20 November 2013 @ 06:01 pm
The silver light of dawn was strengthening in the sky, but that hardly mattered... none of the patients at Landel's had windows in their rooms. They relied on the intercom to wake them.

This morning began like almost every other: with crackling from omnipresent speakers, then the cheerful voice of Dr. Landel booming through the building. His good mood sounded forced this morning, with a manic edge.

"Good morning, patients! I trust you slept well? It's time to greet the day--and the excellent staff here--with smiling faces! We have delicious waffles with real maple syrup and all the other fixings waiting for you in the Cafeteria, as well as all our usual sides and beverages, and your nurses will be along any minute to--"

The announcement was interrupted by a brief loud clatter somewhere near the microphone: half metallic, half plastic. It was followed by a mutter of frustration, then a soft scraping sound. Maybe Landel had dropped a heavy pen on his desk and was scrambling to retrieve it.

"Ha, ha, clumsy me. Your nurses will be along any minute to help you get started. It's cloudy out there today, but the temperatures are... just fine." The announcement ended on a flat, awkward note.

Landel continued to announce shifts in the usual way through the day. Second shift was in the Sun Room, Third was the free shift with bagged lunches that had become the usual in recent days, and Fourth was in the Music Room. Therapy wasn't mentioned... maybe these patients were doing well enough now that they no longer needed individual attention, or maybe they were beyond hope.

Only one element was notable: every time he spoke, the good doctor sounded distracted, as if making the announcement had been an imposition on his time.


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08 November 2013 @ 06:16 pm
[From here.]

The room they reached next was a drastic change in scenery compared to some of the more mundane places that they'd passed through before. The room with the metal detector was interesting enough, though it was only meant as a means by which to access something more important.

They'd made it to some kind of lab, and while Castiel only vaguely recognized most of the equipment here (and he imagined that was the case for Kratos and Lloyd, too), he could tell that it was meant for analyzing biological samples.

That was something he could usually do on his own without any use of microscopes or centrifuges or anything else, which explained his lack of knowledge.

"... We may want to search this area before we continue on, in case there's something useful here," he said as he stepped up to one of the refrigerators. He doubted there would be any food inside...
01 November 2013 @ 11:13 pm
[From here.]

Maybe during the day the room Lloyd stepped into would have felt homey, maybe even luxurious as far as apartment rooms went. There was a nice, wide bed, a desk with a chair, a boxy item sitting on top that Lloyd vaguely recognized as a computer, though its screen was completely dark. There was a small kitchen alcove and a bathroom adjoining the room, the sinks in both dark with grime. Lloyd grimaced at the thought of trying to get drinkable water from either faucet. He didn't even want to think about the tub, too far recessed into the alcove for him to see. Something about the whole place felt eerie, disturbing. Fortunately, that wasn't what he was here for.

"There's the next warp pad," he said, striding across the room with purpose. His nerves only twitched a few times now from the memory of electrocution. Shining his flashlight as he walked, just in case there were monsters lurking, he almost didn't notice the small case sitting on top of a nightstand in the corner of the room. He blinked, the red cross on the box seeming familiar somehow. Where had he seen something like that? "Hey..." His footsteps slowed, the memory nagging. "What's that over there?"
[From here.]

Instead of the door leading into another room with another teleportation pad, they were instead let out into a hallway that was lined with doors. Well, that was just great.

Sora let out a sigh and glanced back at Tsurugi and Link. "Guess we should try all of them, huh?" He stepped up to the first one on his left and attempted to turn the knob, but the lock was sticking. There was enough give that he was pretty sure he could break it, but were all of them going to be like this?

"Looks like you might need to use some of your soccer skills here, Tsurugi," Sora said with a small smile as he lifted a leg up and kicked at the door. At least his shoes were hardy enough that he wouldn't hurt himself doing that, but he might end up throwing himself against the door before long.
[From here.]

At least the pattern that the pads took didn't change night by night. It would probably be impossible for them to make any progress if that was the case.

But here they were in the locker room, as he'd expected.

"Through that door, and we'll be at the spot we ended last night," he said, mainly for Lloyd's benefit. They really hadn't made it that far, but with the rebels acting as the perfect distraction, maybe that would be different this time around. Plus there would be three of them to check the doors, rather than two.

He stepped away from the pad, only giving the room a brief glance as he waited for the others.
24 October 2013 @ 12:32 am
[From here]

The sensation of being pulled from one point in space to another was one Link had grown well used to. Not for the first time, it dawned on him how useful having Oocoo here would have been.

He stepped off the pad, shining his light about the area to ensure its security.

There was strange machinery in here... Link frowned, taking note of the portal in the opposite corner of the room. He inspected the large machines, searching for switches or dials... Some indication of what to do next. He moved to wander between the prongs of the metal detector.

Doorways didn't exist for no reason.
22 October 2013 @ 09:03 pm
[ from here ]

.... There it was. One of the pads they were looking for. Which meant the from here on out, they could start making some progress. .... Hopefully, anyway. It was probably too much to ask that it would send them somewhere useful right away.

