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Day 73: Intercom, Dinner

As much fun as some patients might be having in the Game Room, all good things had to come to an end. So it was proved when the intercom clicked on, as always, for an interruption by everyone's favorite Head Doctor.

"What a wonderful way to wind down. I'm sure you're all having a great time in our Game Room, but we need to make sure you get your three square meals a day! You'll be needing that energy, won't you?

"So it's time for everyone to head back to their rooms for dinner with their roommates! Chicken teriyaki and vegetable tempura is what's on the menu tonight. My mouth waters just thinking about it!"

As much as everything else about this place might be deplorable, at least the food held up.

"So enjoy your dinner and have a good night, everyone!"

[ Please make sure to check here for new room assignments. And also check this post to see if your character received a note from the rebels! ]
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The way L and Edgar had both slept the previous night hadn't been comforting, and he suspected that both of them might have been drugged.

The trouble was that waking up from that kind of sleep tended to be uncomfortable--headaches, fuzzy edges around everything, a sensation of being out of sync with your surroundings--and since he'd woken up, he hadn't felt anything of the sort. Edgar had still been sleeping when he left the room. At the time, there hadn't been much left of the day, and he hadn't accomplished much aside from making contact with Lana, who must have waited alone the night before. If she had tried to reach him with the toy radio, he'd slept through it.

And wasn't sleeping in excess a sign that you might not have much time left in the Institute... a sign that the false identities they'd been trying to press on the patients might be about to take effect?

He had a sinking feeling, then, but not much surprise, when he was led to a new room at dinnertime. It was closer to the location where he intended to meet Lana later that night--that was good--but it meant that Edgar was probably now in the same state as Lunge. For the time being, helping either of them was beyond L's reach. He could feel considerable frustration about that if he allowed himself to, but it was useless to focus on it, and imperative to focus on the small things he could accomplish.

Dinner, including the extra items which had eventually been accorded to him, waited on the new desk. He remembered his panic the first time his room had been changed, his concern that none of the "contraband" he'd collected would follow him, and found himself unable to muster the same kind of concern this time. A peek into the metal box showed that the gun was still there. He doubted that anything else would be missing. We're allowed to have them because Landel isn't threatened by them. Once he understood it, it seemed ridiculous that it had escaped him for so long.

He didn't yet look for another note from Marc or Harrington: there would be a new roommate, one who might arrive abruptly, and whoever they were, they might not be on the list of recipients. Aside from that, he hoped that they wouldn't activate the implant. A migraine would be a problem tonight.

In the meantime, he shook off his slippers, perched in the desk chair, picked the fork up with his fingertips, and began to eat.
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Shockingly, the time in the Game Room had actually passed as quietly as Castiel had hoped for. It wasn't often that he was left alone for an entire shift, but as he returned to his room Castiel was only greeted by further silence.

Kobayashi wasn't here yet. Or, judging from how much the man had been sleeping lately, maybe he'd left for good.

That left Castiel with only his dinner to keep him occupied until night came, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. He would have the time to truly focus on his food. Conversations could often interrupt that kind of thing.

He would need to gather his items and change for the night, but that was a routine he was so practiced in that he barely needed to think about it. So he sat down at his desk and started in on the chicken first. It might not taste quite as good to him as beef did, but it got the job done.
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Speaking to Lana and playing in the Game Room had actually been sort of relaxing, but as soon as Sora returned to his room he was all business.

Which meant that once he got inside and the nurse closed the door behind him, Sora went searching through the metal box under his bed for another note from the rebels. But still, nothing. What a bummer.

Maybe Link would have one, like the night before. Sora was tempted to just look for himself, but he knew that would be rude, and so he forced his way over to his desk to eat his dinner.

Tonight would be for another try at the third floor. Sora felt some guilt over the fact that he hadn't returned to Farwell when he'd said he would, but it just wouldn't be right to abandon everything that was going on here.
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Tonight would be different from previous nights. Link was determined to ensure it.

He entered his and Sora's room with a smile and a nod in greeting to his roommate.

"Anything from the rebels?" he asked once his nurse had left, ducking into his own closet to check.
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Re: M7

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"Not on my end! Let me know if you got anything," Sora said eagerly, pausing from eating his dinner for a moment to shift around in his chair and watch Link.

Link hadn't offered much of a greeting, but they were used to this routine by now, and so Sora didn't take it personally.

"Did you have an okay day? What happened last night, anyway? Were you able to make it past the library?" There was a lot for them to cover and not that much time to do it in, so Sora didn't hold back with his questions.
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Re: M7

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"...Nothing," Link reported, disappointment obvious in his tone. What were their leads, then? He supposed he ought to simply do what they had been planning to all along. His face fell into a frown at Sora's question.

