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Night 73: M51-M60 Hallway

This was unacceptable.

But this had gone past unacceptable a long time ago. He woke as if from a brief nap, refreshed and clear-headed, with no idea what day or night it was and how long ago he'd been asleep. There was only the faint stiffness of his bones and the lingering whiff of dinner to give him the faintest guess, the last crackles of the first nightshift announcement fading as he pushed himself out of bed.

There was nothing left to do, here, beyond putting one foot in front of the other. Discover his sword; discover the unlocked door; discover how much time had disappeared; try to discover whether his last remaining contact still had the patience to continue.

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Al hurried through the halls down to his brother's room, paranoia speeding his steps down the quiet halls. He didn't pay much attention to those passing him, his mind focused on finding Ed before anything could happen to him again.

"Brother?" Al knocked on the door, then reached to open it. Ed must still be there in the room; he wasn't stolen away again, right?
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Ed had been unsure how to proceed tonight, dithering in his room and putting off having to deal with Al worrying at him. Obviously, he can't put it off any more.

"I'm here," he said, looking over to the door from his position sitting on his bed fussing at his things, trying to decide what to take with him.
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Al opened the door quickly and went over to Ed, hugging him tightly. "Scar told me what happened last night...Brother, I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you..."
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"I guess I jinxed myself when I said it would be bad if that was done to me. At least I didn't kill or seriously hurt anyone," Ed said, self-loathing in his voice, stiff in his brother's embrace. He was all too aware of how willing to do said serious injury he was.
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"It's not your fault," Al said firmly, squeezing Ed tighter before pulling back to look at him with tear-bright eyes. "It's not, Brother. You don't have to blame yourself."
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"I should have fought harder, done something to avoid being used last night," Ed said, not meeting his brother's eyes.
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"How? Whatever they did to control you, they've been doing it for a long time. I'm sure they've figured out how to lock us down when they need to." Al bites his lip, a tight feeling in his chest. "I know it's not what you want to hear, but...I don't think there's anything you could have done on your own."
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Ed's hands tightened as he looked down. "My memories of what they did to me are fuzzy."

No, he's not directly responding to what Al's said. No, he doesn't want to directly respond to what he's said.
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"We'll make sure it doesn't happen again. For anyone," Al added, turning Ed's head to look at him. "We're gonna stop Landel and make him pay for what he's done to all of us. Together."

He swallowed, fighting back tears. "Don't hate yourself for what they did to you, Brother. Please."
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Ed's quiet for a moment. "This place is getting to me more than it should."
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Al bit his lip and pulled Ed close for another hug. "This place would get to anyone, Brother."
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Ed actually hugged him back this time although not very tightly. "We're wasting time."
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Al chuckled hoarsely, swatting Ed's shoulder lightly. "Then grab your stuff and let's go, doofus."
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"Yeah," Ed said, letting go of Al to reach for his stuff. "Is it just us tonight or are we running around with someone else?"
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"Scar's waiting for us. He was gonna try and get Lust, too, if he could." Al went back to the door, looking up and down the hall with his flashlight. Still clear, good.
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Ed followed him, letting Al handle the providing light thing to preserve his flashlight battery. "Okay. Been a couple days since we last saw Lust."

A couple of days that felt like months.
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"Yeah. Come on, we shouldn't keep them waiting," Al said, quickly turning the corner at a quick jog.

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Persistent as cockroaches. Sechs snorted at the remark. In a way, Landel could say that. Cockroaches could survive just about anything, even a nuclear blast. So in a way there was a tiny compliment Sechs could take out of the Head Doctor's insult. All the more reason to get out there and prove the bastard wrong.

Sechs had everything ready. His armor was zipped up and belted down, his machete and axe at the ready. In his pockets were his maps, teleportation ring, radio and flashlight. As a final touch to it all, Sechs drew a bold "6" upon his forehead with his black marker, making sure to draw it the right way with the help of his reflective glove brace.

Ready for the night ahead, Sechs paused before opening the door, distracted by something in the corner of his eye. Turning around, he spotted his interactive interface doll on the bed, having been tossed out of the closet with the rest of Sechs' belongings during his evening preparations. Slumped face-first into the pillow, the doll was chip-less and lifeless, yet the sight of it gave Sechs pause. He thought of just leaving it there, seeing no use in bringing the deactivated doll with him. Yet something about what his mission had in store for him made him think twice. Even if it was useless, it at least gave a piece of home and reality to hold onto. So he plucked up the doll and stuffed it into his remaining pocket, securing it tightly with only its sleeping head sticking out.

The M-U drug scoffed at Sechs' decision. "Stupid dumbfuck," it laughed scathingly, "What good is that gonna do ya? Just make you look stupid, that's what!"

Ignoring the parasite's jeering, Sechs propped his axe upon his shoulder, turned on his flashlight and opened the door. He turned to give his room a glance, unsure if he would ever end up here in the morning again, for better or for worse... He then stepped out into the unknown outside.

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