"It's in here," he called out from the doorway, and approached the teleporter. He was eager to just step onto to it, but he had to wait so they could all use it at once—it would be problematic if they ended up in different places.
21 October 2013 @ 06:46 pm
[from here]

The door led out to another balcony, like the one on the second floor, where they could see down into the Sun Room below. There was a sheet of glass, however, that meant though they could see down, nobody could see up. ... Too bad for Landel that hadn't been enough to keep this floor a secret.

From here, however, there were a lot of potential places to go. "Normally I'd suggest starting at the end, but I guess it doesn't make much of a difference in this case," he said with a frown. They couldn't methodically check through every room in a linear fashion like that when there was no predicting where any of the pads they found might take them.
[From here.]

After stepping through the door, Sora didn't immediately find himself in another room. There was a few seconds where he felt like he wasn't really anywhere, or in some in between place, before he staggered out into...

Some kind of gym?

He blinked his eyes a few times, trying to dispel the dizziness. Sora had traveled by unorthodox means before, so he wasn't as thrown off as he could have been. Besides, the institute had decided to warp them around before, so this wasn't exactly new.

"So this is the third floor?" Somehow he'd been expecting something more... intense. Not an empty gym. But Landel probably didn't want them to arrive anywhere close to his actual location, so it kind of made sense.

He glanced back at the pad that they'd stepped off of, which glowed with a purple light. "So we have to find more of those, I guess." But for now, there were some doors they could go through, and that was really the only path available to them. Seemed pretty straight-forward.
19 October 2013 @ 05:56 pm
[from here]

The lights flickered on as Kratos entered; he quietly sheathed his sword and then walked onto the escalator after checking to make sure that Castiel and Lloyd had made it in after him.

"I realize our keys may not match," he said, mostly for Lloyd's benefit, as the escalator began its slow climb upward. "We have the radios, though, so if there are any issues, call." Both Castiel and Lloyd had easily remembered numbers; hopefully, they both recalled his.
18 October 2013 @ 07:27 am
[From here.]

The library was quiet and dark when Lloyd entered, barring the light from their flashlights. Lloyd let the light from his flashlight play across the books, the floor, even the ceiling for good measure. He hadn't forgotten the monster that had seemed to slither out of the darkness just a couple of nights ago.

"You guys see anything?" He kept his voice soft, barely above a whisper. If there was something in here, he didn't want to attract its attention. Not that they'd be able to avoid it once they opened that secret door, but hopefully they'd be able to get out before anything blocked their path.
16 October 2013 @ 02:44 pm
[From here.]

It wasn't unusual for Castiel to make it to the meeting destination first, and so he didn't think much of it. Deciding to make the best of his time spent waiting, he moved toward the opening into the Sun Room and peered inside, even using his flashlight to illuminate at least part of the area.

But there was nothing out of the ordinary, which didn't answer much of anything, seeing how it always appeared that way whether there was a guard waiting in the wings or not.

Tempting as it was to step inside and scope out the situation, that could put them in the exact same position as they'd ended up in last night. And so Castiel shifted away from the open doors and leaned himself against the wall, casting a glance back down the hall. They shouldn't be much longer...

[For Kratos and Lloyd.]
16 October 2013 @ 02:36 pm
[From here.]

On his way down the hall, Castiel reviewed what little amount of strategy he could manage for tonight's plans. The main obstacle they'd been facing was some kind of guardian being placed in either the Sun Room or the library itself. If they could maneuver their way around any opponents and not get separated in the process, it was possible they could make real progress.

Castiel didn't know why they'd been given keys that made their search easier, as if Landel wanted them to succeed despite all of his announcements implying otherwise. It was yet another aspect of this mission that made him uncertain, but it wasn't as if he hadn't barreled into fights without all the details before.

Reaching the end of the hall, Castiel took a left.

[To here.]
15 October 2013 @ 07:39 pm

Once night came Al was quick to pull his things together--though he noticed something he overlooked the night before in his closet. He scanned over the note quickly, gritting his teeth before putting it into his toolbelt, along with the rest of his things. A few pages from the journal went into one of the pockets as well, along with a pen to write down anything he might need later.

With a quick glance to his new roommate, Al stepped out into the hallway and started down the hall. He was not going to miss Edward tonight.
29 September 2013 @ 06:16 am
Maybe another day, Lloyd would have taken his lunch outside as soon as his nurse handed him his sack. He hated being cooped up inside, and it had been more than a week now since he'd been brought to this place and given only occasional, well-supervised, and all-too-short opportunities to step foot outside of these walls. Even the trip into town where they'd been given almost the whole day to wander hadn't been quite enough to keep Lloyd from chafing at the constant restriction to his movement. Despite the opportunity, though, the teen planted himself in the Sun Room. Even though he'd gotten the chance to speak to Castiel and had been reassured that the two men were alright, something in Lloyd needed to see his father with his own eyes.

So. The Sun Room. He didn't know which room Kratos would head to, or if he was planning on going outside, but no matter which room he picked, he had to go through here. Lloyd even refrained from checking the bulletin, not wanting to give the man a chance to slip behind his back when he wasn't paying attention. Kratos was already too good at that. Lunch sack in his hands, Lloyd picked a table where he could see almost every door and took a seat.

