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Night 75: Main Hallway, 1-Center

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Whatever else he'd meant by the broadcast, the Head Doctor hadn't been kidding about the patient population. Lana hadn't seen another soul on the walk from her room to the center of the main hall. She could only hope Ryuuzaki was still here.

Well, hope, and risk a solo expedition if he didn't show up within what seemed a reasonable interval.

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As they moved down the hall toward the Sun Room, Sora saw another patient standing there. He'd spoken to her once, but only briefly. It looked like she was waiting for someone, but he still offered her a wave. It was good to check in with each other when they could, right? Since there were so few of them now.

He nodded to Link, motioning toward the Sun Room. It'd been pretty quiet in there lately, probably thanks to the rebels and whatever they'd done that one night. Sora didn't want their hard work to go to waste.
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It wasn't often that Link would regard a complete stranger in the halls, but on a night like tonight... He offered the lone woman a silent nod. Acknowledgement. One of two polar opposites would occur tonight, and much as he was absolutely certain that they would emerge the victors... It would be foolish not to assume that there would be blood.

And Sora was right, they couldn't forget the 'released' patients, couldn't let go of the hope that they may actually be alive and confused outside these walls.

With another nod, this time to Sora, Link slipped into the Sun Room.

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