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Night 75: Cafeteria

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Here, the air was still, stagnant. No one had been here tonight, and she hoped nothing would be in here waiting for her, either.

Quickly, she raced across the room and over the counter. She didn't look back to see if anything followed her.

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[From here.]

The cafeteria... Sechs thought he would never see this place again. Perhaps this time would be his final visit here. Seeing the familiar food court emptied out and lit by scarlet alarm lights made him almost miss the cafeteria's day-time incarnation, with its usual hustle and bustle of patients and nurses, the mixed aroma of prepared meals, the glimpses of familiar faces telling him who was still alive and in one piece...

Sechs shook his head. Those recollections didn't have to end with such a stark present. The cafeteria may have been devoid of fellow prisoners, but it also appeared unoccupied by other... things. Now was a good time to rush through, the Sun Room was just beyond the doors ahead.

"C'mon!" Sechs dashed forward between the rows of tables and chairs. His gait was encumbered by his wounds, yet he held his head and gun-wielding hand up high. He was ready for anything.