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Night 75: Live Cultures Server Room.

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Just as Link had hoped, the key card did the trick. This wasn't a room he could remember passing entirely through, and a warp panel sat in the corner.

"All set, Sora?"
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This was the room they'd stopped in last time. Well, technically Sora had gotten onto the warp pad in the corner and was on his way to the next room when night had ended.

But according to Landel's, that didn't count in this instance. At least they hadn't ended up any further back.

At Link's question, Sora glanced over and nodded. "Yeah, I'm ready." He wished that he could summon his Keyblade ahead of time, but he already know there was no point in dwelling on that.

He stepped onto the pad, bracing himself for the dizziness that came along with it.

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