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Night 75: Walk-in Refrigerator

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This was it. From here on, Aigis was going to be alone when she went down there, and there was no one to blame but herself for this hideous condition.

No. She had one person to blame above even herself.

Martin Landel.

Grimly, Aigis tightened her grip on her pillowcase and shoved aside the trap door. As carefully as she could, Aigis descended into a place she hoped she never had to see again after this night.

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[From here.]

Throwing the trap door open with a loud bang, Sechs emerged from the basement and hastily stepped foot onto the icy floor of the walk-in freezer. The sudden chill of the room came as a harsh reminder to the Replica; his M-U symptoms had been triggered here before. Gasping softly, Sechs halted, frozen with dread as he awaited the freezing pain he had become so accustomed to expect in situations like this -- yet all he felt was a weak squirm from what was left of the poison living in his spine.

A tiny sigh of relief escaped the Replica. He was safe here, for now. M-U side effects or not, he didn't want to spend more time than necessary in this cold place.

Then again, anywhere outside of the freezer didn't seem that much safer either.

After looking over his shoulder to make sure Aigis was close by, Sechs approached the door with his gun readied. Now that they were on the main floor, the chaos of the security breech could be heard (and felt) much clearly. With the power down, all hell had been allowed loose throughout the building. If only their powers could have been restored as well...

"Alright! No matter what's out there, we gotta get to the library!" Sechs called to Aigis over the cacophony of sirens and screaming. "That's the closest way to the third floor! Landel's gotta be up there!"