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Night 75: F11-F20 Hallway

Lana was ready to head out, standing next to her desk, when the intercom switched on and off and on again. She listened, quietly.

She gave herself one long moment to wonder how bad losing really would be. If Ema was out there, brainwashed, and she could join her? She'd seen Shirley Franklin's file -- her life wasn't that bad, and her relationship with Ema had been, if anything, a little better than it had been before they'd hashed things out at the Institute.

It would be living a lie, but she'd done that before. And this time she wouldn't know it.

Then she shook her head, not that anyone could see it in the dark. No. She'd come too far to go back now, and she would fight as hard as anyone else to stop that from happening.

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Well, that broadcast wasn't foreboding or anything.

It was such a similar feeling to the night before the Equalist invasion. There was a quiver in Korra's hands, and she couldn't even deny it anymore. A lot of lives were at stake, tonight. They hadn't gotten as far as she had wanted to last night, and now it was sounding like this was their last shot.

"Tsubaki, we gotta go." She was on the balls of her feet and already by the door.
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Tsubaki was thinking the same thing. There was something genuinely threatening about the way the Head Doctor spoke about them, as if he were giving up on them, and Tsubaki didn't know what was worse: the times when he'd egged them on in full confidence they could provide results he wanted, or this. This sense that he was getting ready to bring things to a head by thinning their number until there was no one left to fight back.

She walked to the door, back stiff and straight, having prepared herself as much as she possibly could. Enough was enough was right! They wouldn't sit back and let Landel have his way yet again!

There was no quiver in her hands tonight, but that was because she'd faced difficult odds with her partner before. Black#9734;Star wasn't here, but that didn't matter. He was waiting, and she and Korra had each other.

"Right. Let's hurry," she agreed.

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