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Night 75: M31-M40 Hallway

Castiel's dinner was as quiet as the day itself had been. The institute still hadn't seen fit to give him a roommate, but he had little issue with solitude.

It was difficult to focus on eating. For one thing, it still wasn't something that came naturally to Castiel. Hunger had taught him well, but when there was so much weighing on his mind for the coming night, it made it difficult.

Castiel focused on getting dressed and gathering his supplies for the night -- the usual blade, radio, and flashlight that he always took with him. Once that was done and there was still time to spare, he returned to his dinner, getting down a few bites of spaghetti and a decent chunk of the garlic bread.

At the point the intercom came on, with Landel's faked send-off and then after, his true message. He was no longer giving vague threats, but concrete ones. If they didn't hurry, all of them would be brainwashed into another life before they could stop things here.

Castiel didn't want to become Michael Collins again. He'd already been him for one day, and that had been more than enough.

The doors unlocked and he stood up, flashlight held tight in his hand. He was off to meet Kratos and Lloyd.

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