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Night 73: West Wing, South Hall 1-A

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On his way down the hall, Castiel reviewed what little amount of strategy he could manage for tonight's plans. The main obstacle they'd been facing was some kind of guardian being placed in either the Sun Room or the library itself. If they could maneuver their way around any opponents and not get separated in the process, it was possible they could make real progress.

Castiel didn't know why they'd been given keys that made their search easier, as if Landel wanted them to succeed despite all of his announcements implying otherwise. It was yet another aspect of this mission that made him uncertain, but it wasn't as if he hadn't barreled into fights without all the details before.

Reaching the end of the hall, Castiel took a left.

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The hallways were totally quiet as Kratos made his way through; it made for an unsettling mood, even though he knew that it was still early in the night, and quite possibly, he was one of the first if not the first patient to come down this hall. Still, he couldn't help but contrast it with nights prior, when even walking through the patient blocks felt like walking through a crowd.

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As Lloyd stepped into the next hall, he thought he heard the quiet echo of fading footsteps, but it could have been his imagination as much as anything else. His flashlight didn't catch anything moving. Maybe someone had just left the hall?

More cautious now, Lloyd tried to walk more quietly - a difficult trick while keeping his pace fast. Man, Sheena makes this look so easy...

Nothing happened, though, so at the end of the hall, he turned left.

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Scar turned his light down both ways of the hall before stepping into it completely. There were already others out, he could tell.

He glanced to Alphonse, making sure he was still with him. Damn the paranoia that set in with night. It had only worsened after his death and the Elrics' appearece.
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"Okay," Al said with a nod, offering Scar a small smile when he turned to check for him. "I shouldn't be long."

He turned then and jogged down the hall to the farther door, passing through to the next corridor.

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Scar nodded, continuing down the hall in the opposite direction from Alphonse.

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"A central information area would be our best option, though, I think. We've little else to go on." Rumors and little notes and bits of information passed during the daytime. Communication had always been fairly open between the patients; there had always been a sense of unity. But it only got them so far when they knew so little.
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"If it's supposed to get us home like they say, then maybe it's some kind of record of where we came from," Kyousuke guessed. "Something linked to them somehow? ... That's the only way I know to get between worlds. But either way, we'll see when we get there."

Or so he said, but they way this place worked, finding an archive full of artifacts linked to specific worlds and times seemed too convenient, and there was a good chance the method they used to get everyone from those worlds was different than the one Kyousuke and his friends had been using. ... Would be using? He couldn't tell.

The boy frowned, idly scanning the hall for any threats.
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Everything that Link and Tsurugi suggested made sense. A record of the worlds that they'd come from, something that would help them get home. Suddenly, Sora wondered if it would have been worth it to bring his journal and a pen with him. He didn't usually bother with bringing any extra items because they weighed him down, but if there was a lot of information they were going to need to remember, it might have been useful.

Too late now, though. They couldn't afford to turn back.

There was something about what Tsurugi said that surprised him, though. "Wait, so... you've traveled between worlds before?" Sora had met a number of people here who had done so, but it still surprised him when he came across someone new. Tsurugi's life had always seemed to revolve around his soccer team, so where did other worlds come into play?

Then again, Sora knew better than most people how quickly your life could change around on you. As he waited for Tsurugi's response, he turned the corner to take them into the main hallway.

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"No... We're not losing," Sechs sternly thought to himself, ignoring the creeping doubts and the drug's sinister taunting. Even when outnumbered by hundreds or up against a giant opponent with no foreseeable weaknesses, Sechs knew warriors like Alita and Zazie would come out triumphant. Sechs knew he and his fellow prisoners were made of tougher stuff, even if they were disabled by Landel's power. They were going to make it, he just knew it.

...As long as their fight didn't turn out the same way Bar Jack's rebellion against Tiphares did...

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It took a bit more caution than he was used to, but he picked his way along the walls, feeling the peeling wallpaper and decay that would vanish with the daylight. He saw nothing, though he strained to listen for other footsteps or the sound of something else approaching. So far, so good.

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