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Night 71: Basement: Weapon's Range

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Aigis blinked and raised a hand to shield her eyes from the bright lights above. Unlike the rest of the institute, this room was very well lit. Open and spacious, and the ceiling was much higher than should have been physically possible without making an obvious indication of something underground from an observer outside the institute. Still, the room existed, so Aigis figured it must follow the same bizarre non-physics that the rest of the institute followed. That same unholy inconsistency that reeked of the same ilk as Tartarus.

And speaking of the nest of Shadows, Aigis felt a keen similarity between this place and the Tower of Demise. The room itself felt hostile. Something was not right.

"Be on your guard..." Aigis' hands reached into her pockets, instinctively clutching at her Evoker. But she restrained herself and grabbed out her metal claws instead. Athena was her trump card here. She needed to rely on herself first before hiding behind her Persona.
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...Following Sechs's unexpected outburst that turned Zero's outward confidence back into a frown - an outburst that he would have responded to, but Aigis already said enough - a new, curious thing happened with the door opening on its own. That made it even more clear than before to Zero that this was all part of a new game. Take only one weapon, and then the 'participant' may proceed. So they were probably in for a fight. Hm...

Surprisingly, Zero was actually okay with the idea of a fight for once in this place. He tried to stop himself from becoming overconfident by quickly reminding himself that he wasn't the only one who'd be fighting here, and that they were all still human. But admittedly, it would be interesting to see how different it might be to use a beam saber as a human...that, and this was his most preferred weapon to use.

And another sort of positive: they wouldn't have to deal with this in the dark. In fact, the next room was so brightly lit that it hurt Zero's eyes at first; he had to shield his eyes from the light as they tried to adjust from the darkness they'd gotten so used to up to this point. It wasn't distracting enough for him to ignore Aigis's warning, though, and so Zero forced himself to stare out into the room despite the brightness as he tried to see what this room was about. It felt dangerous to him, too...something definitely was off.

"We're not alone here," he muttered loud enough for his companions to hear. Not that he could actually see anything, just that he could feel it. That, and he still doubted they'd be allowed to take a weapon like this without something to stop them...
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Sechs was still grumbling and cursing under his breath as he followed the others through the unlocked door. Yet all of Sechs' visible disgruntlement vanished the moment he stepped foot into the next room, as he was forced to shield his eyes from the unexpectedly brighter lights. "Crap!" The candles and torches from before were nothing compared to what this room had for lighting!

Sechs grunted to himself, squinting his eyes as he waited for them to adjust to the burning white glow before him. As much as the lights stung Sechs, they did bring some relief to his M-U side effects; he could feel the drug squirm within his spine while the ink-like illusions faded away from the corner of his vision. Such a reprieve barely made up for losing all those weapons in the other room, but it was better than nothing.

Once his eyes adjusted enough for him to appraise his new surroundings, Sechs' demeanor quickly turned defensive. The Replica's instincts instantly sensed what was coming. "I knew it...!" he growled, grabbing for both his machete and double-bit axe. "That armory room before wasn't just for display!"

With each hand holding a weapon, Sechs readied himself for action and kept a watchful gaze about the room for the slightest sign of danger. Giving out a wolfish snort, Sechs tossed his head to clear away the messy bangs from his eyes. Ready to vent his frustrations, the battle android's vicious excitement curled the edges of his toothy grin. "This is an arena for battle!"
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So this was what the three of them were up against, huh... A pair of human-like monsters that Zero had never seen before, but from the sound of it, Aigis at least recognized them. 'Shadows'? The former Reploid had noticed the monsters' original dark forms come from the floor, which probably explained the name, but did that also mean that their bodies weren't actually physical...?

There was no time to question it out loud, however, for the Shadows began moving before Aigis had even finished speaking. And they were fast. Zero raised his newly acquired beam saber up in front of him in a defensive pose, then began sidestepping, away from his comrades, in an attempt to make an attack from the side while they (presumably) attacked their enemies from other directions.

...Or, that would have been the plan, had he not quickly realized the Shadows were coming directly for him alone. Was it because of the weapon in his hands? But there was no time to really question that either, not when there was an immediate need to protect himself. Rather than trying to rush at the Shadows - they were already doing a good job of moving toward him quickly enough - Zero decided he would wait for them to get close, then attempt to parry whatever they tried to do. Once he avoided their initial attack, then he'd think about returning the favor.
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The first signs of danger caused Sechs to hesitate. He had seen shadows which moved and morphed on their own ever since that doctor injected his final syringe's dark contents into the back of his neck weeks ago. It wasn't a new phenomenon to the Replica. The drug was just trying to trick him again--

"Shadows. Those are Shadows!"

