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Night 73: Basement: The Coliseum

[From here (with mod permission for three).]

Sechs jolted awake, instantly aware that everything had changed around him -- yet he had no idea on what exactly was different now. For some reason he had fallen and was flat out on his stomach upon what felt like sand. He was completely dazed by the suddenness of it all. Had he just woken up from a dream? Coughing, the perturbed Replica lifted his head up and shook the dirt out of his shaggy hair. "...Wuh?"

Blinking at the disturbed sand beneath him, Sechs' brain scrambled to catch up with what had just happened, feeling as though he had inexplicably crashed like a computer and was just rebooting with fragmented memories. The hell...? The last thing he remembered was being in that darkened hallway with Aigis and Soushi, just after the stone snake received their blood in exchange for entry. He was sure he was just standing a second ago, waiting for the door to open before them... Now why was he suddenly dumped out in some dirt?

Compared to the pitch-black corridor from before, this new environment was brightly lit, leading Sechs to think that he was outside. Digging his hands into the sand, the Replica thought -- even hoped -- that he was back at the wastelands surrounding the Scrapyard. Yet he quickly found that to be untrue once he pushed himself up to his knees and got a good look around himself.

He was in an arena of some sorts, one which dwarfed the first one he and his allies encountered after discovering the armory two nights ago. Squinting his eyes against the overwhelming light, Sechs could somewhat make out the walls encircling him and the rows of seats above. It was like the feature presentation to the basement's glorified ballroom. Was this arena the whole purpose of the basement? A place of glamor and battle for Landel to entertain his guests with?

Sechs wasn't able to contemplate further on this question, as he realized that his whereabouts wasn't the only thing that had changed. Something inside him felt different -- no, not different, restored. The last time he felt this freeing sensation was during that one night when the institute's control over its prisoner's abilities had been lifted. Did this mean...?
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Aigis blinked, finding herself resting on her knees and slumped forward on a strange surface. Had she fallen unconscious? Overheated? She blinked again, then gazed up. Such an odd place and yet familiar, somehow. Not the usual institute, but then again, she had been entering a new place before she got here, right? With Sechs and Soushi...

Sechs was here. Across the way, she could see him attempting to gain his own barrings from what she could tell. But where was Soushi? Had he gotten left behind or would he be joining them soon along with his doppelganger?

Standing to her feet, Aigis noticed that something about her felt different. She felt lighter and her connection with Athena was stronger; she knew it by instinct because it felt almost like she had at home. Still not completely the same, for she was still in her human vessel here, but otherwise she knew she could call and her Persona would be there, not even necessitating the need for an Evoker.

"Sechs-san?" Aigis' voice carried fairly easily across the empty air. Perhaps it was the shape of the room, which seemed to give them center stage to the empty rows of seating all around.
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As Soushi slowly opened his eyes, he sighed inwardly. Was the night over already? They had been so close to their goal. It was disappointing to return to the starting point, wake in his bed as the next day came upon them, but...

Soushi startled up, pushing himself into a seated position on the hard stone bench he had been laying across. His copy was gone, an affect, he was sure, of losing consciousness. But what else had changed?

They were no longer in the darkened hallway, but as his mismatched eyes adjusted to the light, he could see an enormous coliseum. Two familiar figures stood in the arena; Sechs was nearest him, while his female companion stood a little way off. Soushi's brow knit in concern as he struggled to piece together what had happened. The other two had paid the blood price, he was going to go next, but then he'd blacked out, an odd, but not altogether unfamiliar sensation, given their usual routine here.

The lack of control was troubling; they hadn't found their way in, they had been placed here, as if to show them once again, despite their effort, that this was all according to the Doctor's whim. They could just as easily have found themselves back in bed (or much worse) rather than this place and they knew it.

"Is everyone alright?" he called, pushing himself up from the bench to walk down the stairs toward the arena.
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"I am well!" Aigis called back over the sands of the arena. She felt well, and so far... Well, the only thing wrong with the scenario was the ribbon at her chest and the band in her hair. They felt natural on her, as they were part of her usual uniform back home. But here, in this body, she had no need for a cover over her papillion heart. Nor did she have a need for her cooling jets as humans did not produce the same internal mechanisms as her original chassis.

