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Night 74: West Wing, Hall 3-A

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By some miracle, the very door they had been seeking was immediately to their left. Kratos found himself double-checking the wording on the sign posted next to the door to confirm that yes, this really was the Records Archive. After so many nights spent wandering through rooms and physically straining himself in ways that were incredibly healthy, it was just a little anti-climatic to turn the corner and find exactly what they were looking for.

"Finally," he breathed. He tested the lock out of formality; as he'd expected, it held fast. Above the door handle, though, was a little black slot - a card reader exactly like the one that had graced the door to the third floor and many others in Welgaia. Castiel seemed to be in charge of the keycards, so Kratos stepped aside to allow the angel to unlock the door.
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One of the main hallways, in fact, which meant, what, precisely? She took a few steps away from the end, and started looking at the doors that had nameplates. They'd been in a storage room. Next door were two restrooms, doors wide open (and no purple light of a teleport pad in evidence, although they'd have to go in to be certain).

And then, what she'd expected but not wanted to see -- Records Archive. They were back where they'd been a few minutes ago. "What's the point of a maze that leads you back to the beginning," she said, light illuminating the sign. "What else is down here?" They hadn't checked the entire upstairs before starting on their trip the night before; perhaps they'd taken a wrong turn, and the archives was all they were going to be allowed to discover.
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"Just a door." He holstered his gun. It would be better to have it ready--those bathroom doors were close, and they hadn't cleared the rooms to see if anything might be in them--but he also needed a free hand. The alternative was shoving the flashlight between his hip and the waistband of his pants, something that would require stowing the pistol first regardless.

He tried the handle. If they were lucky, it'd be unlocked. If not, it might be possible to break it open. The other group had been forced to in a similar hall the night before.

They weren't lucky, but the handle did jiggle--the lock felt loose. No noises from beyond the door.

He turned his face to Lana. "I'm going to try to kick it in. Please cover me." From the open hall, and from what might be inside.

A side kick would probably be the most effective. He stood away from the door as she got her pistol out, and, with a few preliminary motions, gauged the best distance and the approximate force he wanted to use.

When they were both ready, he slammed the flat of his foot against the door near the handle.

It popped open.

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