Startled, Sechs stared wide eyed at Aigis, unable to believe what he had just heard from her. How could she be seeing the same illusions? No one else could see the drug's oily incarnations but him! Weren't the lights in the room weakening its effects? Did this mean...?!

By the time Sechs snapped his gaze away from Aigis and back to the shadows, they had transformed into humanoid shapes with samurai features. Sechs could feel the hairs on his skin bristle at the sight. These weren't the same shadows associated with the drug; such illusions were always completely pitch black except for the eyes and teeth. In comparison, these new foes had discernible shades of grey and texture. Those things were real -- and they were already making a move at Zero!

"HEY!" Charging into the fray with his weapons posed to strike, Sechs pounced in towards one of the shadowy warriors, intent on intercepting its course before giving it a taste of his swinging blades. "I'm not letting Zero have ALL the fun here!"
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Although Zero expected both of his opponents to attack him at once, he couldn't feel too surprised when he saw Sechs out of the corner of his eye, trying eagerly to join the attack. It was good to see that, if one ignored the fact that an ally was in danger; not only did it stop both of the Shadows from attacking only him, but it also let Zero observe just how good these monsters were at dodging. The way they moved was almost unreal...obviously one couldn't just use brute force on them.

A sudden outcry then caught Zero's attention: 'Do not let them touch you!' If it had been almost anyone else saying that, he wouldn't have taken it quite so seriously. Of course he wasn't going to let them touch him; who would let a swordsman touch them with their sword? But given that tone of voice and that it was Aigis saying it, Zero understood that there was something more dire at play here. It wasn't just avoiding being cut...whatever it was, he had to be especially careful here.

Unfortunately, the Shadows seemed to be just as good at offense as they were at defense, if this one's powerful strikes were any indication. The blows were at first enough to force Zero to take a few steps back, but he quickly recovered and held his ground, doing his best to parry the slashes. He then tried to add a few slashes of his own, though he was wary to attack too much, seeing how good these Shadows were at dodging...
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"Shit!" Sechs' mind raced as his organic body twisted away from the Shadow's weapon. "If I was back in my Fizziroy body, I'd be giving this guy a hundred punches before he'd land face-first on the floor!"

But he wasn't back in his battle android form, and despite his efforts and Aigis' warning, the tip of the Shadow's katana struck Sechs' side, slashing through his suit before leaving a long bloody line down against his ribs.

A pained snarl escaped Sechs' lips, yet such an injury wasn't enough to slow him down. Enraged and filled with a new wave of adrenaline, Sechs retaliated with two separate attacks. In an attempt to anticipate the Shadow's liquid speed, Sechs struck forward at his foe's head with his machete, then dove to the side with his axe outstretched to catch his opponent as it reacted to his first strike.
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Hama and Mudo skills...? Zero could tell Aigis was trying to be helpful and likely knew exactly what was going on here, but...what in the world was she talking about? He was about to call out to her asking for clarification (which probably wasn't a smart thing to do while he was already trying to parry this ruthless Shadow in front of him...), but then she added something else that he did understand. So that was the key to defeating them? Knocking them off balance?

...That was going to be tricky. They were clearly expert swordsmen; even if Zero had avoided being harmed by them so far, that didn't mean he'd been able to land any blows himself. They were stuck in an endless cycle of returning blows until one of them grew tired or slipped up, and considering he was in a human body and the opponent he was facing was clearly not 'natural', Zero was willing to bet that it would be him who would grow tired first. So he had to start thinking fast.

The first idea that came to mind was attacking the Shadow's legs. Zero did have that hammer and the gun that he could use to help with that, whether it be by throwing the former or firing the latter. Only problem was that they were in his pockets, and his opponent wasn't exactly going to let him take a moment to pull those out. He could do it one handed, but that would make it much harder to successfully parry.

