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Day 73: Game Room (4th shift)

Link's eyes narrowed as the intercom came on and the doctor began taunting them once again. Hope the storm eased up? There wasn't a way that could affect their efforts tonight, was there? The last thing Link needed was to be caught in the rain for some insane reason.

For now, though, he would allow himself a moment to settle himself before the evening truly began. Though he wasn't entirely certain on his plans for the night, he knew exactly where he would be heading. Even if he had to go at it alone.

Link wandered about the game room, picking up a small device he remembered from his last visit here. The lights and sound had given him quite a scare last time. He smiled slightly to himself.

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The game room, huh? Korra could deal with that. Lunch had gone by uneventfully, and now she just had to wait for them to be rounded up and dragged back to their rooms. The head doc was right- the rain had come out of nowhere.

She flopped onto a familiar couch, grinning as she picked up the gaming pad she remembered from the other day. She'd played on the television with Luke, right? And she'd been pretty awful at it...

Frowning, Korra turned on the electric box, jumping at the sound it made as it powered up. A few days weren't exactly long enough to get used to the technology here. The concept of a video game was one that she didn't understand at all. She just knew that somehow pressing certain buttons made the little firebending plumber run and jump around.

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Given his upbringing and occupation, it didn't exactly take a genius to recognize why Kratos usually tried to avoid the game room. It wasn't that he thought games were beneath him, just as he didn't think arts and crafts were either; it was more that because he had so little experience with them, trying to play was...incredibly awkward.

He certainly felt awkward as he looked around, trying to find something that made him feel just a little bit interested. Someone somewhere was probably laughing--not his nurse, though: after watching him for a minute, she pushed him not too subtly in the direction of one of the screens, where another girl was already trying to sort out the strange video box-thing. "Go on," she hissed, and Kratos could only sigh inwardly and obey.

He walked over to stand at the edge of the couch, slightly off to the side so as not to be in her direct line of sight, but close enough to where he could see the thing in her hands.

"What is that?" It was not the best way to start a conversation, but it was a legitimate question--and he wasn't much for a conversation anyway.
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Korra grumbled as she was (once again) defeated by a little walking mushroom just in time for Kratos to come over. She recognized him from seeing him around, but had never met him before.

"I don't really know." She pouted and shrugged as she glanced over to the console sitting by the television.

"It's plugged into the box... thing... and this little control panel-" she held up the controller, "-makes stuff on the screen move." She paused for a moment, holding out the controller.

"You wanna give it a shot?" Better to rag on somebody else who would probably be terrible at this than to have him watch her die over and over.
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Kratos watched as the little man on the screen died at the hands of a walking mushroom, and listened, eyebrow raised, as the girl attempted to describe the machine she was using. It was definitely been one of the more eloquent descriptions he'd ever heard in his life--and fortunately, he was good at keeping his sarcasm to himself.

"I...see." Against his better instinct, Kratos accepted the controller. While he too had some trouble with the technology within the institute, his experience with magitechnology and the like gave him enough intuition to be able to roughly figure out how things worked. That did not mean, though, that he was naturally good at playing video games, and he had the feeling that trying now was a disaster waiting to happen.

He started the game and spent the first few seconds trying to figure out what the different buttons actually did. Thankfully, there were only four or so, and aside from "A" and "B", their function was obvious. Knowing what the buttons did and remembering when to press them, though, was a totally different manner. In a fight, he could usually time everything with devastating accuracy; playing the game, it only took about thirty seconds before he too was dead at the hands of a walking mushroom.

"Hm." Kratos frowned as the screen blacked out and held out the controller for Korra to take back. "Interesting."
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Korra raised her eyebrows, eyeing the man's lackluster reaction to the game. What, he didn't at least think it was kinda cool? She shrugged, taking the controller back and starting the game once again.

"So you uh... You been here a while?" She shot Kratos the occasional glance while playing. What else was there to talk about with quiet, brooding guys who couldn't even find the flashy lights and firebending plumbers interesting?

And Korra had seen him around ever since she got here. If he was a longtime patient, he'd be a good guy to know.

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Another pointless trip to another pointless room. Lunch had slipped by uneventfully, as it usually did, and Scar found himself antsy for night once again. He settled in a chair toward the back of the room, folding his arms and watching as the other patients filed in.

It was as if time kept slipping through his fingers. He had managed to catch up with Tsubaki this morning, which he was thankful for. But he hadn't spoken with the Elrics or Lust since last night. He'd seen the boys around, but...

Scar was certain Edward was okay. But that didn't make the passage of time any less unnerving. He feared that with the impending pressure of rebellion, Landel might begin to crack down. What that meant, he couldn't know for certain. Brainwashing? Experiments? Mindless killing? It all made his blood boil with rage.

The night would come. And this time he would make it upstairs no matter what it took.

