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Night 75: M-A Block Hallway

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Link was always the quiet type, but that seemed to be even more so tonight. He looked focused, like all he could think about was finding Landel and ending this once and for all.

Sora could understand that. He remembered how he'd felt right before taking down Xehanort's Heartless and then Xehanort himself, and this wasn't that different.

Still, he wasn't one to let things stay quiet even on a night like tonight, and so he glanced over at Link as they moved.

"Did you have any friends come here? From home, I mean?"
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"Not that I know of." Link was the opposite, in that way. Even when Midna had been at his side, she had done most of the talking.

"I never had any visitors, anyway." He was slightly detached tonight. Not vacant, but focused. He did understand Sora would want to keep the mood up. He was a much different partner from Midna, and that was what Link had come to consider him to be. They fought side by side. Sora was the constant in this place.

Link would miss him, whatever ended up happening.

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