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Night 72: Basement, West Hall

[from here]

Aigis staggered into the hallway, vaguely aware that it was similar to the one they had gone down the night previous with Zero. If she had been able to focus, she might have even stopped to ask that they turn around and check, but instead she reached for her Evoker and placed it to her temple again.

She called on Athena, first for Sechs then for herself, and a healing light covered them both. While her powers were greatly reduced here, she could rid them of their immediate discomfort and sew up the deepest part of their wounds, if not all the way through. Aigis still felt some slight discomfort, but the shooting pain in her midriff had subsided into something manageable.

That taken care of, she leaned against a wall, gasping, then fell to her knees. She just needed a quick moment to breathe. That was all. Then they could be on their way.

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