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Al followed his nurse inside with a glance outside at the sudden downpour, thankful it had broken about when the lunch period was done. It would have been unfortunate to be soaked to the skin out there.

He spotted Scar when he entered the room and made his way over to the older man. There was really only one thing on his mind, of course. "Did you see Brother last night?"
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Scar grit his teeth as Alphonse approached. He had been keeping an eye out for the boy all day, though they had yet to cross paths.

"Yes," he said immediately to dispel the boy's initial nervousness. He had been in the same position only yesterday, though he was only starting to realize it now. Scar's eyes briefly darted away.

"He is all right now. But he was brainwashed last night. I had to knock him out."
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"What?!" Al was horrified, naturally, stopping short as his mind raced. When had they gotten hold of him, was he hurt? "He hadn't hurt anyone else, had he?"
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"Not that I know of. Lust and I arrived toward the end of the altercation. He was fighting Lloyd. There weren't any signs of others in the room." Scar would have to do his best to calm the boy down, though he knew that there was little chance for that.

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Castiel didn't particularly mind stormy weather, but it always made him think of his family. Of the raging of archangels, of portents and omens. It was enough to put him in a more subdued mood. He was far away from home and there was still no indication of when he'd been returning, or what state he would be in when he got there.

And even when he returned, there would be no rest for him. He'd have the Apocalypse to try and help avert. And if they failed? Storms of this kind would be a common thing, provided the Earth was even still in one piece after Michael and Lucifer had their fight.

The Game Room always left Castiel at a bit of a loss, but that was the case for most of the rooms here. He didn't bother looking for something to keep his attention, instead settling himself in one of the chairs so that he could pass the time quietly. Though there was always a good chance someone would come speak to him, even if he did look to be deep in thought.

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It was always a treat to catch up with Tsubaki, and Sora was glad to have had the chance to check on most of his friends. The only person he hadn't spoken to was Mr. Kratos, but he'd at least caught sight of him wandering around, which was enough to ease up on any worries.

And now they were ending the day in the Game Room, which was always a fun time. The storm that was going on outside was definitely getting pretty bad, though. Whenever there was a clap of thunder, Sora could feel the floor vibrating beneath his slippers.

Storms always reminded him of that night back on the Islands, the night that had started everything. It wasn't necessarily a bad memory, but it held a lot of importance to him, and that was enough to make him more distracted than usual even as he searched the shelves for a Game Boy that hadn't been snatched up yet.

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The storm brought back memories for Lana, too. She was all-too happy to get out of the Sun Room, but every time thunder struck she felt like someone was squeezing a hand around her heart.

Everyone else looked a little on-edge, too, though it didn't need to be the storm that was bothering them. There was, after all, an entire host of things wrong with this place. The children were the worst -- none of them deserved this. A boy, probably older than he looked but still far too young, was hunting through the shelves with a singleminded focus. Lana walked up behind him, and cleared her throat.

"Looking for something in particular?"
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When Sora heard someone clearing their throat behind him, he turned around and took in a familiar but not too familiar face. Sora had seen this lady around the institute for a while, but they'd never had the chance to talk before now. This was the perfect time then, wasn't it? Maybe she'd been thinking the same thing.

"Oh, nothing important," he said with a sheepish smile. He didn't really expect an adult to understand this sort of thing, but since she'd asked...

"Have you seen the Game Boys?" She'd probably at least spotted others playing them, even if she hadn't tried one for herself. "I was trying to find one." Sora didn't know why the institute didn't get more of them, since it seemed like there was never enough to go around.
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For once, one of the kids was being a kid. The corner of her mouth ticked up, and she began shuffling through the upper shelves. A few brightly-colored cartridges, but no Gameboy. She presented them to the kid anyway. "Well, if you find one, these might come in handy. I'm Lana, by the way."

The kid had been here a while -- she'd passed him a dozen times or more in the hallways, but she'd never actually spoken to him. Good for him, staying cheerful for so long; kids were resilient, and stronger than she'd ever given them credit for. It was a mistake she wouldn't make again, even if the circumstances under which she'd learned the lesson were horrific.
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Resilient was definitely a good word to describe Sora. Even now that things were coming to a head in this place, he was still able to pause and consider the little things, like the joy that came from playing a game.

He took the cartridges with a smile and nodded his thanks. There were a few games included that he'd never seen before, so he was eager to try them out.

First, though, he wanted to focus on the kind lady who'd helped him. "It's nice to meet you, Lana! And I guess it's about time, huh? My name's Sora."

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He didn't want to be here. Not now, at least. Any other time this room would be interesting enough. It certainly would allow opportunity to watch people, which was becoming one of his favorite things to do. Today, however, was not a good day for people-watching. Today was loud and scary and new in the 'not good' way and 6 wanted to find some place to hide from it all. Preferably with paper and paint, as those always proved to be a good distraction. However, they had taken away his paper and paint and forced him here ... wherever this was.

