06 July 2013 @ 09:36 pm
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First rule of business: a spoon. Sure, he could have used his hands, but Goku had learned that ice cream and those meaty warm pads at the end of your arms tended to melt most of it onto the ground before you could get it to your hungry face hole.

If he wanted to eat his share, then a utensil was necessary. Setting down the carton and his satchel for just a moment, the little boy hopped up on the counter and began rifling through the various drawers that lined the granite he was currently perched on. Most of it, he found, were odd tools that were a lot more complex than just a scooping thing. Some looked more like weapons, but eventually he found one that kinda resembled a spoon. The part that held the food was a lot more concave and big, but hey! That just meant it could hold more ice cream in one scoop.

"He heee!" Dropping back down with a victorious chuckle, he picked his things back up and opened the carton lid, only to toss it away somewhere in the kitchen. It would only hinder his eating actions if he kept it around on his journey. With that, he walked out of the kitchen with a mouthful of mint chocolate chip.

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06 July 2013 @ 09:24 pm
"Heeave-hooo!" A scruffy voice shouted as a piece of the floor shifted. After a few aborted attempts, the obstinate square relented to the boy's unusual strength. Even still, it was really heavy! Goku was used to going toe-to-toe with dinosaurs for a simple morning work out. A piece of rock shouldn't be this wearisome.

Ah well.

Pulling his squat little body through the hole was easy. It was his bulging sack of delicate machinery that gave him problems. With a few not-so gentle tugs, the little monkey boy freed it from the greedy labyrinth below them. Curious, he peered down below as if he hoped to see something that hadn't been there previously.

"Hooo..." he breathed a sigh of relief before pull the strap over his head. Goku was so short the bag practically touched the ground, but he still made a fine pack mule. A pack mule on a mission! But first, he helped himself to a carton of ice cream. He'd get a spoon in the kitchen on his way out.

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21 June 2013 @ 03:33 pm
Some of her burden was free from her shoulders now that Sechs knew of their comrade's plight. Whether they could save her was another matter, but it helped to know she was reachable. Aigis would speak with her someday. And hopefully, she would someday also protect her from Landel.

Trying to clear her mind for the rest of her day, Aigis changed gears and went into a room she rarely used. The Music room. It was a popular place before, when they had others who used to enjoy music more. She wished she could have spent more time here with Minato while he was here as well.

Pushing those sad thoughts away, Aigis moved into the room and began to peruse the cassettes. A lot of tapes were placed under the label of "classical" and she had to wonder just what made them into classics opposed to the few not considered that genre. Picking up a random one declared to be The Barber of Seville, she considered picking up a walkman and listening in. She wondered, was this something Minato would have enjoyed?
17 June 2013 @ 12:48 pm
Aigis was contemplative. After managing to swallow down some of the brunch offered she decided her human body was simply in needed of fresh air to sort out her thoughts. Rita had given her much to think about and so far the interior of the institute held no inspiration.

Heading out into the courtyard, Aigis noted that the weather looked heavy despite the Head Doctor allowing them outside. Rain was a very likely forecast but so far no water had started coming down. It could be any minute, but for now Aigis was glad to feel the wind on her skin.

How long had it been since she had taken a moment to walk outside? When was the last time she had tried to break free and run from Landel's in the most straightforward way possible? She couldn't remember.

Aigis had been here too long.
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26 January 2013 @ 04:54 am
Aigis sat on her bed, feeling exhausted despite her lack of activity during the day. Or maybe that was the problem. She was getting run down from lack of regular maintenance. But how could she revive her usual gusto that she used to take to the field? A long evening in Tartarus was nothing compared to a night in Landel's. Another curse of this frail, flawed, wonderfully human body.

Clutching her stuffed cat to her bosom, Aigis waited patiently for her companion for the night while contemplating Landel's words. Their friends missing, and his own friends to impede them. Yes, Aigis knew the loss of friend here, though she had not realized a greater number was dropping from their ranks. Perhaps it was the sickness that had caused her to miss so much. It was quite distracting, worrying constantly if you were one singled out to become a monster. Were those the "friends" Landel was bringing in tonight?

Aigis hoped Sechs would make it safely to her room. She hoped, really, really hoped, that he would not be drawn into danger because of her. She would not be able to bear that guilt.
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13 August 2012 @ 05:14 pm
Five more.

Aigis clenched at the rash growing steadily up her arm. The stomach cramps had kept her from eating, and now this news. She couldn't have stomached food had it been announced before dinner. What could she do now? Follow the new clue Harrington had left for them? It was a start...

But first, she needed to keep her promise. Assuming she didn't change before she got to the planned meeting spot.

Giving her plush cat one last squeeze for strength, Aigis fought off shivers and prepared for the night. With her necessary equipment assembled, the android took off out the door and headed to the main hall.

