands to join it. After that, he offered Skulduggery the same smile, trying to be optimistic. His body would right itself in time, or so he was told- until then, he was stuck feeling like he was full of rocks and bugs, his stomach seemingly trying to turn itself inside out. "Did you not want this, Skulduggery?" he asked as he slumped into his seat, his limbs feeling heavier than ever. "I'm not sure I can eat mine. Or that I ought to."
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Re: M42

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He'd been expecting it this time, the familiar voice interrupting his haphazard attempt at meditation, opening his eyes to see a fictional character offering him a smile. It didn't make the reality any less of a jolt. Skulduggery suspected he would never get used to the concept, and a part of him was grateful for that. This sort of thing shouldn't happen, and anything that reminded Skulduggery of that was welcome.

That wasn't to say the Scarecrow was any less of a decent fellow, though. "No," he replied after a moment, his blank gaze settling on the abandoned dinner. "I'm worried it might rot my tongue next." Or worse, turn into rotting flesh in his mouth, and Skulduggery was still nursing vague hopes of eating something over the week. "You do look like you should try eating some," he remarked. "That illness of Landel's is getting worse, I see."