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Night 72: F21-F30 Hallway

Landel's speech seemed almost defensive. As if he felt he needed to assert his authority because someone was hitting a tender nerve. Interesting.

Aigis expected that Rita had something to do with it as she was familiar with the third floor. Aigis might have handed over her dessert to the girl tonight had she known Landel was biting his nails over it. But now they both had plans to accomplish.

Gathering her usual assortments of things, and giving Schrodinger-san one quick hug, Aigis was out the door and heading off for the Main hallway.

[skipping to here]
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Rita could feel her temper boiling as the Head Doctor mocked their progress, but on the surface, she was able to stay calm. She’d save up all that anger for now, and unleash it once they were face-to-face.

There was another note from her supposed ally, further urging her to explore the third floor, and offering some vague advice. Was it even necessary to be vague if they already managed to sneak the note past the institute’s security? Well, whatever. Rita would keep the information in mind, even if she didn’t plan to change any of her plans because of it.

Once she had her equipment ready, Rita set out into the halls to find Taura.

[to here, skipping some halls]