Confused by the turn of events, Aigis watched Sechs run to his sword joy with only mild interest on her face. This was odd. What could be happening and why would Landel have them sent here? Surely he was the one who had sent them here.

"I do not like this..." she muttered, but Soushi's presence was a boon. Even if he was far away and above them in the stands.

"Do you see anything up there, Soushi-san?" Perhaps he had a better vantage point there and could let them in on how to get out of here and on to their next task.
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Their party seemed to be intact, if confused. Soushi wasn't sure he liked what the setup implied, however, with the two fighters on the sands and he, for some reason, left in the seats. Was this some grand field for them to fight something while others looked on? Soushi looked on with a neutral expression, though inwardly he couldn't escape a feeling of dread, of something yet to come.

At the young woman's suggestion, Soushi checked his surroundings a bit more thoroughly. There was nothing of note in the stadium seats, no hidden watchers or prizes or traps that were easily visible.

"Nothing," Soushi replied, once he was certain. The question now was whether to attempt to leave the room, or wait for whatever challenge might present itself. The challenges, as he understood it, were the only way to continue further on through the institute. If they left now, there was nothing to gain. No chance to go forward. He didn't like the idea, all that was left unknown, but Sechs and his friend had gone into this expecting as much, hadn't they?

"May I suggest that we seek out an exit? I cannot say that staying seems in our best interest," he offered, starting back toward the open arena. He was nearly close enough to hop down to the sands himself when some unseen force pushed him back. His pace hadn't been such that it caused any great injury, but it was enough to off-balance him for a moment,causing a stumble as his arms when out to catch himself. What was that?
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A light came on in the Head Doctor's stands, accompanied by the soft hum of well-oiled servomechanisms. A sleek white figure was climbing to her feet from the Head Doctor's seat.

"Negative. Staying is in every-EVEEERYYY-one's best interest. This experience has been especially constructed for the N-N-N-ideal outcome." Her cool, measured tones stuttered, but if she noticed it, she gave no indication. She turned, with her whole body, to face Soushi. "In addition, no exits from this facility are provided, for your convenience."

She paused, then, and turned to face each of the three specimens in turn. "Facial data matches voice prints. Identities confirmed. Miketsukami Soushi. Aigis. Alita Replica Six Sechs."

She tilted her head, and her eyelids whirred shut and open again. "Flagged: additional information. Currently undergoing treatment. How are you fEEEEling, Sechs? Please provide any data available. I will relay."
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"I am unable to erase information." Her eyes whirred shut and then open one more time, as if she needed to think about his demand.

"Loading acceptable scenario parameters...non-standard specimen configuration. Permission granted. You are authorized to access this facility."

She stepped to the front of the steps, and raised both arms in a gesture that, from a human, might be welcoming. "Welcome to the Coliseum. For access to restricted areas beyond this point, please begin the battle."

She leaned forward. The next part almost sounded disappointed, if she were capable of it. "If you refuse, I'm afraid I am not programmed to enjoy providing motivation."

Then she stood back up and resumed her "welcoming" stance. "Combatants: Sechs and Aigis. Please begin the battle."
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At least they were all in one piece. Aigis agreed that an exit would be beneficial to continuing their search, but seeing the difficulties Soushi seemed to be having put them in a bind. Something was keeping him from advancing. Perhaps that was their next challenge, to help him escape from where he was trapped.

But then someone new appeared. Someone distinctly recognizable despite Aigis having never seen her before. "Iris..."

She sounded as if she was still afflicted with whatever virus had skewed her ability to maintain full control over her vocals. But it also seemed she was still under Landel's influence. That was something to be remedied if they could figure out how.

Still, Aigis considered her an ally. Someone on the inside who was being manipulated, yes, but otherwise did not share in their captor's sick fantasies and plots. She even expressed concern over something that had apparently afflicted Sechs, but little information could be gleaned from her simple question or Sechs' grumpy answer.

"Battle? That is what this is about?" Aigis spoke this time with a ringing tone, attempting to get her words across to the gynoid addressing them. "Apologies, but I believe a more thorough explanation should be given before we begin anything of the sort."

