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Night 75: Kitchen

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She was nearly out of breath when she entered the kitchen. Already, she was feeling worn out. Aigis needed fuel. Food.

Deviating from her course for a moment, Aigis moved to one of the pantries on the side to find something to help her recharge.

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Keeping close to Aigis, Sechs had his pistol ready to fire at any moment. With the commotion going on throughout the institute, he would have preferred saving his three bullets for Landel. Hopefully any monster who decided to attack them would have a head that was easy enough to shoot at with just one shot...

Once they approached the door, Sechs carefully opened it slightly, taking a moment to look through the crack for any signs of life outside. A moment of scanning later and Sechs cautiously pushed through the door and stepped out into the cafeteria.

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The tick-tick-tick of the Sphinx's claws had faded; the kitchen Taura stepped into was completely quiet.

And empty.

She hoped.

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