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12 August 2012 @ 04:40 pm
[from here]

Her head spun alarmingly as she exited the women's rooms and headed for the main hallway, but Soma didn't stop. In a situation like this, the best course of action was probably to keep moving.

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28 July 2012 @ 12:20 pm
The library was the quietest option, and so, after collecting a grilled cheese she didn't plan to eat, Lana made her way there.

She still felt guilty for not making an effort to see what was in the X-Ray room, even when it had clearly been either a red herring or a clue which had the dual virtues of being both true and useless. That was very like Landel, but knowing how he operated didn't give her any ideas on how to stop it. Except for the most drastic option -- stopping it on the small scale before she could hurt anyone else, but that wasn't much of a solution. She was avoiding thinking on it more than she had to; she would do what was necessary, dwelling on it wouldn't make it anything other than harder.

Though, hmm. If she did, would she wake up convinced like Damon had, that she was Shirley Franklin, slightly disgraced but well-loved detective? With a sister who'd never had think she'd killed a man, and a partner who'd never been abandoned to run the tightest large-scale investigation Lana had ever seen. And a superior who had, at least, recognized that some risks were too high, and that the truth could be surprisingly powerful, when properly applied. That wouldn't be so bad, would it?

Except that she would know it was a lie. Or, more precisely, Ms. Franklin wouldn't; Lana would, but she would be more thoroughly trapped than ever before. It wasn't as appealing when she put it that way.

She hadn't bothered to get out a book, just claimed a chair and part of a table and was looking at her carton of apple juice like it might hold the answers to the rather existential questions she'd been pondering. Either someone would risk talking to someone who was visibly ill, or they wouldn't, and she'd get at least a bit of rest.

14 July 2012 @ 10:54 pm
[[from here]]

The same nausea and the same sick pulling sensation, and then Sasuke was breathing in the cool, slightly dank air of underground. The faint empty echo when he dropped Aidou's arm and took a step forward suggested a large space -- the large room at the bottom of the stairs to the basement, then. Not the arena where ...

That hadn't been his blood, of course.

Sasuke tilted his head back to the other two, waiting. If there was something new as a consequence of what they'd supposedly won, it couldn't be heard: Aidou would have to be the one to find it, as infuriating as that fact was.
22 June 2012 @ 12:08 am
[from here]

Aigis arrived at the rendezvous point in good time, her mind still whirling with thoughts on the I.R.I.S. She was thankful for the distraction from the rash that blushed her arm and caused her heart irregular palpitations, though the transformation was always tickling at the corner of her mind. If she did change she only hoped it would be after she managed to help her fellow patient. And also, she hoped it would be slow enough to give her time to track down Aidou for his assistance in the matter.

Taking a deep breath and attempt to still her mind, Aigis moved to the sinks and turned on the faucet. To her dismay, the water that poured out was dingy at best. No good if they actually did have to flush a wound. Unfortunate.
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15 April 2012 @ 01:34 pm
The buses’ trundling halt next to the park meant the “field trip” was officially in full swing.

Aidou couldn’t imagine there was much excitement to be had in the prospect. Assuming there wasn’t another zombie ambush or something similar, being able to roam Doyleton merely meant they had been transferred to a bigger cage until sundown. A bigger cage with nowhere to go.

The one new addition was the credit card. Aidou would’ve thought Landel would have wanted to get rid of the purchasing system, but apparently not. It was probably more enjoyable for him to watch and see what they would try to buy to better their stay, especially now, with his latest threat breathing down their necks. Aidou was tempted just to throw it away along with his sack of food, but pragmatism won out. In the end, he kept it in the pocket of his jacket. If an idea struck him, he would have it for later.

Since he had been in the aisle seat, Aigis had been required to file out behind him; once they were free and clear of the smelly contraptions he turned around to address her. “You have an idea of where you’re going, I presume? I expect you’ll want to look for your friends.”
07 April 2012 @ 02:36 pm
[skipping the F-A block from here]

Aigis walked into the bathroom and waited a moment in silence. She didn't hear or sense anything that would immediately be dangerous. If something stealthy chose to show itself later, that would be unfortunate, but for now this would suit their purposes.

Aigis turned around and faced her companion, then held out her claws to him as if offering them. "Please, take these."

Her gaze fell and she felt a chill, which sent her into a short shivering fit. If it wasn't obvious now, she would make it clear with words. "As to your question, yes, I believe I am. And I need your assistance in a matter before I change."
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26 March 2012 @ 11:28 pm
[Room F21]

A shiver ran up Aigis' spine as she listened to the Head Doctor ramble on in his demented way about old partners and symptoms. Symptoms. Her heart accelerated a few beats then calmed again. This was not normal. She was one of them he spoke of.

