24 September 2013 @ 07:11 pm
Don't let them snoop? If Lloyd didn't already know the secret the library held, that would have practically been asking him to poke around as much as his nurse would let him. But since he did know about the trick to the secret door, he settled instead for searching for Kratos or Castiel. If he didn't find one of them this shift, he'd have to think about putting up a note on the bulletin, but considering what he wanted to talk to them about, it would probably be better if he kept it off the board and spoke to them in person.

"Here, why don't you settle down with a nice book, Nigel?" his nurse encouraged him as she guided him toward a chair. "Poor dear. I noticed you didn't eat anything for breakfast. Maybe you just need to get your mind off of whatever's tying your stomach in knots."

Lloyd made a face at that comment, unable to hold himself in check. "Maybe if the doctors gave me my Key Crest back it wouldn't be a problem."

His nurse sighed, shaking her head. "I thought you were making more progress than that, Nigel. Here," she said, handing him a book. "I'm sure a good book will help."

Lloyd grumbled, but accepted the book anyway, albeit reluctantly. He should have known better than to expect anything from his nurse. Rather than cracking the book open, though, Lloyd set it in his lap and watched the room. Surely one of his companions would come in soon...

[For Castiel.]
19 September 2013 @ 04:56 pm
[from here]

This room was much smaller than the one they had visited the night before. It also was not so bright, but there was one thing that stood out--a giant creature that very well could be a Shadow had it worn a mask of the higher arcana. As it was, Aigis felt her breath leave her in a quick gasp. Could they really fight such a beast after having already fought off the enemy from before?

She could call on Athena but... no, after all she had done that night, she feared she could not rely on her Persona again. She was much too fatigued.

What were they going to do?
18 September 2013 @ 04:05 pm
[from here]

Aigis staggered into the hallway, vaguely aware that it was similar to the one they had gone down the night previous with Zero. If she had been able to focus, she might have even stopped to ask that they turn around and check, but instead she reached for her Evoker and placed it to her temple again.

She called on Athena, first for Sechs then for herself, and a healing light covered them both. While her powers were greatly reduced here, she could rid them of their immediate discomfort and sew up the deepest part of their wounds, if not all the way through. Aigis still felt some slight discomfort, but the shooting pain in her midriff had subsided into something manageable.

That taken care of, she leaned against a wall, gasping, then fell to her knees. She just needed a quick moment to breathe. That was all. Then they could be on their way.
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05 September 2013 @ 11:46 am
[Teleporting from here.]

A dizzying moment of surreal suspension followed the activation of Sechs' teleportation ring as the darkness of the main hallway was swiftly banished by the chandelier lights of the underground ballroom. The sudden change in environment jarred Sechs' senses for a few seconds, forcing him to squint his eyes against the amplified light. Once adjusted, the Replica took in his surroundings as he slipped the ring off his finger.

He was relieved to see that they had made it to the entrance of the basement in one piece. This was his first time using that ring; the last thing he needed was for the teleportation to go wrong, but so far it appeared to be a success. What was even better was that Sechs was able to avoid going through the walk-in freezer like the night before, preventing another flare-up from his post M-U ailment. "Heh! Talk about convenient!" Sechs remarked as he appraised the ring, "Too bad this thing needs blood to work all the time..."

Like the night before, Sechs retrieved his machete and replayed the blood-giving procedure to the ring, cutting his thumb with a repressed grunt before allowing the red droplets to fill the morbid jewelery.

Once that was out of the way, Sechs turned to check on Aigis. "You alright there?"
25 August 2013 @ 02:47 pm
So the third floor was finally being breached... Sechs grinned to himself as he listened to Landel finish his announcement with a foreboding threat. As serious as Landel may have sounded, Sechs knew from his years in battle that even the seemingly invincible opponent will refuse to admit defeat despite being on the verge of collapse; sometimes the only weapons they have left are but empty threats, signifying the best time to land the final strike upon them...

That wasn't always the case in a fight however, but Sechs was nonetheless encouraged to hear confirmation from Landel himself that his fellow prisoners had reached the third floor. He was bolstered even further in his endeavor to explore the basement and find that underground path he learned about from Sora.

But Sechs knew he had to make a quick detour first, and that involved getting that sword from Zero. Sechs' smile faded at the reminder as he finished strapping on his protective gear. He was still feeling sour over his confrontation with Zero earlier that day, even berating himself for trusting the cold android in the first place. He and Aigis needed that sword to open that door in the ballroom. If Zero didn't comply, Sechs was ready to take it by force if necessary.