There was that sound again. It came from outside, he knew that, but that didn't mean he was any less scared of it. It was loud and big. Too strange. Too familiar. He jumped, letting out a startled little yelp, and nearly ran into someone.

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He always fidgeted when he was nervous, and today was no different. 6 held the key around his neck, twisting its band around his fingers over and over again. Most of the people he had met here had been nice, even helpful, but some didn't like it when he asked questions. He didn't know just yet what kind of person he was talking to now.

"Why do t-they d-do that?"

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The day was nearing an end, and Soushi was no closer to getting answers about last night, or about the place in general. He tried not to sigh so loudly his nurse went fretting over him again as he followed her to their next stop. Apparently he'd been sitting around too much and needed a bit of stimulation, so she led him to the game room. It wasn't one he had visited before, but it was more or less as he expected. Games didn't interest him, save for the slight distraction they might hold, and it was probably better than getting in Castiel's way for a second time today.

He wondered, as he sat and his nurse pushed a few games toward him, if the woman saw the irony in handing playing cards to someone who'd injured their hand, but he managed to loosely shuffle them and start up a simple game of Solitaire, for lack of company. Not that he knew many other games. He'd been great at keeping himself occupied at the old house, cooped up in that room all by himself, but it was not something he liked to remember.

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As the end of the day drew nearer, the more restless Sechs became. Remaining outside to free himself from the cramped spaces of the institute would have helped his anxiety, but he was forced back inside by a sudden storm. He was still dripping wet by the time he was escorted to the game room, he hadn't expected a storm to come in so fast. This, along with the early onset of evening darkness, had stirred the M-U drug in his spine out of dormancy. Its cruel voice wasn't loud enough to vex Sechs yet, but the chill in his back and an unexplainable sense of dread made him all the antsier. He had to keep himself busy, even if it meant playing some primitive card game...!

Shaking himself dry like a dog, Sechs wandered about the room in search of some distraction. Instead of finding a game to play however, Sechs spotted someone eerily familiar sitting at a table with a deck of cards. Tilting his head, Sechs slowly approached to get a better look. He knew that face and the hair, but something was missing...

The flurry of petals spinning around a deadly blade, followed by several luxurious tails...

The tails! And those ears too! Sechs remembered those features, that's what was missing! It was the man he and Aigis had fought the night before! He approached the man with more assurance now, knowing just who he was going to talk to despite not knowing his name.

"Hey, uh..." Sechs said, stopping before the table to look down at the stranger. Suddenly the whole encounter felt awkward for the Replica, what with how their last interaction had been... "I don't know if you remember or not but... I'm Sechs. We uh, we ran into each other last night..."
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The game had only started when he was interrupted by a stumbling introduction from a stranger. No, he corrected mentally, this was no stranger. He bristled, mismatched eyes locked on the man; he wasn't sure if he should expect an attack or if this Sechs person truly had some kind of friendly intention.

"Miketsukami Soushi," he replied, voice a bit tighter than he'd intended. Perhaps the man meant to blackmail him for what he knew of Soushi's other form? If someone like Castiel or Lingormr found out he'd been attacking other patients, his problems would increase exponentially.

"I remember."
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Sechs was able to catch some tense vibes from Soushi, just that nervous stare and strained voice was enough to give that hint. Sechs frowned to himself, reminded of the shame he himself experienced the morning after he was used as a brainwashed guard. Running into the people he had attacked lead to two scenarios: forgiveness or revenge. Sechs had dealt with both cases, but he wasn't going to be the latter for Soushi.

Grabbing a chair, Sechs dragged it closer to the table and sat down. "Look, uh... I'm not mad or anything," he said in a lowered voice. "I was, uh... y'know... before too..."

Sechs' words trailed off for a moment. He wasn't sure whether to praise the other youth's impressive skills the night before or to reassure him that he wasn't at fault. Everyone had their own way of dealing with knowing that they had been used against fellow prisoners by Landel. Sechs himself wasn't exactly proud about having his powers used by the institute, the thought of that still deeply agitated him. Scratching the back of his shaggy head in thought, Sechs figured he'd take the safer route first; Soushi looked guilty enough as it is.

"I know what it's like. It's not your fault, only Landel's."

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This was most curious, this specific room shuffling. Tolten would almost be worried, if he weren't still trying to come to terms with everything that had happened in the last few days! He was rather certain he had, though. The strangeness of this institute was only growing with leaps and bounds, but the mind seemed rather flexible. And the expositional strangeness was just that: expositional. He liked to think that helped. Like building up a tolerance to a venomous substance.

Though he was at a loss as to what to do. He supposed he should be devoting his thoughts to that, but...

There was so much else that he found himself thinking on. He hardly even knew his own emotions anymore, they had been on such a wild ride! Mostly he thought about Locke.

The young king had little interest in playing any games. He sat instead and drummed his fingers on the arm of his chair, trying to force himself to focus on the coming night.