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Night 72: Basement: Grand Ballroom

[Teleporting from here.]

A dizzying moment of surreal suspension followed the activation of Sechs' teleportation ring as the darkness of the main hallway was swiftly banished by the chandelier lights of the underground ballroom. The sudden change in environment jarred Sechs' senses for a few seconds, forcing him to squint his eyes against the amplified light. Once adjusted, the Replica took in his surroundings as he slipped the ring off his finger.

He was relieved to see that they had made it to the entrance of the basement in one piece. This was his first time using that ring; the last thing he needed was for the teleportation to go wrong, but so far it appeared to be a success. What was even better was that Sechs was able to avoid going through the walk-in freezer like the night before, preventing another flare-up from his post M-U ailment. "Heh! Talk about convenient!" Sechs remarked as he appraised the ring, "Too bad this thing needs blood to work all the time..."

Like the night before, Sechs retrieved his machete and replayed the blood-giving procedure to the ring, cutting his thumb with a repressed grunt before allowing the red droplets to fill the morbid jewelery.

Once that was out of the way, Sechs turned to check on Aigis. "You alright there?"
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The transportation was unsettling, but Aigis wasn't afraid. She couldn't be. Not with her friend by her side. Teetering on her feet, Aigis breathed and attempted to stay upright despite the strange vertigo still gripping her for a few moments as she gazed about the ballroom. It seemed so big here, the ceilings so high...

"It is... unfortunate..." Bloodloss could take quite a toll on humans. But Sechs was no ordinary human, like Aigis herself. He was made of staunch stuff. She was less afraid for him than she might be if, say, it have been Rita that needed to give blood. But even so, "If you feel in pain, let me know so I can call on Athena."

She wouldn't want her friend in pain or feeling awful simply because they were trying to make a convenient means of travel.

Aigis offered him a smile at his concern, though. She gave him a slow nod. "I am well enough. Shall we continue where we left off, then?"
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Soushi took his job very seriously. He might not always enjoy it; at times serving under the Shoukiin household had been quite a chore, but he followed the orders his master gave, always and without question. Tonight it was a simple job, sentry duty. Keep the unwanted out, make certain they returned the way they came.

He waited quietly, dressed in a plain, but well-cut black suit, red tie, polished shoes, and black gloves; standard uniform for secret service members. There were several doors to watch, several ways in, several ways out, but what he hadn't expected was for his intruders to forgo the doors entirely.

Soushi gave an audible sigh.

Ensure that the patients returned to their rooms. Use of force authorized. Neutralize if hostile. The most direct route back to the patient rooms was up the staircase, he knew, though he couldn't quite recall how he knew.

"Good evening," he said softly. One didn't need to speak loudly to be heard in the ballroom. Sound carried quite easily.

"I'm afraid there's been a mistake. If you wouldn't mind heading up those stairs, it's a fairly straight shot back to your rooms. Unfortunate mix up, I'm sure," his smile was just short of friendly, though hospitable, as he spoke.
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Aigis' head turned sharply, her eyes taking in the sight of a young-looking man with some rather strange eyes. He seemed polite enough. But Aigis knew if he was telling them to go back either he was trying to protect them, or else he had fallen to Landel's tricks. As she had once before.

If the case was the latter than nothing either of them said would dissuade him. But... Aigis held up a hand, hoping to give her companion some reassurance as well as indicating she wanted a moment.

"I am afraid we cannot go back, sir. We understand the dangers here, so there is no need to feel you must ask us to return." She executed a polite bow. "Thank you, but we will continue on."

And with that, Aigis turned and began to walk purposefully towards the western doors...
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"I do hate to be so bold, but I really must insist you return to your rooms."

One seemed sensible enough, the other brash and quick to anger. Sadly, neither gave the answer he had hoped for, which meant resorting to means other than simple diplomacy. Soushi's smile faded, barely there, though his eyes grew cold.

"If you will not be persuaded, I'll have to be a bit more forceful in my argument," he added, reaching for the empty space at his side. A graceful katana materialized in his fingers in a flurry of cherry blossoms. The flower petals continued to twirl as though in a mad rush of wind, changing Soushi's appearance just as quickly. His formal suit became a traditional dark grey robe and hakama with a white coat; sandals replaced his polished black shoes, but most notable were the fluffy white ears and nine tails. His eyes seemed to glow with an inhuman light as his smile disappeared completely.