As it was, the idea of battling Sechs did not sit well with Aigis. Were they going to have their battle abilities studied? That would be revealing more information to Landel then Aigis felt comfortable. He could already manipulate their minds and place them in room for various torture sessions. But Athena was Aigis' trump card. If she ever met with Landel, she wanted to be able to access her Persona without worrying that he would already have a back-up plan to escape ready.

Sure, he knew about Athena by now, but so far she had mainly healed and used her very low-level attacks. Here, Aigis could feel she could access more of her abilities. It would be foolish to show them off so quickly...
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Whether I.R.I.S. felt any sympathy, or even any emotions at all, towards her fellow artificial system, was not evident. That the question was being considered, was.

She pressed her hands together and bowed to Aigis. "Yes. Battle is a prerequisite for further access. Once the process has begun, it cannot be halted without penalty." She straightened back up and continued the explanation.

"Refusal to comply will result in damage to the observer. Continued refusal will result in termination of the observer and the application for access. Avoiding negative outcomes is everyone's responsibility." Her voice was

"Additional recorded material begins." Her eyes closed, and her intonation changed entirely. "Besides, I wouldn't want to disappoint you. You came all this way, after all. A pity I won't be there to watch, but we can't have everything, now can we?"
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It didn't take Soushi long to regain his balance, but righting his confusion was another thing entirely. Though neither Sechs nor Aigis(the strange entity had called her that, hadn't it?) seemed terribly surprised to see the white robotic figure. He was quiet for a while, observing the exchange.

If he was to understand correctly, this Iris was suggesting that Aigis and Sechs take part in a battle in order to proceed any further. Sechs seemed upset by her mention of some treatment, but Soushi could hardly cast stones, having only just recovered from the unnerving control he'd been under just last night. Was Iris just another of the doctor's pawns? A mouthpiece to his will? If Soushi were set to fight either of the others just to proceed, would he?

If it meant getting one step closer to her, he wouldn't even hesitate.

Before he had more than a moment to wonder what his part in all this was, Iris spoke again. Damage to the observer? Termination of the observer? Soushi had a feeling she wasn't referring to herself. He had to stop himself from letting out a cynical laugh. He was supposed to motivate these two to fight? They hadn't known him for more than a day, what did they owe him? What reason could they have to put their lives on the line for his sake? He'd tried to kill them both just last night, under Landel's control or not.

"Negative outcomes..." he repeated, frowning. "What is required to obtain a positive outcome?"

His only consolation seemed to be that if he were terminated, the other two could not continue, no further access would be granted. Would that be enough? He wanted to ask more, to ask how long the battle had to last or what constituted a win, but that was for those fighting to know, their decision to make.

Soushi forced a mask of calm acceptance, though it was hard to be as completely indifferent to his fate as he might have liked. How could he hope to change anything? His brows knight together as he fixed the artificial life-form with a cold look. His usual tricks were useless here.
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Aigis could see her companions were getting agitated. It was likely due to being restricted to overly-emotional human bodies. Honestly, she wasn't doing much better, but she could still react calmly. She still thought they had a chance.

"Sechs-san, she is merely a mouthpiece that has been programmed. This is not her doing. It's his." But that didn't matter much if they were still going to be forced to fight. So what if they did refuse?

"I see no reason for us to battle, Iris-san! It would not be beneficial to any of us here. Not even yourself."
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Multiple questions had been asked. Each would be answered, in turn. She turned to Soushi. "The death of one of the participants, at the hands of the other. Further access will be granted to all members of the party." If the fact that one of them would be dead and thus unable to use said access had registered in her consciousness, she gave no sign. Or perhaps she knew more than she was allowed to say.

She ignored any follow-up questions and turned to Sechs. "You are correct." Her voice brightened. "All of your conclusions are accurate, except the last. You will injure one of them, either by your action or by your non-action. A demonstration will be available shortly."

Aigis hadn't asked a direct question, but there was one implicit in her words, and I.R.I.S. had an answer. "On the contrary, this facility is provided for the benefit of all. It is a crucial part of the project, in order to-- " Her voice cut off before she could continue explaining. "--It is time for demonstrating the incentive. The observer..."

