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Night 71: Basement: East Hall

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For once there wasn't a need for a flashlight to aid in navigation, for this corridor was lit up by rows of flickering candles. Such a sight came as a strange irony to the Replica; the hallways upstairs were always engulfed in darkness, yet a corridor buried beneath the ground was given the luxury of free light. Was it another one of Landel's sick ways of presenting false security to his prisoners? Either way, not needing to hold a flashlight all the time allowed Sechs to keep a grip on both his axe and machete -- a helpful precaution in case his distrust of the place proved to be valid.

Whether there were any dangers or not, the eerie lights cast by the wall-mounted candles revealed tapestries depicting scenes of carnage and war. They may have lacked warnings of possible monstrosities nearby, but their bloody imagery wasn't exactly comforting. Sechs could very well recognize such violent stories of battle, but the exact time and place of their occurrence was lost to him. They could have been an important clue; perhaps a hint towards the "war" General Berg mentioned but refused to elaborate on. For now, Sechs did his best to memorize the tapestries, occasionally looking over his shoulder to check on his allies as he continued his wary trek down the hall.
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Sechs' guess was as good as any of theirs, so Aigis followed without complaint or comment. She kept her senses on alert as they stepped through the door, but as far as she could tell there was nothing menacing in the corridor.

After a quick investigation of the small hallway, there seemed only two options presented to them. A door on the left, and a door on their right if one oriented one's self from where they had entered. Glancing between the two, Aigis again felt this called for an executive decision.

"Perhaps the north-facing door? The southern door would work just as well, but if we are to be thorough we might as well keep to the left-hand side and work our way around."
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Sechs just...found the ring after the night of portals? And he wasn't the only one to receive one? Zero still didn't understand how he had never at least heard of this before now, especially since it had been four nights since then, but...he got his answer. And it wasn't important to the mission at hand. They needed to get moving, and Sechs was already leading the group onward. So Zero made himself put all of his questions aside for now and quietly followed, shifting his entire focus back to his environment.

This was especially important seeing how they were entering a new hallway. ...Not that there was much in here besides tapestries, though, which Zero tried not to pay too much mind. No matter how disturbing they looked, they seemed to only serve as decoration. In other words, pointless.

At Aigis's suggestion, he gave a nod. "Then let's go," he said, and moved in that direction. Sechs was right, after all; no sense in wasting any more time.

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