"I cannot allow you to go any further."
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So they had no choice in the matter. He was lost under Landel's spell.

"Very well, then," Aigis said, reaching into her pockets for her brass knuckle claws. She adopted a loose stance, trying to think back to the training Taura had given her. Keep her center of balance low and don't tense up.

She knew a great tactical advantage in battle was speed, but she was not at her best in this form. However, she rushed forward anyway, intending on slashing her claw across the man's sword-arm if she could. Animals ears or no, she would not aim to kill, only disable.
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Though the man was certainly the first to show a rise in temper, it was the woman who attacked first. Interesting.

He unsheathed the sword, blocking her metal claws, but-

She'd clearly attacked his arm and not gone for a death-stroke. What a peculiar pair. He couldn't afford to show quite so much consideration. Her attack cut through cloth, leaving his sleeve a tatter, but his arm intact. He would rather not fight a woman, but she was surprisingly fast for a... human?

He pushed back as he blocked, hoping to unbalance her as he freed his sword to swing near her middle. He didn't have time to draw this out. If other patients began to enter the room-

Not to leave his back open to attack, he willed a duplicate to attack the crazed man. A flurry of blossoms marked his arrival, though there was no time to dwell on their short-lived beauty. His duplicate took up the offensive, sword slashing out quickly toward the other's vitals. The weapons appeared to be heavy, so he hoped he could rely on his speed over the man's brute strength.
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Her tactic sort of worked. The enemy was surprised but still managed to block her. At least Aigis had managed some damage, even if it was only to his clothing. The claws were dangerous, though. If she even managed to shred even a little of his skin the would would likely be grievous. Were he a normal person that is, but obviously he was not.

His pushing had her stepping back, but thankfully, Taura's instructions kept her grounded. With her center of gravity lower it was more difficult to knock her off her feet. If only she had the option of resting this low when she was in her original chassis.

Aigis glanced over to Sechs and saw he had a double of their enemy to fight, leaving them evenly matched in numbers. Could they win against this man?

She ran her options through her mind, blocking any subsequent attacks as she strategized. She could always use Athena, but the goddess was her trump card. Taking their foe lightly would be detrimental. So she decided to push away some of her fear for his safety and aimed her claws one more time, swiping at more sensitive areas about his stomach and face.
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Soushi could feel the clang of metal as his sword met the man's machete, the force of it rattling his arm as the blades pressed, then his blow was turned aside. He fought it, but his body turned with it, leaving him with little time to move or block the heavy axe that followed. He dodged, but not quickly enough to completely avoid it. While he avoided the worst of it, the axe left a shallow cut down his shoulder and part of his chest.

He took a half-step back, re-evaluating his opponent. The man might be slow, but his strength was dangerous. If he wasn't careful, he'd wind up with a lot worse than a few new scars. As if delayed somehow, a slash appeared in his sleeve as well, matching the one his original had received from the woman.

Rather than wait for another attack, he dove back in, aiming to disarm this time, slashing toward the muscles and tendons that gripped the double weapons.

Meanwhile, the original continued his fight with the woman. She was on the defensive, though he'd yet to land any of his attacks. Was she analyzing his technique or was she only able to defend? Before the thought was more than a spark, she swung the claw again, swiping out toward his face and stomach. He managed to dodge the first few, most especially the one aimed for his face, but when he received the delayed damage from the other fight, the same shallow cut running from shoulder to chest, appearing as if from some invisible blade, he stumbled, the grace and speed lost from his usual technique.

Her claw caught him in the side, metal biting through skin. Not enough to strike a killing blow, but enough to make him wince and stifle a choked breath. Was this all his strength, skill, and ability came to? Useless. Soushi grit his teeth and swung his sword again, hoping to catch her arms or torso as her claw was still partially stuck in his side.
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Aigis became concerned when a wound she had not inflicted appeared on her opponent. How was it possible? But she didn't have time to consider as her own attack got through, catching him on the shoulder. The feeling of flesh offering resistance against the blades made her stomach turn but it was the feeling of her own pain that caused her the most strife. His strike caught her across her midrift and Aigis dropped her grip on the claws to clutch at the cut, her breath hissing through her teeth.

Once before here, Aigis had had an overwhelming fear of her own potential death grip her. It was like when she had been destroyed back home. There was some peace, knowing she had protected her friends, but also a fear of the complete nothingness of destruction. If she bled out, would she truly die here, just as she knew humans could with their so very vulnerable lives?

