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Night 72: Main Hall, 1-West

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Aigis was quick to take a spot where she would be easily seen. As far as she knew their plans for the night were simple. Get downstairs and go through the opposite door they tried the night before.

Resting against a wall, she calmly waited for her friend in the dark.
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[From here.]

At this point, Castiel had expected to be the first to make it to this part of the hallway, which was so well-known for initial meetups. He was surprised, in a way, that Landel didn't just try to cut them off here. All he would need to do was send a few monsters this way, and they'd be distracted for the whole night.

He kept that thought to himself, of course. Castiel was hardly suspicious, but he also knew that thinking that way would go nowhere good.

Either way, he wasn't the first this time. Castiel spotted Aigis a bit further down the hall and nodded to her, but didn't draw any closer. Both of them clearly had their own plans, and they had already spoken earlier in the day. He imagined she'd be heading back down to the basement, while he would be going the exact opposite direction. At least they'd be covering plenty of ground.

As usual, Castiel leaned up against the wall, keeping a sharp eye out for Kratos and Lloyd.

[For Lloyd (and maybe Kratos).]
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[From here.]

When Lloyd stepped into the next hall and scanned the area with his flashlight, he finally found evidence that he wasn't the only person out in the halls. There was a girl or a woman he didn't know leaning against a wall, probably waiting for someone else. Lloyd might have approached if it had been just her, not eager to stand alone in the dark, but as his flashlight kept moving, he spotted someone else.

He'd only met Castiel just the once, but last night had been enough for Lloyd to recognize him again a moment after his flashlight flicked across the man. The teen didn't hesitate before striding over to him, wishing once again for a sheath to slide his sword into. Oh well. It wasn't like they needed to shake hands.

"Castiel." Lloyd kept his voice low. He looked around, but there wasn't any sign of anyone else. Turning his eyes back to the other man, he asked, "Have you seen Kratos yet?"
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Castiel hadn't expected Lloyd to arrive first. Kratos tended to be the punctual type, though Castiel hadn't been waiting all that long either. Kratos would probably be along in the next minute or so.

He didn't understand why Lloyd would bother asking when it was clear Kratos wasn't here, but Castiel only shook his head. "He should be here soon." Kratos had never failed to show up for one of their nighttime missions, so Castiel had no real reason to worry.

For the moment it was only himself and Lloyd here, though, and he had to fumble for something to talk about. He glanced over the young man's clothing and the sword in his hand. "Did you bring the key with you?" It might be vital to their task tonight, so he wanted to be sure all of them had it.
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"I see." Last night, Lloyd had passed through this hall before the others had arrived, darting upstairs on his quest to collect enough metal for Al to transmute into a sword. He didn't know if Kratos had any other plans or things he needed to do before they made their attempt, but it made sense in Lloyd's head that there might be a chance that he'd passed through briefly already.

At Castiel's question, he nodded. That was one of the things he'd first made sure he had when he was getting ready for the night. "It's in my tool belt, in one of the pockets." He would have fished it out, but with both his hands occupied, that was probably more trouble than he needed to go to right now.

Although, now that he thought about it, there was something he wanted to bring out. Tucking his flashlight into his belt, he dug out the piece of paper he'd found with his possessions tonight. "I got another note from the rebels," he said, holding it out. "What about you? Did you get one, too?"
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There was no need for Castiel to see Lloyd's key. He already knew what it looked like, so simply knowing that he'd brought it with him was enough. That toolbelt he had looked to be rather useful, though Castiel found that he got by well enough with his trenchcoat. He generally didn't bring that many items out with him at night.

As Lloyd started fumbling for something, Castiel waited as patiently as he could until he caught sight of the scrap of paper. "I did," he confirmed, but he focused on reading Lloyd's first, tucking his blade under his arm so that he could hold the note with one hand and shine his flashlight on it with the other.

"Hmm. It looks that we got the same exact note." He hadn't realized that was possible, but it seemed that the rebels had written out multiple copies of the same odd message. "It doesn't seem like we can do anything about this device for the moment, though."
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[from here]

By the time Kratos arrived at the appointed meeting place, it seemed that everyone else had already gathered. That was good: he didn't think he'd taken that long preparing, so hopefully this meant they would have the maximum amount of time to take on the third floor.

"Evening." He stepped up next to them and noticed that Castiel was reading something - presumably, a different note. "Did you both receive another note tonight?"
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Lloyd opened his mouth to respond to Castiel, but that was the moment that Kratos stepped into the hall. His dark form, barely illuminated by their flashlights, was hard to recognize at first, and Lloyd tensed until his father was close enough to identify his features. Relaxing only a little, he nodded at the question.