Time for a quick change of strategy, then. Zero made one more attempt at attacking directly with a forward slash, putting more power into it than his previous attacks. After that, he immediately jumped back a couple steps to put a little distance between himself and his opponent, and then continued to back away quickly, never allowing himself to turn away from his opponent. One hand held the beam saber up defensively, just in case, while the other hand dove for the gun in his pocket.
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Sechs felt his machete hit its mark -- but to no avail. The Shadow's armor was too strong and it swiftly evaded Sechs' strike once again. Enraged, Sechs growled at his foe, frustrated by his body's limits and the growing presence of blood which stained his suit and tainted the floor. Ignoring his pain, the Replica fought to keep up the same pace as his enemy, widening his stance and the reach of his weapons as he kept his front constantly facing his evasive opponent. Sechs knew he was too damn slow to beat the Shadow at its own game. There had to be some other way...

Aigis' call nearly snapped Sechs out of his focus. High in his adrenaline-fed state, Sechs' kept his vicious glare locked on his enemy as combative mind took in what he had just heard. He had no time to hesitate, nor another second to ponder over Aigis' words. He had no idea what Hama and Mudo was, but he understood the concept of light against darkness, especially when it came to coping with his M-U symptoms. He didn't have a spare moment to think over what to do and what could happen, his combative mind just reacted.


Sechs raised his axe and brutishly sent it spinning through the air at his foe's feet. If his weapon missed, Sechs' throw would pin it into the ground blade-first to act as an obstacle against his target. Next, Sechs used his free hand to grab his flashlight out of his pocket before making another violent dash towards the Shadow. In a split second, Sechs had the flashlight switched on and pointed at his opponent's face whilst his machete swung forward in an attempt to knock the katana out of the Shadow's grip.

Using a flashlight in a fight had worked before when he dueled Recluse nights ago. Now Sechs could only hope that it would work again this time...
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The strike had worked as well as Zero had hoped it would. It had been just enough to stop the monster temporarily, even though it had also seemed to make it more determined than ever to return the favor. Luckily, Zero didn't need but a few seconds to drag the gun out of his pocket, and because the saber's beam could be withdrawn at any time, there was no concern about continuing to hold the handle while he aimed that gun at the Shadow's legs.

Bang--bang. Two shots fired, one after the other, as Zero continued to back away from his opponent. He was about to shoot a third bullet when the sound of shattering glass caught his attention. Glass? What in here could have caused that sound?

It was a bit of an unwise move - he had his battle to focus on, and Sechs and Aigis had theirs - but Zero was going to take only a few seconds to glance over in his allies' direction just to see what that sound was. Of course, he took a moment to switch the weapons in his hands to the beam saber, once again holding it up defensively just in case, before he glanced away.

It didn't take him long at all to notice something potentially very wrong. Nothing that put shattered glass noise to source, but something unrelated that Aigis was doing. She was pointing a gun to her head - and not only that, but there was some strange robed figure seemingly materializing near her. What the...?

"Aigis-?!" The sight was so strange and unexpected that Zero almost forgot to focus on his own enemy again. Remembering perhaps too late, he turned back to the Shadow in front of him, hoping that Aigis wasn't in trouble...
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To the Replica's glee, the flashlight had made a difference, albeit a small one but effective nonetheless. The Shadow's hesitation gave a second-wide opening for Sechs' blade and he struck--!


Sechs growled with satisfied malice as he felt the vicious impact rattle from his blade and up throughout his arm. Suspended in that violent second of carnage, Sechs felt himself enter a familiar state of savage enthrallment. It was a state of mind Sechs rarely got to enjoy ever since his entrapment by Landel. Although he may be trapped within a slow and weak organic body, his fierce consciousness had been set ablaze by his successful strike -- android or not, he could still fight!

Just as the armored Shadow fell back from the machete's impact, Aigis' cry reached the attacking Replica's ears. The combative processes of his mind and the reactions of his body were connecting more smoothly now thanks to the second batch of hostile chemicals surging throughout his nerves. He understood that he didn't have "magic" with him, nor did it exist back where he originated from. However, he could still use Aigis' tip to his advantage, and he did so without pause.

Not wasting a precious second, Sechs tossed the flashlight at his foe, aiming the cylindrical tool to land horizontally upon the floor just before the Shadow's foot--

The next second that followed was suddenly filled with explosions coming from both sides of the room. Gun shots! Sechs grinned. Now this was a battle!

