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Night 75: M1-M10 Hallway

[Starting in M7.]

It was just as Sora had feared. The Head Doctor was going to try and get rid of them by brainwashing them, all of them. That meant he really did feel like he was in danger, didn't it? So in one way, it was encouraging, but Sora didn't know what they'd do if Landel got to them first.

Both he and Link were here and aware of themselves, though, so that was one upside to focus on.

Sora had changed already, and his final act was to grab his radio, flashlight, and place that key card in his pocket. He turned toward Link and let out a heavy breath. The pressure was definitely on now.

"Are you ready?" It was just the two of them now, but that wouldn't stop them. They had to put a stop to this. For Tsurugi's sake. For Kairi and Riku. For everyone.
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There was a quiver in Link's fist as he reached into his closet and once again took up Soma's sword.

Pick us off, will you?

His assumption had been right.

Not if I pick you off, first.

No more time. He only nodded at Sora's question. The card was slipped into his cap, his radio latched onto his belt, his flashlight in his hand. Link stepped over the threshold of M7 for what he knew would be the last time, no matter how tonight ended.