Her eyes whirred shut, and she slumped forward for a second. The soft light she emitted faded, almost to nothing, and then brightened. The process repeated, several times, and then her eyes sprang open. "Correction applied. New parameters have been supplied. Due to the lack of a second observer, Aigis is assigned a dual role. To avoid further consequences, please begin the battle."

The consequences would begin with minor injuries. IRIS opened her hands, and wounds began to blossom on Aigis and Soushi.
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Soushi watched quietly as Sechs continued to argue and Aigis attempted to placate both parties, but he was hardly paying attention. Neither wanted to fight, which was no surprise, but could only spell trouble for him. He took a reflexive step back, glancing around the empty seats. There was no one here to "damage" him, should they not begin, but when Iris began to speak again, apparently unconcerned by such a thing, he couldn't help but worry.

The death of one of the participants, at the hands of another. This wasn't just a battle, Landel wanted one of them dead in exchange for access to another part of the institute. He was starting to wish he'd gone through the library, taking the route Castiel had suggested. What would Aigis and Sechs do? If neither fought, he would be the one terminated and no one would be granted access. If one of them killed another, at least the survivor would be given a pass to the next area. And what then? Who was to say it was any better and not just another deathtrap?

But it was too late for thoughts of escape now. At least those in the arena were given a choice. As the one dubbed 'observer,' Soushi could do little more than watch. Was it even possible to reason with a being like Iris? Were she human, he had any number of tricks, flirtations, and charm he could use to manipulate, shifting power in his favor, but he had little he could offer Iris.

As the robotic entity finished her explanation and began to open her hands in a sort of gesture, Soushi's eyes widened in both surprise and pain. Something that felt as sharp as cold steel cut across his arm, leg, and chest. At first he thought these might be imagined, some further product of Landel's mind control, but as he looked down at his bare arms and gray uniform, he could already see blood beginning to seep through the thin fabric. They weren't deep, not enough to strike arteries or cause more than a slow welling of blood and a trickle here or there, the effect not unlike the sudden wounds that he might receive if his doubles were injured in battle.

He raised his forearm to his lips, licking the new wound, cool eyes never leaving Iris.

"Though I cannot say I appreciate the demonstration," he began smoothly, as though the blood were nothing more than a slight inconvenience, "I thank you for your explanation. Might I ask if there is any way to withdraw from the coliseum?"

His uninjured hand went to the sword he'd tied in a makeshift way to his waist, "or barring that, face another challenge or opponent? I do prefer to have some say in my survival... or lack thereof."

Though he'd offered his life countless times to his master, that was very different from asking for it for his own sake. He would rather not be cut down here, to die without reason, without his master's orders.
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In the end, one could not argue with a set of programmed parameters. Not unless one had access to break through and adjust the code, but neither Aigis nor her compatriots had that kind of access to I.R.I.S. As frustrating as it was to admit, here they were not going to be able to save her.

The feeling of dread that pitted in Aigis' stomach grew. Small, shallow, stinging cuts marred her pale arms and stomach, but she did little to react to them. It almost seemed like a fever dream, if she were able to imagine one. Sechs running to her, his emotions unmasked by his own fear and despair, and the red dotting she could see along Soushi's body. The way the light gleamed of white metal that observed them almost coolly if not for the truly unbiased nature of her place her. She was certainly only a tool.

For a brief second, Aigis had a flash of a different scene play before her eyes. Six crucifixes atop a tower landing; a man with a crooked smile and glasses that glowed green in the moonlight. And the look on Minato's face as Aigis was poised with orders to 'execute the sacrifices' in a savage ritual to reawaken Death.

Reaching up a trembling hand, Aigis touched the back of Sechs' palm lightly. There was no better way to say this, so Aigis just had to say it. "Enough, Sechs-san."

Her voice rang quietly for a moment. Then she took a deep breath and spoke again. "We have no other option. Either you and I fight, or Soushi-san and I die and nothing is accomplished. But if we fight, then at least... at least one of us has the chance to continue on with Soushi-san. It is not ideal. It is a scenario that is product of a sick mind. But we cannot do anything about it."