Even though the barrage of firearms had no distracting effect on the former battle android, what happened next was enough to stop him dead in his tracks. A warm glow had appeared just above Sechs' line of sight, shielding him from the unnatural glare of the ceiling lights. That same warmth then took on a physical sensation upon his bloody side. Eyes widening, Sechs glanced down to find his fresh wound miraculously closing up beneath his torn suit. That experience triggered a month-old memory for Sechs, one involving a friend healing up his sprained wrist with similar light...

Snapping his eyes up towards the source of the glow, Sechs thought he would see that same friend, but was met with Aigis and a glorious warrior hovering above her instead. Sechs felt a tinge of grief from the reminder of that lost friend, but seeing Aigis' support was enough to return him to the present and back into action against his foe...
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The gunshots had been less effective than Zero had hoped they would be, but there was no time to reflect upon it as the moment he turned back to the Shadow, it was already meeting his blade again. This time, he was less prepared to parry than before, and after a few strikes found himself stumbling back with a long cut down one arm. His reward for getting distracted.

But Zero didn't even feel the pain of that wound after the first few seconds. He clenched his teeth and planted his feet more firmly on the ground; his mind went completely back to his opponent in front of him, blocking out pain, outside voices, and anything else that could make him distracted again. Before he could help Aigis and the others, he had to help himself. And he absolutely could not be defeated here.

When his opponent would come after him again, he'd be more on the offensive than before. He would try to parry the next few strikes that would come at him, but he'd put extra power into the return slashes. Then, once he'd found even the smallest opening, he would attempt to deliver a strong blow to the Shadow's head, to see if that might produce better results than previous targets.
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Bolstered by the healing glow of Aigis' ethereal guardian, Sechs turned his attention back to his opponent. What he saw then jarred his combative focus for a second. The Shadow had stumbled over the flashlight! A small part of Sechs' mind didn't think his spontaneous maneuver would work, what with how evasive his armored foe was.

Yet the rest of the Replica's warrior instinct wasn't surprised at all, but more pleased than anything. Every single thing counted when it came to winning in battle, whether it was the unique contents of a bullet, a small tweak in one's technique or a reckless idea that throws the whole fight over on its head. The rules of a battle or the limitations of a fighter didn't always have to be followed; Sechs knew that and took this opportunity without hesitation.

"Let us strike while the iron is hot!"

Sechs grinned. Aigis didn't need to say that again!

Raising his machete and clearing his hair from his eyes with a toss of his head, Sechs gave out a roar and surged forward towards his downed target with his blade aiming to strike deep into its torso.

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His bravery paid off in the end. Zero's strong blow connected, and the Shadow all but vanished as a result. To see it be defeated in such a way made him wary rather than relieved, however; the sudden evaporation seemed unnatural to him, and he wondered if it were simply a trick or a means of teleporting. But as he glanced around, looking for any sign of his opponent, it eventually became clear that the Shadow wasn't simply trying a sneak attack. Unless it had fled or was really good at hiding...Zero could assume it had really been destroyed.

That was good, as he could see that Sechs and Aigis were still locked in their own battle and might appreciate his assistance. Even though they seemed to have the situation covered from the look of things, it couldn't hurt to lend a helping hand - or sword, technically. Thus, following his allies' strategy, Zero readied his beam saber and ran swiftly at the fallen second Shadow.

(...Hmm. The way the three of them were going about this suddenly reminded him of times past, of vague memories of performing a similar strategy on Mavericks with old comrades...'Final Strike', wasn't it? ...It was almost tempting to call it that out loud, but he figured Sechs and Aigis would have no clue what he was talking about...)
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This was it. Sechs' enthralled consciousness had reached a new high in the peak of the battle, weightless and suspended in time as everything around him blurred and stretched into a visual tunnel, all of which ended with the rapid approach of his fallen target. Within that surreal moment of combative ecstasy, Sechs visualized his foe as all his enemies at once: Landel, the faceless doctor who experimented on him and the pitch black manifestation of the drug. In the corners of his vision, he sensed the presence of his two companions, dashing into the attack in a triangular fashion. It was the perfect strike, the perfect ending to their battle--

A second later and Sechs' euphoric state of mind caught up with reality as both machete, sword and claw came crashing down into the armored fiend. The Shadow didn't stand a chance. Like the sudden end of a terrible nightmare, the enemy's solid form instantly dispersed into harmless dust beneath the clashing blades. And like that, it was done.

