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Night 71: Basement: Weapon's Range

[from here]

Aigis blinked and raised a hand to shield her eyes from the bright lights above. Unlike the rest of the institute, this room was very well lit. Open and spacious, and the ceiling was much higher than should have been physically possible without making an obvious indication of something underground from an observer outside the institute. Still, the room existed, so Aigis figured it must follow the same bizarre non-physics that the rest of the institute followed. That same unholy inconsistency that reeked of the same ilk as Tartarus.

And speaking of the nest of Shadows, Aigis felt a keen similarity between this place and the Tower of Demise. The room itself felt hostile. Something was not right.

"Be on your guard..." Aigis' hands reached into her pockets, instinctively clutching at her Evoker. But she restrained herself and grabbed out her metal claws instead. Athena was her trump card here. She needed to rely on herself first before hiding behind her Persona.

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