[To here.]
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25 August 2013 @ 10:30 am
Finally, a broadcast from Landel that was worth listening to...in that it gave actual information, and wasn't either completely annoying or unhelpful. The third floor... It seemed like Zero had been hearing about that more and more, along with receiving a rough set of directions to it on the board today. The mysterious note he'd found at dinner could be related to this, too...

Was it finally time to bring Landel down?

...He'd ponder it for awhile, keep an eye out for any more news. But for now, he grabbed his boots, gun, ammo, maps, and flashlight - all the usual things. This time he shoved them into the pockets of Ciel's coat, which he just now decided to wear. Not for a fashion statement, of course. The...original owner of this coat might want it back, was all. For the same reason, he also picked up Alouette's stuffed doll - something he'd admittedly been trying to ignore ever since it'd showed up - as he hoped it might give Ciel a reminder of the people they were fighting for. The people that she, at the very least, needed to return to.

The last thing he grabbed was the sword from the basement, which he would carry. It wasn't like he'd be holding on to it for very long. Now prepared, he gave a quick 'good luck' to his roommate and then headed out.

[To here.]

24 August 2013 @ 06:28 pm
[From here.]

Despite the feeling of paranoia and worry that settled like a cold stone in the pit of his stomach, Lloyd pressed on through the next hall, only vaguely reassured when nothing jumped out to attack him. Again, the hall was eerily silent, the aged and decrepit appearance of the walls and doors giving the place an abandoned, forgotten feel. It wasn't pleasant, reminding Lloyd of too many ghost stories he'd been told before.

No. I'm not going to think about that, he told himself, before turning into the next hall.

[To here.]
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24 August 2013 @ 05:52 pm
[From here.]

It didn't look like anyone was out in this hall yet, unless they'd already passed through and gone on. Even so, Lloyd kept an ear out for any sounds of anyone else in the hall. It might be another patient, but it might also be something else. He really had no idea if any of the halls were safe at all from the threat of a monster attack. So far, he hadn't run into a monster in the same place twice, or even the same monster twice, but of the ones he'd run into, only one was dead. The others could easily still be out there, along with who knew what else.

Not to mention the doctors. A chill still ran across Lloyd's skill at the thought of being taken again. Swallowing, he shined his flashlight in a sweep across the hall, even though he'd already scanned it two times. Nothing. No one.

He took a steadying breath and moved on.

[To here.]
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23 August 2013 @ 05:59 pm
[from here]

Aigis was quick to take a spot where she would be easily seen. As far as she knew their plans for the night were simple. Get downstairs and go through the opposite door they tried the night before.

Resting against a wall, she calmly waited for her friend in the dark.
23 August 2013 @ 01:42 pm
[From here.]

Still nothing. Still silence. If Castiel had been less vigilant, the hallways would have started to blur together. But he had a mental map that he could follow with little trouble, at least of the areas he'd been to often, and so he never faltered during his nighttime travels.

The third floor, however, was one big blank in his head, thanks to those teleporters.

It might be a setback, but it wasn't a deterrent. He was almost to the meeting spot they'd discussed, and so Castiel continued down the hall, taking a right once he reached the fork.

[To here.]
18 August 2013 @ 10:52 pm
The air became more chilly as the sun began to sink closer to the horizon. On the surface, it seemed to be just another average evening at Landel's institute, and the nurses began to escort patients to their rooms for dinner. The intercom jingle sounded through the hallways.

"Hello, again!" the Head Doctor cheerfully greeted everyone. "I hope everyone had a nice day! I know I did, even with some of the unexpected work I had to take care of. And what's the perfect way to top off such a splendid day? Why, an herb chicken dinner, of course! Naturally, we'll have vegetarian option for those who would like one, but I do enjoy the chicken here."

The Head Doctor chuckled.

"Anyway, nurses, thank you in advance for bringing our patients to their rooms. Everyone, please enjoy your dinner!"

The intercom turned off.

[Check here for new roommate assignments. Also, check this post to see if your character received a note from the rebels. Thanks!]
14 August 2013 @ 01:12 pm
[From here.]

Sora wandered back over to the bulletin board after leaving the showers, hoping that he might run into the person he'd talked to over it yesterday. He remembered the description Sechs had given him: tall, dark hair, yellow eyes. That was the sort of thing that should stand out...

But if Sechs was over eighteen, there was a good chance that he would be in the Arts and Crafts room instead. Sora could try and beg one of the nurses to let him go check, but he didn't know if they'd be all that happy with him after he'd slept most of the day.