"We did," he said, "but our notes are the same. The rebels said they're going to help us take out Landel." A cheering thought, as he interpreted it, and one that obviously lifted his spirits, but it came with a catch. "The note says we have to do it at the same time as someone else as someone else taking out the security. I didn't even know there was someone working on taking the security out. How do we find out who's doing that so we can work with them? I mean, without Landel finding out?" That was the biggest problem he could see.

Even as he spoke, though, he nodded his head down the hall. Now that they'd met up, they needed to get moving. They could talk while they walked easily enough.
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Kratos had good timing, and Castiel stood by as Lloyd quickly caught him up on what they'd already discovered amongst themselves. He did find himself relaxing just slightly now that Kratos was here. Lloyd seemed capable enough, but Castiel wasn't that used to him yet, and so spending time alone with him was still slightly awkward.

Considering Lloyd's questions, which were all valid ones, Castiel took a few moments to ponder. "It could be that others have received information about the security system, while we've been selected to take out Landel." Or to find the archive. The work would need to be split up evenly, but the issue of coordination was still present.

"I don't know if it would be safe to communicate by the bulletin board, but we could make an attempt. There are also the radios..." Not that Castiel had tried to use his yet, but if the rebels were responsible for them, which seemed likely, then chances were that Landel wouldn't be able to eavesdrop.

Catching Lloyd's nod, Castiel returned it and then started down the hall, his weapon held tight in his hand.

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Again, only a brief gaze down the main hallway before turning the corner for the women's hall. There were two others waiting- Lloyd and another man, but the hall was otherwise deserted. Good, then. He had been quick.

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There were more people in the larger hallway -- she was running late. Damn. She broke into a run as she rounded the corner down towards the center of the hall.

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[From here.]

Sechs arrived into the main hall unscathed and ready for the mission ahead, but the frown on his face said otherwise. It didn't take long for him to find Aigis. He slowed his pace and approached her with his flashlight lowered to the floor.

Now wasn't the time to stew over Zero, but Sechs couldn't stop thinking about what the drug said. Had Zero been disgusted with him ever since he had that episode from going through that damn fridge before they got to the basement? Did Zero really see him as inferior? What about Aigis? Did she think poorly of him as well...?

"...Hey," Sechs mumbled, avoiding eye-contact with Aigis as he fumbled for the teleportation ring from his pocket. "You, uh, you ready to go?"
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Cringing a little to himself, Sechs twisted his head away in unison with Aigis' concerned gaze. "Ugh! For crying out loud..." Sechs mentally berated himself. Why was he so bad at hiding things he didn't want to talk about from others?

"It's nothing..." he grumbled, but the cumbersome burden he had been carrying inside his chest was just too much to contain any longer. Putting away his flashlight, Sechs paced restlessly on the spot and kicked the tips of his boots into the floor. Keeping his eyes away from Aigis, he gave out a heavy sigh that ruffled his messy bangs.

"Zero... Zero's not coming with us anymore," he growled.
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Sechs' irritated pacing came to a halt at Aigis' questions. "Nah... He's still around. I met up with him earlier to get that sword from last night's fight," he answered with a shake of his head. What with how Zero's cold attitude left Sechs feeling, having him disappear instead of abandoning them would have brought less insult to injury!

"He just ditched us for someone else, that's what!" Sechs snapped, turning his gaze back to Aigis. "Apparently, getting to the basement isn't worthwhile to him anymore," he growled, his angry tone soured with sarcasm. "So much for the whole 'working as a team' crap!"

Fists clenched and his arms crossed over his armored chest, Sechs turned his glare down to the floor with a huff. "After what we've been through...! He just thinks he's too good to waste time with us, that's all!" Sechs snarled, inwardly cringing at the thought that Zero left only because of him and his M-U symptoms. That reminder stung deeply, causing the Replica to give the floor a frustrated kick. "Argh! Pisses me off!"
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"But...!" Sechs never considered that Landel could have been behind Zero's actions (and if that was the case he sure did a good job at keeping Zero's frigid personality the same), he had been more convinced that it was because of his weakened episode from the night before.

Sechs' stare-down with the floor didn't budge. He fidgeted on the spot as he begrudgingly listened to Aigis, unwilling to forgive Zero anytime soon. Meanwhile the drug in his spine replayed the image of Zero's look of disgust in Sechs' head, fueling his embittered shame while convincing him that there could not have been any other good reason for Zero's decision.

He was just about to brush off Aigis' voice of reason, but he paused at the reminder of Zero's friend. His leader... and someone he knew who was brainwashed before... Sechs looked up from the floor. That recollection was like a small light inside his mind, bringing back some clarity over the whole situation. It was true that Zero's attitude wasn't exactly reassuring, but the damn M-U drug had taken advantage of that and nearly lead Sechs astray...!

"You're right," Sechs finally agreed. "As much as I hate the way that little grump was about the whole thing, I get why he wants to stick with his other friend..."