Aigis did not wish to die. She had to return home. She needed to protect her friends. But the only way to do that would be to kill another and survive in this place. But could she hold her own against Sechs? Perhaps, as long as she had Athena, and she felt the Persona pressing against her subconscious, ready to jump to her aid as long as Aigis had the stamina to keep going.
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"Withdrawal is impossible." I.R.I.S. posture was unchanged, but her voice began to stutter. "The fight is to the b-b-b-enefit of all parties. You should not be afraid." Was that sympathy, in her mechanical eyes? "Death is im-im-im-per--inescapable."

"If you are ready to proceed, the effects will cease immediately." The wounds were already sealing over, although if they reopened, they would not be superficial a second time. "Aigis-san, your conclusion is...correct."
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Impossible to withdrawal, she said, though there seemed to be a glitch, a stutter in her mechanical voice. It was enough to give him a sliver of hope, despite how dangerous he knew that could be. If Sechs and Aigis were determined not to fight and there was no way to withdrawal, he would rather fall on his own sword than allow these phantom wounds to overtake him. Even though it would mean no reward, it would mean both Aigis and Sechs' survival. However, if there was still that glimmer of hope that they might find a flaw in Iris' programming, or that the two in the arena would decide to fight one another, he might yet survive.

It was a selfish thought; he could not say he valued his life above either of theirs. He'd meant it the night before, when he'd asked them to finish him off for his failure, but if by fighting at least one of them could proceed, it might be better than his death coming with no reward other than escape.

Though he questioned whether or not that reward would lead them anywhere but a dead end, the idea of one of their deaths being for something rather than nothing at all was of some tiny relief.

Without his master here to decide, he was left to his own indecision, fingers resting gently on the hilt of his sword. What would she have him do? She would be angry at him, he knew, for giving up his own life so easily. For not fighting in any way he could.

"Iris-san, you say it is to our benefit of all parties, but I'm afraid I'm confused. How does the one terminated benefit?" he asked, glancing at the other two members of his party. "And if this challenge truly benefits all parties, does that include the doctor as well?"

He turned toward the two fighters, his face difficult to read, the calm undisturbed. "There are other paths. Some that are perhaps more likely than this. I would prefer not to play into his hands," he finished, drawing his sword and setting the blade at the side of his own neck. If he died, they might not progress further here, but perhaps that wasn't so bad?
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Soushi's attempt at self-sacrifice caused the same reaction in Aigis as Sechs; her eyes widened and she let out a shrill demand. "NO!"

His life... to let it end here would not be useful to anyone. She would not stand for it. Hearing that Sechs was of the same mind put her at ease, however, and she pulled her hand back, thinking she should get ready. However, Sechs was able to launch himself up towards the balcony, and for a brief moment Aigis though perhaps he had a chance at disabling I.R.I.S. so that they would not have to continue on with the bloody task. But as it was, her hopes were in vain yet again.

Her shoulders slumped slightly before her jerked them back. Now was not the time for useless moping. If they didn't fight, it would be the end of more than just the game.

"Sechs-san, please try to think of this as... a friendly spar." Her eyes flicked up to their friend in the stands. "Soushi-san, keep her talking. Perhaps we can find a way out of this yet!" There was little to hope for, but they couldn't be sure until the last moment.

And with that, Aigis went rigid, and she called on Athena. The mechanical deity appeared above her, showering her with a green light of a Sukukaja spell--one that would increase her speed so she could practically fly over the sandy floor of the pit. Then, as Athena faded, Aigis took off, planning on putting as much distance between herself and Sechs as she could to start. She knew, without a doubt, that she would not survive a direct hit with that blade. Not in this body.
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I.R.I.S. stood as still as a statue as Sechs battered the force field around the Head Doctor's booth. She did not even bother to blink as he and Aigis began the slow path to battle. Everything was within normal parameters.

"Conversation would be acceptable. What would you like to talk about, Soushi-san?"
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Soushi hesitated, his usually blank expression displaying his obvious confusion. He hadn't known Sechs or Aigis for more than a day, but both were so adamant that he not interfere that he reflexively lowered his sword.

Ririchiyo had always been unique in placing value in one such as he, but to think that others could also be so kind-hearted... he didn't understand. He didn't understand, but he complied; following orders was something he knew well enough, whether or not they made much sense.