Spurred by her fears, Aigis reached one hand into her pocket for her Evoker. The gun-like apparatus glinted in the torchlight as she pressed the barrel to her temple. Desperate, she let loose a cry for her Persona, "Athena!"

The sound of shattering glass and then a blue light enveloped her, her hair standing on end as if a breeze whipped about her, then the ghostly apparition of her persona appeared. The giant metal goddess, decked out in her whirling, armored form brandished her shield toward their opponent, intent on striking once, then once again before she disappeared into the air.
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It became apparent all-too-quickly that these opponents were no ordinary humans. Soushi was accustomed to fighting other demons, when the need arose, and ignoring weak humans, but these two were clearly in neither category. Soushi finally managed a decent hit on the man's sword arm, but rather than give him reason to give up and go to his room, it only seemed to enrage him further. For a slow, powerful brute, he could move pretty quickly when the mood struck him. Now, for instance, as the flat of the axe came swinging toward Soushi's head.

He pulled back, jerking his head away, only to be caught by the corner of the hard metal somewhere near his temple, the force enough to send him staggering back, vision a dizzy blur as he tried to clear it.

Meanwhile, the original was having no better luck. Though he struck a decent blow to the woman's middle, it was soon apparent she had more than claws at her disposal. A look of confusion crossed his face as she aimed a gun at her own temple and fired. Rather than collapse to the ground, the shot seemed to empower her. What was she? Another being appeared, armed and battle-ready and intent upon Soushi.

There was no time to run, nowhere he could go. As the ghostly deity swung at him, he tried to block, the sword flying from his hand at the first strike, the massive shield more than enough to jar him as he felt his double's injury appear as well. Blood trickled from a wound at his temple and he stumbled forward as the second shield-strike hit. The blow was enough to knock him bodily from his feet, rolling him several times over the empty ballroom floor.

His double, already unsteady from the axe, disappeared as readily as he'd arrived, cherry blossoms fluttering on the air to mark his passing. Only one fox-demon remained, sprawled on the tiled floor and barely conscious. He tried to push himself back up again, but his sword-arm collapsed under him. Probably broken, he thought amid the haze of darkness that threatened his vision. Not that he even knew where his sword had fallen...
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Aigis panted, feeling some of her physical strength being sapped to power her Persona as she pursued their enemy. In the end, their attacks prevailed, and the man returned to one being, lying broken on the ground. At first she felt relief. They had won. But then she felt some alarm. Had they really done irreparable damage to the man?

Concerned, Aigis moved a bit closer, hissing as her wound pulled at her skin painfully. Gripping her hand across her midriff, Aigis powered through the painful steps, intent on checking on his condition.
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Soushi was bleary and bleeding, but to fail in his duties to his master was to become a useless existence. If he couldn't do this much, would his master even need him? If he couldn't follow this simple order?

He could hear the patients still moving, though the glowing threat had vanished at the very least. His breath was a ragged panting sound as he tried to push himself up again, this time with his other arm. He managed a half-seated, half-kneeling position before he saw a slowly focusing blur that must be the woman approaching.

His side still bled, and the wound at his temple kept getting in his eye, but though he could move, he knew he couldn't best the two of them at the same time. His sword was far from his reach. Die trying or die in penance for his failure?

Soushi knelt politely as the patients neared, baring his neck, forehead nearly touching the tile floor.

"Please," he said, just as politely as before, "make it quick."
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The man managed to move into a sitting position and Aigis stopped, prepared to dodge to the side or back off if he attacked. But he didn't. He was still bleeding and looked weak, but if he could still move like that then he was surely going to survive, right?

She moved to retrieve her claws from where she had abandoned them on the ground, not bothering to wipe off the blood from the blades as she slid them into her pocket. Bending over for them was painful, but she managed. Once they were out of the clear, she would get Athena to help heal up the worst of hers and Sechs' injuries. But before that it seemed their opponent had a few last words for them.

Shocked by the offer of his head, Aigis clutch at her stomach though her fear was centered a bit higher. Would Sechs really...?

But she felt a lightness in her chest when she heard such kind words from her usual gruff friend. That sounded like a new friendship could be forged, if only the man remembered them from this night.

"We should go," she said, nodding towards Sechs, then she led the way into the next hall.

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