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Night 64: M-B Block Hallway

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As the first one to make it out into this hall (which wasn't surprising these days), Guy found it hard not to just jet over to Claude's room. But in the end, he knew that there wouldn't be much to say until they met up with Anise and she explained herself, so for now he was going to have to try and be patient.

The medical wing wasn't an area he had explored very thoroughly, so he hoped that they would be able to find the room that Landel had named. He doubted that Anise and Claude had any better idea of how things were laid out there, either, seeing how they usually spent their nights with him.

Still, the three of them could do just about anything if they put their minds to it. That was one thing he believed with little to no doubt. It was how he was able to push himself to leave his room each night, and he wasn't going to stop working until they found a cure for Anise. This was no different from Tear or Luke falling sick. They would make it right somehow.

He was getting ahead of himself, though, and so he let out a breath and tried to calm down, keeping an eye on Claude's hallway. He was going to have to deliver the news about Okita before anything else, after all, and he couldn't say he was looking forward to that.
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[From here.]

There weren't many people in this hallway. Skulduggery had gathered, from the angry streams of notes on the bulletin board, that most people were stuck on a group of buses outside of the Institute last night, leaving the hallways clear. That didn't really explain why there were still so few people now, but that wasn't really at the forefront of Skulduggery's mind.

He paused as he passed the bathroom door. Rita had said she needed to do something quickly before meeting him at the library, so he was going to end up waiting for her anyway. And really, it was beyond time for Skulduggery to know exactly what he looked like. Making the decision before he could change his mind, he pushed open the door, stepped in, caught sight of his reflection in the mirror. And even with the meager light filtering in from the hall, he could see his face.

It was a handsome face. It was a familiar face. But more than that, Skulduggery finally realized, it was the face he'd been expecting to see all this time. His own. The face of the man who hadn't been there in time to stop Serpine from killing his family, the face that had died centuries ago and should have stayed buried. But Skulduggery had known what his reflection would show from the moment he first learned about the extent of Landel's power. He just hadn't wanted to believe it. He'd delayed the inevitable for as long as possible because he didn't want to face himself.

Well. Now he knew. It might take a while to accept it, but at least now he knew. Another mystery solved, even if it didn't really count because it had never been a mystery in the first place. After a few minutes of not moving, Skulduggery gave himself a little mental shake and let the bathroom door close again.

Time to move on.
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