Keep Iris talking? His wounds stopped suddenly as the "sparring match" between Aigis and Sechs began. A flood of questions came to mind, but few that would be helpful to the two warriors. Soushi's sword arm dropped to his side, but he didn't sheath the weapon.

"Iris...-san?" he asked after a moment, his eyes flicking from the battle to the strange robotic creature alone in her booth. Could he distract her? Was there something he could learn that would lead to their escape? Or at least something that would be worth the inevitable sacrifice? She had seemed to have trouble speaking about the consequences, death, in particular. Not to be afraid. What did she know?

"Forgive me if the topic is inappropriate, but I'm curious. Death seems to have... different rules in this place," he supplied, not offering his own experience on the matter, despite how much it still gnawed at him.

"Is that what you meant, when you said it wasn't something we ought to fear?"
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"I'm sorry, that information is restricted for your security and safety. Please rephrase your question."

I.R.I.S. still seemed to be considering the original question, though, despite her quick answer. A moment later, she spoke again. "Available to patients at your security level: no action is without consequence." She turned to the action on the sand, where Sechs had just vaulted up into the air. "This activity will demonstrate this for all participants."

Unless she believed in life after death, that did leave open the possibility of it being an impermanent state.
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The transformation of Sechs' weapon was truly awesome. Her own friends did not have such weapons back home, but little could be done for high schoolers who were at least lucky enough to have police support. Not letting herself get distracted, Aigis tensed, preparing for what was to come.

Sechs' leap was unexpected, but she could see the outcome well enough. He moved a bit more aggressively than she would have thought, but luckily her speed boost was just enough to let her dodge out of the way in enough time.

That was close. She needed to put more distance between them. Racing across the sandy pit, Aigis turned after several yard and called on Athena again, feeling only marginal fatigue as she expended some more power; only a fraction of the exhaustion the institute usually cost her to call on her persona on a typical basis.

"Athena!" Again the mechanical deity appeared, and this time she went in for an attack. Aigis decided to keep it simple and short; just a light bash attack from her Persona's shield aimed at her friend.

It was the weakest attack Athena had in her arsenal but Athena was no low level Persona, either...
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Aigis held her breath, and then gasped as she watched Sechs falter before he attempted to parry with her Persona and escape. That was too close for Aigis' tastes, but she couldn't let that distract her. She needed to be wary of an attack or...

But it seemed that Sechs was too shaken to attack and was instead taking a defensive stance again. Feeling some frustration at her own loss of how to make a move that wouldn't truly hurt her friend, Aigis had no choice but to rush forward and try again.

Ushering on Athena to use the same attack as before, Aigis contemplated Sechs' words. He was having his usual night terrors it seemed. What an unfair handicap in such a place. But perhaps it was left on him because she was seen as weaker?

Gritting her teeth, Aigis could only watch as Athena went in for another weak but still potentially destructive blow.
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Aigis was completely unaware of what Sechs was seeing even though she realized there was something more at play here. She could not see the extent of his inner horrors however, just watch hopelessly as a strange wash of emotions played over his face and his body tensed.

At least it seemed like he was going to start fighting back. Gritting her teeth, Aigis prepared to dodge as best as she could. She didn't think she would manage to survive those blades... But with a cry, Sechs jammed his own whirling blades into the earth and showered the arena with sand. And that sand had a bit more force than Aigis expected.

Shielding her eyes, she only thought to block her main sensory organs, but that couldn't prepare her for the impact of the sand against her stomach. She was thrown back and knocked to the ground, shocked to find that air was difficult in coming. And then she was racked by a series of harsh coughs, suck in a fit from the resettling sand and dust showering around them.
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I.R.I.S. whipped around from speaking to Soushi, and looked out over the arena. "Wants are immaterial. You have a choice: one death, or two."

As she spoke the last word, a thin spiderweb of cuts appeared on both Aigis and Soushi's skin, as if Sechs had struck them both glancing blows; a deeper wound would kill the injured robot girl, and the experiment would be over too quickly.