Tonight had already been rather dark. Returning to the room to find Ema was no longer here. Once again, Aigis felt her resistance to this place was slowly becoming futile. Eventually they would drag her into that darkness as well, locking her into their delusions or worse. Turn her into a vicious beast that wanted nothing more than to attack and devour the rest of the patient body. That was all she was ever good for; to be bent to the will of her oppressors until she lost herself.

Aigis' initial plan was to remain where she was. If she left for the night, who would know what she would do? What if the Head Doctor decided to push his plan forward instead of waiting for the next day? Others would be in danger...

... Then again, often times others would be in greater danger if she didn't go out and act. Perhaps she could turn this around; use the possibility of her changing to a monster against the monsters already housed here. The only regret would be if they themselves were patients before, but she couldn't afford to think like that. Likely, they were beyond even her help if that had happened.

At last, Aigis gave her stuffed cat plushie one last hug then headed out into the hallway. She hadn't taken but a few steps when a new intercom message filled the halls. She stopped to listen, perplexed by the odd message said in the voice of the I.R.I.S. But then, something altogether strange happened. A series of zeros and ones filled the hallways, completely arresting Aigis' attention. The numbers translated immediately as her gaze ran over them.

Her heart beats sped up another few beats, then slowed again.

[For Aidou]
03 March 2012 @ 05:54 pm
The line of questioning that Rita had begun at breakfast still plagued Loki, as did his own uncomfortable feelings about the entire concept of people being transformed into monsters. It wasn't a useful line of thought, and he needed a better direction to consider.

Hopefully, conversation with Soma would provide that. While she seemed quite stern at times, Loki found her presence oddly relaxing.

Though he had to wonder if perhaps he wouldn't end up seeing her this shift after all, since she might be included in the group that was being herded to the showers. (As much as the statement also was one he greeted with relief, since he was wondering when he'd get an opportunity to bathe. The thought of being trapped in a building with a great many mortals and no bathing facilities had been too horrifying to contemplate.) He'd always been a bit bad at guessing the ages of mortals, mostly because they were so ridiculously short-lived.

Having already established a neurotic fear of the cold with his nurse, there was no difficulty convincing her that he'd be much better off in the Sun Room. Loki settled into his habitual seat, taking a moment to coax one of the cats into his lap. All settled in, he propped his notebook on the arm of the chair and went back to writing.

03 March 2012 @ 03:39 pm

The call for minors to head to the showers saw Tsubaki carefully folding up her clothing in front of an empty locker before putting the pile inside. If what the Head Doctor and the staff were saying was true, it was probably good it was a shower day--washing off would help keep the bug at bay, whatever it was.

Tsubaki hoped that what they were talking about was just the flu, but she couldn’t help thinking that was wishful thinking.

It was practically empty in the showers, so Tsubaki had her pick of shower heads. She chose one a little to the left of the door and stood for a moment with her arms wrapped around her chest as she waited for the water to turn warm. Many of the underage girls’ faces were familiar to her after so long in the Institute, but she wasn’t sure how old some of her new friends were. If they were in the same age bracket as her, she hoped she could say hi while she had the chance, but least she knew Rapunzel was okay--the girl’s long hair had been an unmistakable landmark at breakfast. Tsubaki had had to leave their room before Rapunzel had woken up that morning, but being that they were roommates there was always dinner time to catch up.

Taking some shampoo in her hand, she started washing her heavy curtain of hair. With luck the day would remain as peaceful as this.

With all the threats Landel was making, though, who knew what was going to happen.
20 February 2012 @ 04:16 am
[from here]

Her original plan had been to move to the furthest hallway staircase to ascend to the next level, but the sounds coming from the far eastern side of the main hallway made Aigis change her course. She stopped short of the first stairwell, considered it a moment, then began to ascend. "Let us bypass the trouble for now."

Aigis had come to know Sechs had a love for a good fight. While she would not question his tastes in recreational activities, she did not see any advantage to risking injury when their journey to the basement seemed to indicate further troubles that would be risky enough. As it was, Aigis had her own misgivings for leaving the battle behind. There were surely patients in the thick of an attack that way, but she really, really was not up for summoning again tonight. Cool logic said to make haste with their supply run so that future fights could be sought at their leisure.

"I hope you are doing well tonight, Sechs-san," Aigis said at last as they made their way towards the second floor. She gripped the rail tightly as she moved up the stairs. The echoes from the fight below began to slowly fade behind them. "How was your day?"
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04 February 2012 @ 01:15 pm
So Landel had not done away with all of the General's policies. Perhaps they had come to some agreement the night before Landel's reinstatement as Head Doctor. Or was he just stealing a few ideas from their temporary captor to use for his own nefarious plots? Either was possible, but whatever the reason it spelled out no goodwill for the incarcerated.