"Now, Nigel," his nurse admonished him, louder than Lloyd would have liked. "I know you weren't feeling up to eating this morning, but you really do need to eat. I expect you to eat your sandwich, alright?" She laid a motherly hand on his shoulder.

Lloyd tried not to make a face. "Alright." He still wasn't hungry, but he probably should at least make the attempt. Not because his nurse told him to, but because his body would need the food. He'd need all the energy he could get when night fell on the Institute again.

[For Kratos.]
24 September 2013 @ 07:11 pm
Don't let them snoop? If Lloyd didn't already know the secret the library held, that would have practically been asking him to poke around as much as his nurse would let him. But since he did know about the trick to the secret door, he settled instead for searching for Kratos or Castiel. If he didn't find one of them this shift, he'd have to think about putting up a note on the bulletin, but considering what he wanted to talk to them about, it would probably be better if he kept it off the board and spoke to them in person.

"Here, why don't you settle down with a nice book, Nigel?" his nurse encouraged him as she guided him toward a chair. "Poor dear. I noticed you didn't eat anything for breakfast. Maybe you just need to get your mind off of whatever's tying your stomach in knots."

Lloyd made a face at that comment, unable to hold himself in check. "Maybe if the doctors gave me my Key Crest back it wouldn't be a problem."

His nurse sighed, shaking her head. "I thought you were making more progress than that, Nigel. Here," she said, handing him a book. "I'm sure a good book will help."

Lloyd grumbled, but accepted the book anyway, albeit reluctantly. He should have known better than to expect anything from his nurse. Rather than cracking the book open, though, Lloyd set it in his lap and watched the room. Surely one of his companions would come in soon...

[For Castiel.]
20 September 2013 @ 07:26 am
When Sora woke up, he was so worked up that he practically thrashed his way out of bed. He probably would have fallen straight out of it and onto the floor if he hadn't caught his foot against the ground and then forced himself upward into a sitting position.

But it didn't feel like he'd slept at all. His heart was pounding, his face flushed with worry. Tsurugi... It had been Tsurugi, but he'd looked different. And he'd barely even been able to talk, he'd been so out of it. What had this place done to him?

If Sora went out to the cafeteria, would he end up talking to a Tsurugi who had purple hair? And what would that mean? Would Tsurugi even show up for breakfast this morning?

There was just too much he didn't know, but sitting around in his room worrying about it wasn't going to do any good. Sora stood and let out a bracing breath, glancing over to Link's sleeping form in the opposite bed before he approached the door and anticipated his nurse.

She seemed to sense that he was worried, because she didn't chat with him too much on the way over to the cafeteria. Sora didn't even have the presence of mind to stop by the bulletin. He just went straight to the mess hall and got a tray of food while half-distracted, parking himself right near the entrance from the Sun Room. He barely ate his food, instead keeping an eye out for Tsurugi with two shades of hair in mind.

[For Tsurugi.]
10 August 2013 @ 08:34 pm
After talking to Lloyd, Kyousuke moved to the bulletin again, and was able to confirm that everyone from last night's excursion was okay. Physically, at least. Korra hadn't seemed too thrilled over the board, and not without reason, but there was probably nothing Kyousuke could say that would make make her feel better it, so he didn't bother trying. Better to give her some space, and leave things like that to someone more qualified.

When the nurse asked where he wanted to his lunch, he decided to go out onto the field, and so far, it looked like he was the only one here. He almost thought it was a shame to have something like this here with so few people interested in actually using it, but in a place like this, people had much more important worries on their minds, so it couldn't be helped. As for him, he was perfectly content to have the whole field to himself, since he just wanted to blow off some steam by practicing by himself anyway.

For the time being, he sat his lunch off to the side and did some light stretches, before grabbing some balls out of the shed for some shooting practice. He could wait for his food until sometime near the end of the shift.

[ free! ]
05 August 2013 @ 06:25 am
After eating breakfast, Lloyd gathered up his journal and pencil and followed his nurse out of the cafeteria. He made a quick stop at the bulletin to leave a note for Lee, then let her lead him on to take his shower with the rest of the adult men. Not sure how old Lee was, Lloyd kept his eyes peeled for him just in case, but again he didn't catch even a glimpse of his friend's shiny black bowl-cut hair. Okay, no worries. Maybe he was with the kids in Arts and Crafts.

Cleaning up quickly, Lloyd grabbed a towel and dried himself off, then got dressed and headed back to the Sun Room to wait out the rest of the shift. His nurse hovered at his side until he'd situated himself at a table, then she backed up and withdrew to the edge of the room to keep an eye on him from there. He was fine with that. Of course, it would have been better if she left the room completely, but at least she was far enough back that it felt like he had at least some privacy.

While he waited, trying to catch sight of Lee, he pulled his journal back out. As far as he knew, no one else had been to the third floor before. There weren't any maps yet. That was something he could fix. Picking up where he'd left off, the teen went back to his work on the sketch.

[For Tsurugi.]