Uncoiling his arms and releasing the tension from his muscles, Sechs turned to face Aigis with a nod of his head. His mind was clear enough to move on now. "He said that we could handle the basement ourselves," he said as he dug into his pocket for the teleportation ring. "I doubted it earlier though, but I think I can believe it now."
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It was hard for Sechs to picture Zero as anything but unfocused, but he remembered how the ever-confident Link seemed so despondent when it appeared he had failed to save Sora. It was possible that Zero would struggle with a burden of worry if he wasn't guarding his friend. Perhaps it was for the better...

Nonetheless, tonight's mission was ahead of them and Sechs wasn't going to let it wait any longer. He readied his ring for teleportation. "Alright, hold on..." Sechs grasped Aigis' hand and turned to face the wall. Pulling his free arm back, Sechs clenched his ring-bearing hand into a fist, then smashed it against his target--

[To here.]
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[Skipping ahead from here.]

Zero moved through the hallways quickly and quietly, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity (or blond heads of hair). His pace was fast enough that it didn't take him long to almost catch up with Sechs again, but of course, talking to him a second time wasn't his goal here.

Rather, as soon as the block hallway opened out into the main hall, Zero hung an immediate right and stayed close to the wall as he continued on his way, aiming for the second set of prisoner rooms. Ciel didn't appear to be out here, so maybe she was still back at her room...?

He was about to find out...

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[from here]

None of the others were here. Lana sighed. That would accomplish nothing, as none of them were here to see it, but it did make her feel a bit better. She pulled out her radio and the list of numbers, making sure it was on.

Were the others still here? Ryuuzaki had been posting notes to the bulletin, so he was, but she didn't have confirmation on the others. A well-run department could be set into complete disarray by the absence of just one or two key people, and their little investigative squad had never managed to run that smoothly to begin with. Tonight they'd agree on something as soon as they set out -- provided anyone else showed up.

[L (and possibly others)]
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[From here]

"Last night, when we were in the library, taking the book from the shelf seemed to cause Alphonse to hallucinate," Scar said quietly, the anger draining to the tiredness that was becoming increasingly common.

"It would be best not to mention the incident further. However, it does pose the problem of how we are to remove it."
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"Did it happen when he touched it? We can try to pull it down without touching it - use another book to knock it loose. Or one of us will simply suffer through hallucinations." She shrugged. And by 'one of them', she meant herself. She wasn't frightened of hallucinations, they were simply false images. Could she even hallucinate?

"Perhaps my nature will provide some manner of protection against the effect."
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"It seems to be triggered by touch. However, your abilities have yet to prove reliable here, especially your supposed invincibility," Scar said definitively, "I'll touch the book through this, if need be." He held up a fold of his robes. Perhaps they would be lucky, and they wouldn't even need to remove the book tonight. Somebody else might have gotten there before they.
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Lust frowned, choosing her words very carefully.

"If need be, I'll do it. Through cloth. I only insist for the simple fact that if one of us is to potentially suffer hallucinations, I think myself better equipped to handle the experience."

Who knew what horrors could be pulled to traumatize Scar? She, at least, could think of very little that she could see that would somehow cripple or freeze her with fear or some other powerful emotion.
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Scar tried to argue, but could find no valid point against hers. Whatever it was that they could be forced to see, the chance that Lust's own memories were more frightful than Scar's was slim. And that seemed to be what the images were based upon.

"Fine," he grumbled already for the second time that night, continuing down the hall.

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[From here]

"You can take a look at it tomorrow, not that it'll do much good then."

She turned into the main hall, peering down both ways before continuing toward the center. At least it wasn't a long walk.
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Back in the room... Going back for it was always an option, but when time was of the essence, Tsubaki doubted the trip was worth the trouble.

"That's all right, as long as we can find the right book in the library we'll be okay. The others might be able to point us in the right direction once we're there." She smiled, though likely Korra wouldn't see it with the other girl's attention on the hall. "But thank you, I'll have to do that."

Even as she said as much, her own senses were stretched as far as she could make them, searching for the danger Landel was probably readying for them. The radio people were inciting the prisoners against him; surely he'd be doing everything he could to keep them from reaching the third floor and fulfilling the rebels' mission, wouldn't he?
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"Sure." Korra continued down the hall, hugging the Sun Room wall as they neared the doors they were looking for.

Why'd it always seem so much bigger at night?

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[from here]

Al looked around, seeing only a few others waiting in the hall, and nodded with a small bit of relief. "I guess we've beaten Brother here."
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"I suppose you're right..." Link glanced down the hall in either direction, frowning. They hadn't exactly been quick getting out. The incident involving Tsurugi had certainly held them up.

"In which hall does he live?"
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"He's in the hall behind mine." Al frowned as well, looking back the way they came. "...maybe we should go check his room."