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Zero ([personal profile] dividedby) wrote in [community profile] damned_institute2013-07-24 09:47 pm
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Night 71: Hall of Armor

[From here.]

The next room, in contrast with the mostly empty hallway the group just came from, was...more interesting. Zero couldn't help but slow his steps to almost a complete stop as he looked around, feeling mostly confused. Why were there suits of armor just sitting in here, all alone? The room was clearly devoid of life, even though the creaking of the lanterns overhead wanted to suggest otherwise. So what purpose did this place serve for Landel or the prisoners?

It was almost enough to make him want to go up to one of the armors and try to take it, or at least their weapons, but a suspicious part of him wondered if it might be a trap... Wouldn't be underneath Landel to pull something like that.

Instead, he turned to look back at his companions questioningly and asked (after his brief visual search), "What's the point of this place?" (Although 'this place' could really mean either this room or the entire basement, as both of them seemed strange and pointless to him so far...)

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