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Night 73: Main Hallway, 1-Center

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It wasn't unusual for Castiel to make it to the meeting destination first, and so he didn't think much of it. Deciding to make the best of his time spent waiting, he moved toward the opening into the Sun Room and peered inside, even using his flashlight to illuminate at least part of the area.

But there was nothing out of the ordinary, which didn't answer much of anything, seeing how it always appeared that way whether there was a guard waiting in the wings or not.

Tempting as it was to step inside and scope out the situation, that could put them in the exact same position as they'd ended up in last night. And so Castiel shifted away from the open doors and leaned himself against the wall, casting a glance back down the hall. They shouldn't be much longer...

[For Kratos and Lloyd.]
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Kratos continued on in near-darkness until finally, he came to their usual meeting spot. Unsurprisingly, Castiel had made it there first, and although he didn't see Lloyd, he wasn't too concerned: Lloyd had promised that he'd be swift, and Kratos tended to take his son at his word.

He made his way over to Castiel and nodded in greeting. "Evening." Somehow, he couldn't help but remember the way things had gone last night and the secrets that had been unfortunately revealed. With no Lloyd in sight, there was the possibility that Castiel might decide to suddenly have more things to ask him, and that admittedly made him feel...slightly uncomfortable.
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The doors to the Sun Room were standing open, and Taura risked a quick recon job from the doorway. Nothing -- no-one -- attacked her, which was a good sign, but they still had a long way to go. Plus, most of the doors upstairs were locked; even knowing which room they needed wasn't going to be enough.

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They were getting close to the Sun Room now. Sora saw one other patient waiting around, a lady who was very tall, but other than that they had this hallway to themselves.

All they had to do was cross their fingers that there was no one guarding the Sun Room tonight. That wasn't very likely, Sora knew, but there was nothing wrong with hoping for it anyway.

He looked over his shoulder to make sure Link was close behind them and then paused a few feet before the Sun Room doors.
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There was only one person in the hall now -- a tall woman, flanking the doors to the Sun Room, clearly waiting for someone else. She woman gave them an encouraging go-on gesture -- either it was safe, or she was waiting for someone else to trip the trap before going through herself. Either way, someone would get past, though someone bristling with weaponry and prowling the hall like a cat would have been Lana's first choice, rather than the two of them, but they were both here.

She did switch on her radio, to the open channel, so that if they were ambushed, she could get a warning out quickly. Then she turned to Ryuuzaki, and started a silent countdown with her fingers.
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The doors to the Sun Room were in sight. Korra checked back to Tsubaki, making sure she was still tight on her tail as they approached the open doors. No sign of a struggle yet.

That was either very good or very bad.
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"Has any of you managed to gather further information?" Scar asked as he made his way toward the open doors of the Sun Room. There was no obvious sign of a struggle, but anything could be waiting for them in the dark.