Well, he'd wait around for just a little longer. If Sechs didn't show, then Sora was going to ask a nurse anyway. The worst thing they could do was say no, right?

[For Sechs.]
06 August 2013 @ 12:58 pm
It'd been hardly a few hours into the day, and yet everything was already going horribly wrong. It wasn't the strange intercom broadcasts; in fact, he would have given them far more attention on any other day. No, nothing could possibly be worse than the revelation that Ciel was now here as a prisoner. And Zero had seen her. It wasn't an illusion, or a fake 'Celia Giroux', it was really her. And after seeing her, his nurse decided to make it worse by preventing him from seeing her further, dragging him off to the showers before he'd been able to talk to her for very long. It was the first time the nurse'd had to lead him somewhere by the arm to make sure he actually followed. Even then, he kept trying to stop and look for Ciel in the crowd of shift-changing prisoners like a worried pet, whose owner just left him with a stranger he would rather not be with.

"She just got here, YĆ«dai," the nurse tried to tell him over and over. "Please give her some time on her own to adjust. Besides, don't you want to be nice and clean before you talk to her again?"

Obviously, Zero wasn't about to buy such a weak excuse, and his following irritated response was the predictable, "I don't care. Let me see her now."

But no amount of protesting, pulling, or heel dragging would make her change her mind, unfortunately. Rather, after a bit too much resistance, the nurse's tone shifted to something more disapproving as she sternly reminded him of the consequences of fighting with the staff. Yeah, he remembered. Too well. He didn't need the reminder.

Yet even though he knew it would be pointless and stupid to get himself drugged up again, it almost seemed worth it if he could get away and find Ciel. Almost.

Common sense won out in the end as he finally submitted himself to the showers, but even so, he was still determined to get his way somehow. The former Reploid bathed in a mere couple of minutes, barely using soap and not even bothering with his tangled, messy hair. The nurse clearly wasn't too happy to see him come back out so quickly, but despite any comments she made about it, she let him get dressed and leave anyway. He wanted to say she was growing tired of his resistance, but that amused smile on her face suggested otherwise. How annoying...

[To here.]
05 August 2013 @ 06:25 am
After eating breakfast, Lloyd gathered up his journal and pencil and followed his nurse out of the cafeteria. He made a quick stop at the bulletin to leave a note for Lee, then let her lead him on to take his shower with the rest of the adult men. Not sure how old Lee was, Lloyd kept his eyes peeled for him just in case, but again he didn't catch even a glimpse of his friend's shiny black bowl-cut hair. Okay, no worries. Maybe he was with the kids in Arts and Crafts.

Cleaning up quickly, Lloyd grabbed a towel and dried himself off, then got dressed and headed back to the Sun Room to wait out the rest of the shift. His nurse hovered at his side until he'd situated himself at a table, then she backed up and withdrew to the edge of the room to keep an eye on him from there. He was fine with that. Of course, it would have been better if she left the room completely, but at least she was far enough back that it felt like he had at least some privacy.

While he waited, trying to catch sight of Lee, he pulled his journal back out. As far as he knew, no one else had been to the third floor before. There weren't any maps yet. That was something he could fix. Picking up where he'd left off, the teen went back to his work on the sketch.

[For Tsurugi.]
27 July 2013 @ 06:58 pm
[from here]

Aigis blinked and raised a hand to shield her eyes from the bright lights above. Unlike the rest of the institute, this room was very well lit. Open and spacious, and the ceiling was much higher than should have been physically possible without making an obvious indication of something underground from an observer outside the institute. Still, the room existed, so Aigis figured it must follow the same bizarre non-physics that the rest of the institute followed. That same unholy inconsistency that reeked of the same ilk as Tartarus.

And speaking of the nest of Shadows, Aigis felt a keen similarity between this place and the Tower of Demise. The room itself felt hostile. Something was not right.

"Be on your guard..." Aigis' hands reached into her pockets, instinctively clutching at her Evoker. But she restrained herself and grabbed out her metal claws instead. Athena was her trump card here. She needed to rely on herself first before hiding behind her Persona.
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24 July 2013 @ 09:47 pm
[From here.]

The next room, in contrast with the mostly empty hallway the group just came from, was...more interesting. Zero couldn't help but slow his steps to almost a complete stop as he looked around, feeling mostly confused. Why were there suits of armor just sitting in here, all alone? The room was clearly devoid of life, even though the creaking of the lanterns overhead wanted to suggest otherwise. So what purpose did this place serve for Landel or the prisoners?

It was almost enough to make him want to go up to one of the armors and try to take it, or at least their weapons, but a suspicious part of him wondered if it might be a trap... Wouldn't be underneath Landel to pull something like that.