"HAH! SEE THAT?!" Sechs roared, throwing his head back to send his call all the way up to the third floor for Landel to hear. "WE DID IT! YOU CAN'T STOP US!"

Meanwhile, the sound of another piece of metal striking the floor was heard from behind the three androids. As though it had materialized out of thin air, the spot where the first Shadow fell to Zero's blade was now occupied by a new sword, standing erect with its blade set into the floor like a gifted trophy.
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It was over. His allies were celebrating their victory now, but Zero honestly couldn't share the same degree of satisfied feeling that they clearly had. The rush of combat was still lingering, and he was glad that the threat was neutralized, no doubt; but as for joy, or celebration...there was nothing. Only mild satisfaction that the job was done, along with wariness in case another monster showed up, and of course, raised confidence in his and his allies' combat skills.

He couldn't even feel happy about having the beam saber for much longer, as the moment he heard a clang from somewhere behind him, he noticed the saber flash and disappear in his hands. Fortunately, the clanging sound was not from another enemy, but rather, a new, much more ancient sword, sticking out of the ground. But seeing that and his new weapon of choice disappear were distracting and disappointing enough that it took him a moment to realize Aigis had just spoken to him.

Her words caught up to him, and so did another fact as result. ...Hmm. He had gotten injured, hadn't he...

Being reminded of it also reminded him that it kind of hurt - although the fading adrenaline would have made that known at some point or another anyway. After taking a moment to put his gun back in his pocket, Zero held up his arm to look at the still-bleeding cut without any sort of obvious emotion on his face, just simply staring. "I'll be fine," he said to Aigis while he stared, then lowered his arm to look at her. Although there was enough blood to justify a bandage, the cut wasn't nearly as deep as the gash he'd received from the demonic eagle a few nights back. So to him, simply doing as he was now and wiping the blood with his shirt would suffice. If it really started bothering him, then he figured he'd bring it up.

But for now, he was more interested in the sword that had just appeared. Zero walked over to it, still feeling rather wary - it had come from out of nowhere, after all - but as he pulled it from the ground and wasn't immediately having to defend himself from any new threat, the wariness mostly went away. It was instead replaced with curiosity, especially since he then noticed the sight of a new door that hadn't been there before. Their way out? Perhaps...
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Still jittery from the fight, Sechs gruffly chuckled to himself and prowled about on the spot as all the adrenaline and endorphins accumulated over the course of the fight were slowly drained from his tingling nerves. Sheathing his machete back beneath one of his belts, Sechs stomped over to his axe and pulled the embedded blade out of the floor by the handle. He didn't forget to retrieve his flashlight either, which now had a slight dent on the side from its unexpectedly effective role in the fight.

The metallic sound of the newly arrived sword brought Sechs' focus back down to earth. Seeing the new weapon in Zero's hand, Sechs approached the shorter droid to get a better look. "Heck is that?" He tilted his head in thought. It looked more decorative than functional. "Is that a trophy for our victory?"

Its unique shape seemed awfully familiar too. "Could'a sworn I've seen something like that before..." he muttered.
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Although the new door was still interesting to him, his allies' comments on the sword brought Zero's attention back to it for now. A trophy? Possibly. Zero had no idea what to make of it either, even while he was holding it. He couldn't exactly say how useful of a weapon it could be when he hadn't seen swords made like this except in fiction and historical he would take Aigis's word for it being decoration.

But at least he had an idea of what to do with it. "I'll keep it," he said, glancing up at his allies. "We might need it for something." Although what that 'something' was, he admittedly had no clue. He was just going with the assumption that it was given to them for a reason.

With that decided, he allowed his attention to return to the new door. Zero decided to bring it up out loud now, even taking the sword and using it as a pointer toward the door. "Guess that's our way out."
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Sechs' gaze followed the direction Zero pointed the sword, finding the door which had opened as a reward for their fight. He promptly approached the exit but stopped halfway when a memory sparked by the door popped inside Sechs' head.

"Hey! Y'know that big door in the ballroom?" Sechs turned to Aigis and Zero. "I think it had a shape that looks like that sword!" he said, pointing at the aforementioned blade in Zero's hand. "Maybe it's actually some sort of key?"

There was only one way to find out, and Sechs wasted no time to pass through the exit and back out into the ballroom...