"No. We weren't able to make it very far at all. I was with Alphonse. We were searching for his brother, but..." He shook his head. It had been no use. "The day was as uneventful as usual, I suppose," he added as an afterthought.
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Re: M7

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That wasn't the best news, but Sora didn't blame Link for not being able to make it as far as planned. Things came up and sometimes it took more than a few tries before they really got anywhere.

But that didn't mean this wasn't all worth it. Tsurugi would be back in their ranks now, and Link looked like he was in pretty good health, too. They were in perfect position to give it their best shot tonight.

"Well, that's okay! If you want, you can come with Tsurugi and me this time. I'd kind of like to have someone else around so that we can keep him safe after last night." Sora wasn't going to give any more details than that when it came to what had happened to Tsurugi, but hopefully Link wouldn't ask.

Sora turned his attention back to his food, trying to shove as much of it down as he could before he got ready.
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"Of course." Link nodded. "I am fairly certain that Alphonse has managed to arrange things with his friends for tonight. I don't want anything to go wrong with Tsurugi, either." Sora was right. After what had happened last night, it wasn't worth taking any chances. They had no idea what they were dealing with.
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Re: M7

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So things should work out pretty well, then. Alphonse had people to travel with, Link had people to travel with, and they could keep a close eye on Tsurugi. Though there was one thing Sora wanted to clear up about that, which was why he spoke up again as soon as he was done with his bite of rice and chicken.

"Try not to let on that you're watching out for him, though," he said. "I don't want him to be self-conscious about what happened to him, but I also want to make sure he's okay. I didn't really want him to go out tonight, but he's pretty stubborn." But the more natural the two of them acted around him, the better.
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Re: M7

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Link nodded once again.

"He does not seem like the type who would be too fond of being protected. I'll act natural." He offered Sora a small smile and a wink. He certainly knew that he wouldn't want to have someone else doing the same for him. Was that selfish, he wondered?

He continued to eat as he made his preparations for the evening, taking his tunic and boots out of the closet and setting Soma's sword against the wall.
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Re: M7

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"Great! Thanks, Link." Sora had known that his roommate would understand.

After he'd finished shoveling down his food, Sora also moved to his closet to pull down his outfit and start to get dressed. Putting all of those belts and buckles into place was practically second nature by now.

"The important thing is that we've gotta get through the Sun Room as quick as we can. If we can get past whatever's there, then we should have enough time to get through the rest." Sora wasn't much of a strategist, and run fast enough to avoid a fight wasn't much of a strategy, but at least he was trying.
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Re: M7

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Link nodded as he pulled on his equipment. As long as they could clear the damnable Sun Room, they would be home free.

Free to explore what they truly did not know about this place, but he was going to count the small triumphs say thank you.

The intercom came to life as he buckled his belt. Show time.
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Tonight was the night. Sechs and his allies had the two keys required to open the way to a new part of the basement. Just thinking about what could be beyond that towering door in the underground ballroom seized the Replica's heart and hastened his blood's pounding pace throughout his veins. He felt he was on the verge of landing the final critical blow upon his enemy, yet there was that constant shadow of doubt that lingered in the back of his mind. What if there was nothing behind that door to aid in their progress against Landel? What if it was a trap? What if all their efforts so far end up being in vain?

It didn't help that the poisonous entity living inside Sechs' spine was already adding spite to his doubts. "You saw it in Taura's eyes, didn't ya?" the drug whispered inside Sechs' mind. "When you said you were going to the basement again. You know that look. When someone knows you're gonna fail but they won't say..."

Sechs did see that look. He was used to having others expect failure from him purely because of his origins as a disposable Replica. He never allowed such discouragement to stop him from showing those who doubted him that he was just as good as any Original. But that look from Taura... It was a sincere gaze that lacked the usual bigotry. Did she know something that he didn't? Having the M-U drug bring up that memory rattled his nerves, so much so that he barely ate his dinner.

The total absence of Fai was bothersome as well. Finding an old ally return with no memories unnerved the Replica. Now that Fai had not returned for the past few nights told Sechs all he needed to know. Fai was either gone or dead. Come to think of it, Sechs had been noticing a rapid decrease in the prisoner population. What did that mean...?

"It means Landel is winning, of course," the drug answered Sechs' distressed pondering. "No one can survive or resist this world. Everyone is either dead or put to their proper place. I suggest you give in now before you find out the hard way about which fate is yours..."

"No...!" Sechs snarled through his gnashing teeth. He couldn't keep still. It was all getting too much for him. Ignoring the rest of his dinner, Sechs began changing into his suit and armor. Once dressed, he gathered up his belongings and tossed them on his bed. The lights were still on and the doors remained locked. For now, Sechs took the map Taura drew for him and began making his own copies. If the basement yielded no results, then Sechs would turn his attention to the third floor; and the more people who knew about it, the better their chances were at winning.

Failure or not, he was not going down without a fight.