Instead, he turned to look back at his companions questioningly and asked (after his brief visual search), "What's the point of this place?" (Although 'this place' could really mean either this room or the entire basement, as both of them seemed strange and pointless to him so far...)
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15 July 2013 @ 07:10 pm
[From here.]

Racing to leave the biting chill of the freezer, Sechs bowed his way down the darkened steps to the basement. Yet his brief moment upstairs was more than enough to trigger off the worst of his dreaded post M-U effects. All six scars left behind by that cruel doctor's syringes were searing from the frigid poison inside his spine, spreading pain throughout his nerves and muscles like cracks diverging across an icy landscape. Such agony clouded the Replica's mind, slowing down time and stretching the staircase below into infinity. Sechs' vision worsened and his hearing was overwhelmed by the drug's malicious taunting. Nearly thrown off balance with each step, Sechs forced his flashlight-wielding hand against the wall to keep himself stabilized. Refusing to give in, Sechs continued his pained journey down the stairwell, focusing on reaching warmer air than anything else going on around him.

Once he finally reached the end of the stairwell, Sechs nearly stumbled off the final step, his boots shuffling against the pristine marble floor as he turned to lean his back against the wall. By then his shivering had faded and the icy sensation that racked his spine had finally thawed. The triggering cold of the freezer was gone, replaced by the lukewarm air of the ballroom. Even though the worst was over, Sechs' nerves remained ransacked and his burdened flight down the stairs left him hunched over and panting. Standing with his head bowed over, the Replica closed his eyes tight against whatever dark hallucinations may be awaiting him, knowing they could trick him into attacking his allies.

It was then that Sechs' awareness of the present returned, reminding him that he hadn't been alone during his episode. Zero and Aigis were sure to have seen it all now. There was no doubt that they were going to ask the questions which Sechs always dreaded to answer. They may even decide to leave him behind. He was just a big liability to the group and the drug was no more than happy to remind him of that fact with a deviant cackle. All Sechs could do was catch his breath and rub his hand into the back of his aching neck, bracing for the questions to fall upon him like blasted shrapnel.
07 July 2013 @ 04:59 pm

After the lights went out, Ed didn't waste any time setting up to get some work done at his desk. First order of business was the sword for Scar. After carefully thinking about the design, he clapped his hands together and pressed them to the chunk of metal he had acquired. The sword took longer to form than it should have and was plainer than he usually did, but he didn't have the energy to waste on anything fancier.

He then took a moment to catch his breath as he eyed the little bit of metal left. After he judged it was enough for a set of lockpicks and a spare, he clapped his hands again and made those. At least these went faster.

He surveyed his work by the light of his flashlight. "They'll have to do."

Then he scooped up his radio, the sword, one of the sets of lockpicks, and two each of his share of the bombs he and Al had made the previous night, before setting out to meet Al.

[To here.]

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06 July 2013 @ 09:54 pm
[From here]

Now this place, he remembered intimately for a number of reasons. Goku couldn't feasibly count the number of times Taura, Birdy, and he had come through here to get to the basement. Most of the time they had been stopped by someone or something lurking in here. The memory started his heart pumping with excitement. It had been a long time since he had a proper fight!

The one with Birdy didn't count. Goku thought back further and stopped on the time he had attacked Kibitoshin in this exact room. He tried, but he couldn't remember why he had wanted to defeat the man... Either way, it had been a great fight. It was also the night he had truly met Taura and everything she was capable of. Yeah, those were all fond memories!

Welp. Goku flicked his gaze back and forth within the spacious room, but nothing seemed willing to assault him. That was a real drag!

"Ah well..." Technically, he had a job to complete. Reluctantly, he peeled his feet off the carpet and moved to the doors that lead into the main hallways. He could there'd be a lot of people out there to throw these bricks at.

[to here]
06 July 2013 @ 09:46 pm
[From here]

"Eh--" This place, in the dark with no other people running around and no delicious-smelling food all over the tables, seemed a lot larger now that he was standing in it all alone. Or, at least, he thought he was alone.

"Helloooo?" he called out experimentally. He waited for an answer, but all he got was his own echo. At first he thought it was another patient, but when nothing stirred in the dark, the young boy took the hint. It would have been nice if he could just dump all these brick things on everyone all at once so he could go find his own excitement, but it looked like this adventure wouldn't be completed so easily.

What a drag.

After one last moment of staring blankly into space, the monkey boy began waddling toward the door in search of someone who would lighten his load.

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