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Night 75: Walk-in Refrigerator

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This was it. From here on, Aigis was going to be alone when she went down there, and there was no one to blame but herself for this hideous condition.

No. She had one person to blame above even herself.

Martin Landel.

Grimly, Aigis tightened her grip on her pillowcase and shoved aside the trap door. As carefully as she could, Aigis descended into a place she hoped she never had to see again after this night.

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For a split second, Taura wondered if her next task was going to be to shove a large beast through a small trap-door. But while the door up to the cold storage was small, the Sphinx was as agile as it was powerful, and not even a tuft of hair or feathers marked its path through.

Taura shoved the heavy door to the cafeteria open, and ran out, trusting that as long as she didn't get too far behind, there were unlikely to be any actual monsters left in her way.

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