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Night 73: West Wing, North Hall 1-A

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As he rounded the corner, Lloyd frowned as he considered their plans for tonight. Both Kratos and Castiel had agreed that they should keep focusing on finding the archives. If the archives were the key to getting back to their worlds, then finding them was important. Even so, part of him still itched to find and confront Landel. The man shouldn't be getting away with what he did to people here.

Maybe we'll run into him first. The thought mollified him somewhat. After all, it wasn't like they knew where their final goal was. One was just as likely as the other.

He passed through the door and into the next hall.

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Sechs' gloomy reflections followed him like an extra shadow down the next hall. The darkness seemed thicker and heavier tonight, Sechs couldn't figure out why until he realized it was due to the shortage of fellow patients with their own guiding flashlights to dispel some of the blackness. This thought left Sechs feeling all the more outnumbered by Landel's forces. Were they all really losing in the fight against the institute after all...?

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