The choice, after all, was the point. At least for I.R.I.S., who seemed to be gleaning no particular enjoyment (or distress) from monitoring the proceedings.
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Aigis felt dizzy, her head throbbing as she attempted to regain oxygen in her lungs. A part of her accepted this and another part of her screamed to get back up and start fighting again. She was no living creature but she had confirmed it even before coming to this place; she wanted to live. She wanted to survive, even if just to see her friends one more time.

Blinking through the dirt, Aigis saw Sechs moving towards her, but not with the intent to attack. She would have been able to sense that. She coughed, but managed to speak. "I... I am fine."

Or so she thought. But a work from I.R.I.S. was all it took for that to change. A lattice of cuts slashed over her skin and Aigis screamed, her hands moving to cover her face. No matter what she touched, she hurt. Blood trickled through her fingers and a cut on her forehead leaked a drop into her eye.

She was panicking, her breath coming quicker as she reached for her Evoker. Athena... She needed Athena.
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Still shaking and pained, Aigis managed to grip her Evoker and bring it to her temple. Again, the sound of shattering glass filled the air as Athena took center stage, but instead of attacking she merely raised her mighty shield and a glowing white light circled about Aigis, coating her wounds and healing them. Now she was just covered with a latticework of scars, but the true damage had been done and count not heal.

Someone was going to die and there was no way to stop that. Even Soushi, stuck up in the stands, was a victim here, and if she and Sechs didn't duke it out then he would surely die in their stead. And that just wasn't fair. It wasn't fair at all. Nothing was fair, ever. Never ever.

Was it possible to be locked in this stalemate forever? Considering Landel, it could be that he was intending for them to rot in this hell indefinitely. Because she could never kill Sechs. No, not even as she returned her Evoker into her pocket did she think that she could kill him.

Taking up her claws, Aigis trudged forward. It was stupid to try to fight Sechs at close range, but she was growing exhausted after calling on Athena for so many times in a row. Nothing new was happening. Perhaps she could just flail with her claws at Sechs' large blade, and maybe the clang of steel would satisfy for an actual fight. Because she couldn't keep up the pace they were setting. Because she was not meant to fight alone. That was not something she could even do at home and it frustrated her to no end, knowing that by herself she was nothing.
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Aigis watched Sechs take up his sword and she knew this was the end. He wouldn't miss with her up close, even if he attempted to fake fight. She was going to break down again, much like when she fought Death those ten years ago. He had been unmerciful. And Ryoji had not been much different, even though he had acknowledged her.

But this went beyond that, because Sechs and Aigis were friends. True friends. And friends that came up against each other didn't--

And then the unthinkable happened. A sickening sound rang in Aigis' ears and her eyes widened, desperate to make sense of the scene in front of her. Sechs had pierced himself with his own blade, and not by accident. And not a shallow, glancing blow, either.

Her claws fell from shaking hands and Aigis sprinted forward just as Sechs collapsed to the side. Desperate, suddenly lost to her own mind, she grasped her friend's shirt and arm, yanking and grasping, hardly anything beyond the ringing in her ears and the sight before her.

She didn't even realize she was screaming. "SECHS-SAN! SECHS-SAN!"
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This didn't seem real. Too many things were happening at once that should not have been possible. Aigis had tears coming down her cheeks; a very human response that should never have been possible. She could feel the cold, really feel it, not just gain an impression from an external thermostat gather data for her system. And Sechs was dying. Dying. But androids didn't die. They fell apart. They broke down. They were destroyed.

And yet he was dying, right here, right in front of her tearful eyes. And there was nothing Aigis could do about it.

Sobbing, unable to control that simple response from this human body, she clung with whatever part of Sechs she could, trying to encourage him to move or get up. Could she help him with Athena? But with that sword inside him, all that would happen is he would heal around the cut and continue to bleed out.

There was nothing to be done.

Gasping, Aigis attempted to parse his words, but some of them she could hardly hear over her own ears ringing. Other side... Another world? Landel was the one who brought people over from other worlds. If that was the case...

"I can... you will come back! You'll come back!" Could he even hear her? Did her words hold any truth at all. But as his eyes closed, panic overrode her attempts at logic and understanding, and she screamed one more time.

"No! Don't go!"

But there was no one to listen. And no one to change what had been done. She was just so weak...