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Night 71: Hall of Armor

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The next room, in contrast with the mostly empty hallway the group just came from, was...more interesting. Zero couldn't help but slow his steps to almost a complete stop as he looked around, feeling mostly confused. Why were there suits of armor just sitting in here, all alone? The room was clearly devoid of life, even though the creaking of the lanterns overhead wanted to suggest otherwise. So what purpose did this place serve for Landel or the prisoners?

It was almost enough to make him want to go up to one of the armors and try to take it, or at least their weapons, but a suspicious part of him wondered if it might be a trap... Wouldn't be underneath Landel to pull something like that.

Instead, he turned to look back at his companions questioningly and asked (after his brief visual search), "What's the point of this place?" (Although 'this place' could really mean either this room or the entire basement, as both of them seemed strange and pointless to him so far...)
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Sechs followed his companions with both blades ready to strike at the slightest sign of danger. When he stepped through the door however, his vigilant posture slumped from total astonishment while his jaw fell open at the sight of one of his most favorite things in the world: weapons!

"...Whoa." The room was a treasure trove of armory and blades! He had not seen so many high quality weapons for ages! Akin to a child suddenly finding themselves in a candy store, a smile entered the surprised Replica's lips as he began exploring the impressive displays. "I have to admit, this is pretty awesome..." he said with a soft chuckle of excitement. All these awesome weapons for the taking...! Just that thought alone was enough to get Sechs drooling like a hungry animal.

Sechs was nearly all lost to his battle-hungry wonderment. Zero's question got Sechs' mind partially off this jackpot of weapons only for a moment. "This is to store weapons, of course!" Sechs replied with a grin, "For what though... Either this is just some museum or there's a battle ahead of us!"

The Replica could barely contain himself. A whole ton of weapons and a potential fight! What a find! He paced about the place, panting and salivating as he browsed for the most lethal weapon to take for his own...
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Aigis found herself a bit in awe of the extensive weapon collection as well. There must have been dozens of different types, then hundreds or even thousands of variety of builds for those types. Swords, guns, lances, and even rarer types of weapons, like yo-yos and boomerangs. "It seems Landel has spared no expense here."

Aigis did not feel she needed any weapons, though a gun would be nice. However, it would be easy to mix up with her Evokers and that could lead to some disastrous results, to say the least. As it was, she was content with her claws and backup from Athena.

Sechs seemed almost too excited about them, but Aigis felt some trepidation. "If there is a need for so many... this could be very dangerous. We must be on guard."
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Sechs was completely lost in a haze of battle-lust at this point. So much so that Aigis' warning didn't even reach him. There wasn't any danger here! Just a crap ton of goodies! Every aisle offered increasingly impressive weapons; it was becoming impossible to choose just one! Sechs was just going to have to just grab a whole armful of them then!

One particularly vicious-looking gun caught the Replica's eye and wouldn't let go. Sechs already had his machete and axe; he obviously needed a gun added to his repertoire. He dearly missed the sensation of a loaded gun within his hand, the satisfying kickback of the bullet exploding from the barrel before destroying his target... Yes, he would grab this weapon first--

Yet just as Sechs reached out for the wonderful firearm, his fingers unexpectedly closed around air instead of metal. He blinked. The gun was fading away before his eyes!

"WHAT THE--!?"

Snarling, Sechs stepped away from the disappearing weapon, glaring around at his surroundings to find that everything else was fading from existence! The Replica felt a sickening falling sensation in the pit of his stomach, as though he had been knocked off cloud nine without warning and crashed back to earth beneath the unforgiving gravity of reality.

Clearly, Sechs' little bubble of weaponized happiness had been popped.

"The hell is this?!" Sechs whined, struggling with the sudden onslaught of disappointment, confusion and rage he was experiencing all at once. Looking for the culprit responsible for his personal tragedy, Sechs caught sight of the blade in Zero's grasp. Seeing that and Zero's expression only added fuel to Sechs' fiery frustration. Even the drug coined in on the situation, "He stole it from you..." it whispered in Sechs' ear.

Growling, Sechs stomped his way towards Zero. A crazed flare in Sechs' eyes made him look just about ready to strike out and grab the sword for himself. Yet Zero's words were enough to give the angry Replica pause--

"Whaddya mean?!" Sechs snapped, "We can't have more than one weapon? Not even for each of us?! Why can't I have one?!" It took a moment of growling and snorting and pacing for Sechs to piece together what just happened. Once he figured it out, he only grew more frustrated! If he had grabbed a weapon first before Zero--!!

"FUCK that!" Sechs threw his arms down and gave out a wolfish huff, not sure whether to be angry at Zero for getting that blade first or at Landel for setting up such a sick trick. He turned away from Zero and Aigis with an angry toss of his head. "UGH! If that's how it works here, then SCREW this place!"

Now with some of his rage vented out, Sechs was starting to feel weighed down by disappointment, and it clearly showed in his slumped shoulders. Damnit, he should have known by now about what happens when the institute gives something that is too good to be true...
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Sechs' outburst was much more colorful than Aigis' reaction. Hers was mostly that of resignation. As if this place would allow them the luxury of taking whatever and how much they wished while their comrades upstairs had to make due with scalpels and toy baseball bats.

"Another ploy of Landel's to get us confident then tear us apart," Aigis said out loud. She felt truth resonating in her. Landel was, again, as always, just toying with them and their emotions like this. Luckily, she was not so tied to emotions as Sechs and could see past the futility of their lost boon. There was no use in getting upset when it could only hinder one from seeing the whole of the matter.

Just then, a resounding click of a door unlocking resounded, and her gaze swept across the room to the only other door in the place. The door swung open, as if pushed by a gentle breeze but Aigis felt no comfort in that. There were no gentle breezes in enclosed, underground chambers. Nevertheless, there was nothing else to do but press on.

"I suppose now is the time to see why Martin Landel has decided to provoke us..." And she led the way through the door into the next room.

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