Aigis put the man's words out of her mind. No doubt he was just attempting to bait her into incoherent rage. She was more controlled than that, however. Besides, she had a few friends she had planned to meet. One for a healing and another for a supply run. She didn't have time to keep either waiting.

Grabbing her things, Aigis slipped out of her room and out into the dark corridor, traveling the familiar walkways with practiced ease.

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24 October 2011 @ 09:07 pm
[from here]

No, something was different. It wasn't until she reached the next hallway that Anise realized, but she could feel fonons - in the air, and in her body. It took a moment to process this, but as she thought about it, she quickly grew excited. Could this mean...!?

Tokunaga was retrieved from her back, and she held the doll in front of her in her arms. She focused her energy, and... to her delight, the doll began to grow. Its limbs stretched out, then thickened as the head and torso swelled to several times its original size. Once it was large enough, Anise tucked her weapon in the strap of the bag tied around its neck, then used her free hand to hold on to its head. When it finished growing, the doll was slightly taller than an average adult (and much wider), and Anise sat happily atop its big round head.

"Tokunaga! You're back!" she cried excitedly, wrapping her arms around the top of the doll's enormous head to give it a celebratory hug. "Let's go show the others!" This could only mean good things! Maybe they could finally escape!

The doll charged triumphantly through the hallway... then stopped at the door. The frame was too narrow for it to fit through. Anise had to shrink the doll down a bit, carefully squeeze through, make it grow again, and then they were off to find her friends!

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05 July 2011 @ 01:08 pm
Well that had been weird.

Scott hadn't been able to get back into his game after meeting Alternate Universe Captain Kirk, and so he wandered back out into the Sun Room now, hoping that maybe sitting in front of a different screen for a while might help clear the bamboozlement from his brain instead. At the very least, it would probably give him tips on how to get out of this hole. The Great Escape, was it? Sounded useful enough. And at the very, very, very least, Scott figured he could fall asleep in his chair for a while, then wake up more alert for the night to come.

The night to come. Oh boy. Scott still wasn't sure what to think about that. On the one hand, he was psyched to get past a major stage, as any gamer would be. On the other, he also valued his hide. If the injuries everyone had suffered in the other parts of the basement had been bad, who was to say they wouldn't get double that in this Coliseum or whatever it was? If there was a Sphynx elsewhere in the basement, did that mean they had to fight a Hydra or something for the final challenge? Whatever they were fighting, it definitely wasn't going to be easy, even with six of them.

His existing injuries were good enough by now, at least. The pain in his leg and arm was almost gone, and the scars on his cheeks were starting to dull. Here was hoping that whatever they got from the fight tonight, it would heal just as fast.

So, Scott slid into a seat, ready to start chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool... God, had he just thought that? Yuck. Go away, 90's Will Smith.

He hadn't been there for long when he got a sharp tap on the shoulder from a soldier. After nearly falling out of his chair in surprise, Scott turned to find an envelope being shoved in his face. "What is... Is that for me?" Scott blinked in the dim light, taking the letter with no small degree of WTF.

The letter was packed in a clearly re-sealed envelope, with black stuff done up all over anything remotely identifying on it. The only things that weren't blacked out were his "real name" – Bryan Michaels – and the name of the sender – someone named Christopher Carpenter. Scott felt like he ought to know who that referred to, but was drawing a blank for the moment.

The blank went away the second he ripped open the top of the envelope and saw the handwriting. Even if he hadn't recognized the handwriting (he was actually getting pretty good at it, after weeks of bulletin practice), the contents would have made it clear enough. Scott grimaced.

"Great. Thanks, Wallace. Thanks a lot. Now you're brainwashed," he mumbled to himself, skimming over the utterly pointless letter a few more times. "Good job."

Aigis had finished her discussion with Rose at lunch and parted ways, wandering along the streets for next location of choice. She was feeling very cold again. The snow seemed to be growing worse by the minute, but Aigis knew she didn't have much time left in the day. She only had ten dollars but she planned to spend it in some fashion today.

She found one shop open that drew her interest. A Beauty Shop. It seemed like a place Yukari would frequent back at home. She stood outside a moment, considering, then decided to head on in. The scents of the place hit her all at once, and she stood stunned in the doorway for a good five seconds before pushing on forward. There was no point in going back out in the cold now.

She walked about the room examining the different odds and ends. Soaps, shampoos, lotions. They meant nothing to her. The institute provided them with these as needed, so she felt no urge to buy any, though some claimed to have special effects on the skin. De-aging. Was that possible for humans? Just use a lotion and gain back five years of one's life? How convenient.

There were a few shelves in a section of the store full of accessories for hair as well as jewlery. Aigis stared at a few of the headbands then moved on past. A line of ribbons caught her eye and she stared for a long moment, considering. It had been such a long time since she'd worn a ribbon.

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